On Lessons Learned From My Kids

Having toddlers is unlike any other experience in my life.  It’s both exhausting and hilarious, fun and not fun, and pretty much just all around insane.  I feel like a forgetful, sleep deprived, hot mess of a human on most days.  I do things like pay for my groceries, and then proceed to leave the store without everything I just paid for.  I forget words that should come easy to me, given that I am a native English speaker and all.  And I say sentences that I never, ever thought I would say.  Words that I previously thought didn’t belong together, now fly out of my mouth with great ease.  Generally they are accompanied by the words “no” or “don’t”, but the result is always the same.  I give humans instructions on basic tasks, like: “chew, then swallow.” Yep.  Life is bizarre.  But these kids teach me a lot of things.  Serious things of course, but come on, the funny things that they teach us are always better right??

So here it is: Lessons I Have Learned From My Two & Three (just now four!) Year Old.  (this is all tongue and cheek obviously, I don’t THINK I need to say that though…)

  1. Sharing is not Caring.  Sharing is Whack.  Yes, let’s de-mistify this one right now.  When people tell you to SHARE, what they’re really telling you to do is to “give away that thing that you really really want and HAD FIRST.”  Pretty much the most unfair principle in life is sharing.  I have learned that when people ask me to share, it’s best to scream “GET YOUR OWN FREAKING ________ THIS ONE’S MINE!” and then to run away.  It’ll work every time and you’ll never have to share again.
  2. If you scream, they will come.  Yes people, I’m about to blow the lid off that whole “waiting patiently” thing.  The louder you scream, the quicker people will do what you want, mostly just to shut you up.  Screaming gives you ALL the power.  The loudest one gets what they want first.
  3. There is no such thing as “too much” sugar.  My toddlers patiently remind me every single day that they do not need meals.  They only need snack bars, cereal, M&M’s, ice cream, and chocolate croissants.  Everything else is optional, but not really necessary.  There is no need to sit down and eat a meal.  It is much preferable to eat what you like, while you do what you want.  Meal times are a fascist regime designed to keep you away from all your stuff.  Revolt against them.
  4. There should be toys sold in EVERY store.  Without toys, a store is basically useless.  Now they don’t have to be actually MEANT to be toys.  Lots of things can double as toys.  Tools at the hardware store make EXCELLENT toys.  Flashlights, back scratchers, and other random little items at the register of your local drugstore work beautifully as well.  But really, if you leave a store WITHOUT something that can be played with, you have failed.  Miserably.
  5. Everything can and should be allowed in your bed/crib.  The BEST way to go to bed at night is with the light on.  If you turn the light off, how can you see your stuff?  Take everything that you like, put it in your bed.  Then play, read, and basically have a party (food is encouraged) because sleep?  That’s for babies.
  6. Clothing is optional, and should be used creatively.  Following the traditional constraints of clothing is a no no.  Phrases like “pants go on your legs” are very closed minded.  Socks can go on your hands.  Pants can double as a super cool hat.  Wearing multiple shirts or pairs of pants simultaneously can be fun.  But please, when you do this, make sure to throw a HUGE fit when the articles of clothing don’t comply with their current situation.  It’s really the only way to deal with this struggle.
  7. Nothing, NOTHING is as important as picking up a dropped toy.  Driving on the freeway?  Not as important.  Trying not to burn dinner?  Paltry.  Have to pee?  It can wait.  When a toy falls out of reach, this is CRITICAL.  Threat level MIDNIGHT.  Alert the neighbors, all your friends, and the white house because THIS IS NOT A DRILL PEOPLE!!!!!  Drop EVERYTHING and pick up that toy.  Or ELSE.

Ah yes.  Toddlers are magical, cute, and secret evil geniuses.  I learn a lot from them!  I am learning, on a more serious note, to not call myself F-A-T when I feel like it…because I sure as heck don’t want them to learn that from me!  And wearing shorts is not the most easy thing for me post babies, but I’m learning to accept myself where I’m at, appreciate how far I’ve come, and keep working towards where I want to be!

