On Venice Beach and Shopping

Last Friday we got to visit Venice Beach, which is one a pretty darn cool place to check out if you haven’t been before.  I love to see the houses that back up to the Venice Canal…it’s where a lot of those romantic scenes in the movie “Valentine’s Day were filmed actually!  And the famous Abbot Kinney Street is so unique and filled with places to shop.  Now, I didn’t actually shop on Abbot Kinney because, well, Abbot Kinney is like Rag & Bone and stuff…it’s like $$$$$…but I got to go to a couple of my favorite vintage shops that are down by the beach and have awesome stuff at a fraction of the prices of the main drag.

First off, let me give you my basic review of Venice Beach.  Keep in mind that this is strictly MY perspective, coming from MY crazy brain!  Everything in Venice smells like money, incense, or pot. (I think.  I can never quite nail down what pot actually SMELLS like, but I think I’m starting to get it.) There are more Range Rovers, man buns, and vegan restaurants than, well, pretty much anywhere you’ve ever been before.  Everyone wears chambray button down shirts, and I do mean EVERYONE.  There’s graffiti on basically everything, but it’s like high class, fancy graffiti, if there is such a thing.  It’s kind of like a nicer and cleaner Haight and Ashbury, but with more money and more gluten free options.  I spent some time at the Tom’s flagship coffee shop and shoe store where the “social justice refugees” as I’ve called them hang out, buy coffee and shoes, and experience the Tom’s virtual reality “giving experience”.  Yep, Venice Beach is a unique place!!

Some of my favorite random things I saw (because I love the random stuff you witness when you are around people!) were a girl walking by me wearing underwear.  Now I THINK whatever was on her lower half was somehow, in some alternate universe INTENDED to be shorts, but they were shaped like underwear, were skin tight and shiny, and were smaller than my underwear.  These were not booty shorts people, they were underwear.  But apparently she felt perfectly natural walking down the street in them, so I guess that makes it ok. (!?!?!)  There was a guy sitting on a bench talking into his iPhone but on speaker phone.  WHY do people do that in public you guys?  And he said, “you know, I might DIE!”  My instant reaction was “huh? What does he mean??”  And then he went on to say: “I’m at TWO PERCENT!”  Basically I think he means, if his phone dies, he goes with it.  He poses an interesting philosophical question you guys.  If your phone battery dies, does a part of you die too?  Now I’m just getting sarcastic.  Let’s get on to the pictures!

My first stop was this super cool place called Animal House Vintage.  On the wall of this place you’ll see all these amazing Indian gauzy gowns that look like Spell dresses.  Last time I stopped in the girl working there said that the Spell girls had just come into town and shopped there for inspiration, so you can imagine how great this place is!  I didn’t manage to find anything that fit quite right on this trip down, but everything, just everything, is so good there.  And the prices are pretty darn sweet too.

Next I visited one of the coolest places for crazy fun vintage stuff, called Gotta Have it Venice.  They get most of their vintage from estates and from costumes!  It’s crazy and chaotic in the best possible way!

I mean look at all of that!  There’s SO much cool stuff and it’s all the greatest prices too.  I got a couple of graphic tees (this place is my absolute go-to for vintage graphic tees) and this incredible pair of Minnetonkas.  I have never seen this amazing burnt orange shade so even though I actually own the exact same pair in brown, I had to get this pair because I think they are quite rare and pretty much near impossible to find!

Then I decided to have a little downtime because in mom world, downtime is fairly hard to come by!  Since there’s rarely a place to sit and chill in Venice it seems, I went to Tom’s because it’s one of the larger coffee shops.  I had some green juice that was an unfortunate choice of green juice blends…it was, let’s say less than tasty.  But I got to sit and read and take artistic selfies, so all was not lost. :)

There are a few other super cool vintage shops in Venice that I’ll hit next time and review for you!  And next time, I’m bringing my laptop (how else am I gonna fit in at Tom’s without bringing in a guy with a bun?) and a hat.  Oh yeah, and a bikini because the humidity MELTED my makeup off in like five minutes flat.  I know, I’m a total California weather wuss, I get it.

Ahhhhh shopping for crazy fun stuff is such a blast.  Hope you guys are getting to do some of it wherever you like to go!



My Princess Dress…According to My Three Year Old.

I’ve been accused of wearing princess clothes before.  This isn’t the first time.  Years ago I went over to a friend’s house after work.  Her four year old daughter saw me in my vintage white fluffy dress and my sparkly wedges and her eyes got huge.  “You’re allowed to wear your princess clothes outside??”  She asked me with a twinge of jealousy in her voice.  I laughed and explained to her that these were my ACTUAL clothes and that when she got older, she too could wear clothes like this wherever she wanted.

I found Nidodelida through Instagram and basically all of their clothes look like they were made for a princess.  I found a dress and a jumpsuit that I just couldn’t pass up…even though they are not really summer pieces, they will be patiently waiting for me in my closet come fall.  Of course I had to try them both on though!!  I’m not waiting for cooler weather to do that!

My two kids were in their high chairs eating dinner when I walked out in the dress…this gorgeous mustard colored maxi.  My son, who just turned three, looked at me and said, “Mama!  Is that your princess dress??” Oh my goodness.  If that is not a Monday Mojo outfit, I don’t know what is.  I do feel pretty magical in this dress.  I mean, it’s from Greece.  GREECE.  Someday I will actually go to Greece, but in the meantime, I’ll settle for wearing their gorgeous princess clothes.

This fabric is so soft and so cozy.  The neckline and shoulders are sequined in a very light, day wearable sequin pattern.  I’m wearing it with Minnetonka moccasins, which totally go with the vibe of the dress.

I should point out that after I tried on the dress, I came back out in my old black tank top and shorts and my son took one look at me and said: “Those are NOT your princess clothes.”  Noted.

Hope you’re feeling like a princess today, even if you’re in your “DEFINITELY NOT princess clothes!  Hahaha…


Casual Sunday. Sometimes It Just Happens That Way.

I feel so bad sometimes.  I mean, we have an almost two year old and a three year old, and most mornings my family is waiting for me to get dressed.  I try to be quick.  I even sometimes talk to myself out loud and say: “just put SOMETHING on.  ANYTHING.  Because you can’t go naked.”  I’ve been much better about it lately since I’ve been actively putting more outfits together and being more creative.  But there are some mornings when I can hear the screaming and general toddler mayhem getting louder and louder outside my door and there really is no time to even think for a second about what I’m going to wear.  This morning was one of those mornings where all the babies were low on sleep and sounding like a bunch of brawling cats, so I had to get dressed in a REAL hurry.  That meant it was gonna be a casual Sunday.

Thank goodness for this new Poor Pitiful Pearl top.  Have you seen her site?  Once you do, you will literally want everything she makes.  She takes sweatshirts, vintage shirts, jeans, and basically any item of clothing and gives them new life and a new look.  I can’t wait to get more of her stuff.


I don’t normally wear cut offs to church.  But I’m so glad I go to a church that I can wear them to!  And this morning, since most of the time was spent chasing the kids anyway, casual was just the way to go.  But I seriously feel so cute in this revived Texas Aggies sweatshirt (please do not ask me about sports or any sports affiliation I may have, because I have none.  Seriously.).  I’m going to be tempted to way overwear this top because it’s just the easiest and comfiest top ever.

You’ll be seeing more of her stuff on the blog for sure.  It’s way too good not to share!!