I got this giant oversized shirt at Off Fifth, and I love it.  It’s so oversized that I feel like it has a lot of uses.  It is so great for summer!  This necklace is from Free to Wander and the espadrilles are my new go to shoe…they’re from Soludos and they’re so comfy!

Happy Monday all you amazing humans.  Hope you’re screaming loudly and eating some sugar right about now.

On Independence and This Vintage Kimono Dress

Last night we took the kids to this amazing Christmas light set up in a nearby town.  It’s so beautiful and full of Christmas joy, and of course the kids loved it.  However, I love when people ask me “did you have fun?”  Because typically my answer is, “um, well, yeah, we did, I guess…” because it’s always a loaded answer.  Here’s the real answer.  Yes, we had some good moments.  But most of the time, I was on edge, watching the kids like a hawk but sounding like a parrot saying: “WATCH OUT!  BE CAREFUL” on endless repeat.  Toddlers don’t look where they are going, and there were constant almost collisions with people carrying hot beverages, holding hands walking together, or pushing strollers.  Then there’s my daughter, who is in a constant hurry to get places so she does what I call “rushing butts”.  Her head is just about normal adult-sized butt height and she is always JUST about to do a face plant into some stranger’s butt in front of us.  So I try to relax, but I end up kind of a nervous wreck apologizing for this awkward situation.  Oh, and also, all the nice people, the ones who understand and give you LOTS of grace…those are not the people she ends up running into.  They choose the ONE lady who looks perpetually annoyed to run into, then I get a death stare from her and I feel like crap and also like I kind of want to punch her for being so rude.  I mean COME ON.  Don’t I look like I’m trying?  I’m sweating bullets and saying “sorry sorry sorry” basically as much as breathing these days.  Oy.  And that’s only the half of it.

My two-year-old is fiercely independent.  My son is independent too, but she’s the one who screams “NO LEMME DOIT!!!!!”  and has a disastrous fit if you don’t let her do what ever it is she believe she can do.  She is now determined to get into her car seat on her own.  This gymnastic maneuver consists of her propelling herself head first into her seat.  She then swims with her limbs waving about mid-air for about, say, ten minutes as she then contorts her body around until her booty finally lands itself in the correct location.  I don’t often let her do this because I don’t always have half an hour to burn before running errands or getting to where I need to go.  Anyway, when I don’t let her do things herself, she has a back arching, pitching her entire body onto the ground fit.  This is just as pleasant as it sounds.  Last night she decided to do this while we were waiting for the shuttle to take us back to the parking lot from the lights display.  She attempted to run into the street multiple times, and when we tried to pick her up, she somehow managed to dislocate her shoulders (ok not REALLY, but it sure felt like it) to create a perfectly smooth surface from her body to her arms, thereby leaving you with absolutely no way of grabbing her.  She ended up screaming and crying the whole way back to the car.  Inconsolable.  So yeah, that’s the answer to the question.

It’s hard for me to watch her do this, because in some ways I kind of understand how she feels.  I HATE IT when I can’t do something myself.  I think this is kind of one of the fundamental problems with me and crafting.  I get SUPER frustrated SUPER quickly, and when someone tries to help me, I feel all hot and sweaty and like I want to cry and scream because WHY CAN’T I DO IT MYSELF?!?!  I understand that she desperately wants to do what she sees her brother doing, and probably what we are doing too.  I get it.  I was born fiercely independent too, but instead of my independence getting fostered, my fear was fostered so I ended up thinking I was a very dependent person and was too afraid to do things on my own for a long time.  It’s taken a long time for me to get over that incorrect assumption that I was unable to do things on my own…so I’m trying my best to help her be independent, but without having inappropriate reactions like screaming and crying while we are trying to do something.

I think some of this independence is why I dress how I do.  When something’s a little different, a little bit pushing the limits, and a lot unique I go right for it.  It’s like a way of being my own person and saying “NO LEMME DOIT!” in my own special way.  Because it’s okay to be independent.  It’s just not okay to have screaming fits and lay down on the floor of a dirty shuttle.  Ewww.

I found this amazing vintage kimono dress at Fred & Betty’s, one of my favorite thrift stores, for $6!  I know it’s more of a spring piece, but hey, who says you can’t put a warm scarf and some vintage snow boots with it, right?!  The gold squash necklace is from Free To Wander, and it’s such a great statement piece.

Have a FABULOUS weekend everyone!  And to all you toddler parents out there, good luck.  Because you need it daily. :)


I’m Just Like My Toddler

Sometimes I envy my daughter.  She’s two and she’s already way more out of her shell than I ever was when I was a kid.  That girl is like the funniest person I have ever met!  She dances when she feels like it.  Sings whatever pops into her head.  Wears whatever she wants with whatever she wants.  And she makes the weirdest expressions while she rubs yogurt in her hair.  Ahhhh to be a child.

First of all, I know kids are just kids.  They don’t have a lot of fear in them and they are able to just express themselves without a lot of social constraints.  But still…she’s got a freedom in her that it took me a long time to exhibit.  I was the kind of kid who desperately wanted to be the class clown.  The one who could get everyone’s attention easily and make everyone laugh.  Instead I was the silent one.  Once I tried out for a musical and I didn’t get the part because they said they couldn’t hear me when I spoke.  Yeah, people can pretty much hear me from anywhere now.  I guess it’s always been my goal to be much more like a kid in all the good ways as I grow up…to make up for all the times I wasn’t like a kid when I was younger.

So I dress how I like.  Wear weird things and fluffy skirts.  I try not to rub yogurt in my hair…but I definitely do take cues from my two-year-old :)

Dress is from Curio SLO and the boots are Jeffrey Campbell…sunglasses are Free People.  I love the crazy gold vintage embroidery on this dress…and paired with combat boots it feels just a tad tough!

My wish for everyone is that they can have a little muse too…they are the most fun!! :)

Happy weekend!

Sometimes Simplest is Best

I love things that look like they took a ton of thought but didn’t.  I mean, I also love those outfits that I actually worked for and put together a “masterpiece”, but lately, having toddlers and being more preoccupied, low on sleep, and just busy with all kinds of stuff relating to tiny humans, I love finding those one item simple outfits.  That still look crazy and cool.  Because, come on.  It’s still me underneath the coffee drinking snack dispensing human that I am at the moment.

I went into a local antique shop, which is kind of rare for me to do.  Okay.  Confession time.  I only went because I heard they had some Harley Davidson tees.  They didn’t.  But I ended up finding two amazing dresses for really great prices…so it wasn’t a loss after all!  This dress is most definitely a muumuu, but I love the colors and the shape…and it was a steal!!

Being the lover of cowboy boots and western accessories that I am, I added white vintage cowboy boots and this amazing bolo tie I got at Ruby Rose.

Side note.  I’m puzzled at the single pocket in many vintage dresses.  Did vintage people have only one hand?  This is a mystery.  And also a terrifying peek into my brain.

It’s a Friday find for the books.  I’m in love.



Velvet Bells and Lace for My Monday

Oy.  Today I’m kind of regretting coming up with the term “Monday Mojo”.  What is it about Mondays that make me feel infinitely behind in, like, everything?  My husband and I had an amazing trip to Santa Barbara to see Jim Gaffigan at the Bowl…it was our first night away from the kids.  The kids did FABULOUS and we were SO relaxed…and then it all ended with loads of laundry and tons of cleaning.  Then all that relaxation wore me out so I kind of feel like I’m recovering from a marathon today.  Not to mention the fact that I fell into a bit of a funk yesterday.  Every once in a while, all the difficult stuff and the pain that I went through recently kind of resurfaces and sends me into a tailspin and I’ve got to try to let it all go and stop reliving it all.  So…mojo??  More like no mo.

I did, however, get to do a tiny bit of shopping in Santa Barbara…so when it comes to outfits, I definitely had the mojo flowing in that area.  Plus I got a package in the mail from England which made me SUPER happy.  Not just one, but TWO pairs of custom velvet bells from MXCI.  They are stunning and SO comfy.  Today, my mojo is on the outside, and hopefully it will leak inside too. :)


These bells are the most comfy and suuuuuper long…which is my favorite!  This incredible lace top/dress thing is form Free People (of course) and I don’t know why, but I absolutely LOVE it.  I’m not usually a fan of high low dresses, but since this is lace and ruffly, it kind of feels more like a kimono or an accent piece than a dress.  It’s so fun and flowy.  I think I’m going to wear this piece many different ways.

I hope your Monday is rocking!


Sequins Every Day of The Week.

So I realize that sequins are typically reserved for New Year’s Eve, Las Vegas, or some kind of bridal shower where there’s lots of champagne and confetti and male strippers.  I have no experience in any of those things, so I’m just shooting from the hip here.  I also don’t go to a lot of parties.  And it’s not just recently, like because I have little kids.  I really can’t blame everything on them.  Because it’s not like I was going to raves and nightclubs and stuff like that.  I mean I’m almost embarrassed to even try to write briefly about this stuff because I feel like it’s going to come across like the only thing I know about this stuff is from teen television.  Let me let you in on a not-so-secret secret.  A LOT of things that I know I learned from teen television.  But the long and short of it is, I’ve never been in a group of friends who had parties or really had much cause to wear sequins.  So I’ve invented new ways to wear sequins that don’t involve parties or strippers or werewolves.  Because those three things tend to go together on teen tv, so I’m pretty sure that’s reality too, right??  :)

I decided to take three of the sequined items from my closet and put them together in some ways that don’t scream VEGAS!  And yes, I do have more than three things in my closet that are covered in sequins.  These outfits aren’t necessary the most inventive or crazy, but when it comes to sequins, you gotta go pretty plain with the rest of the outfit.  (please see the post where I wore a fringe kimono and red cowboy boots with sequined shorts for a perfect example on how I generally “keep it simple. ” Insert emoji crying with laughter here).

Yes, you CAN wear sequins without going to a party.


First I’ve got this vintage gold sequined cap sleeve tee on with some flared jeans and my Sam Edelman gold sandals.  I love this shirt.  I’ve actually never worn it before, but for good reason.  I bought it when my son was only about 3 months old and I hadn’t lost enough weight to wear it yet.  It fit, so I new it would eventually work, but it isn’t flattering to wear a super tight too small sequined tee when you’re trying to lose belly weight!  Then I got pregnant with my daughter like two seconds later and obviously this is far from maternity wear.  (Although gold sequined maternity wear would be super awesome…)  Anyway, I’m just now at the point where it’s starting to fit comfortably and I’m so excited because I love this shirt!  I kept the accessories to a minimum because it really doesn’t need anything else.  Although a large turquoise necklace would work with it too.  I don’t think I’d wear this with anything other than denim or maybe a vintage plaid skirt to keep it from looking like a circus.


I got this Free People silver sequined tank on super sale years ago, right before getting pregnant with my son.  What’s the deal with me buying sequined stuff and getting pregnant by the way??  Some mysteries are meant to be unsolved I guess… Anyway, I love how it’s kind of A-line and actually a little sheer.  I added turquoise and silver accents to kind of tone it down, because for some reason, this tank feels dressier than the gold one.  Maybe it’s the fit of it, or the fact that it’s silver…but this one was harder to make feel more everyday.  Turquoise always helps because it can dress down fancy stuff.  Anything sparkly would just up the anti and make this REALLY feel party ready.  I’m also wearing black lace Toms to kind of make this feel more summery.


Okay.  This jacket.  I got this from The Oxford Trunk when I was just post pregnancy and again, couldn’t wear it right away.  But when I saw it, I had this instant rock and roll outfit idea and it was just a must have.  It’s so rock and roll.  With my Coachella tank top (even though I’ve never been to Coachella) and jeans and huaraches, it’s just perfect.  It’s fun and makes me feel like I’m going to a concert even when I’m just doing my errands.  Although I’m gonna have to wait till it gets a little cooler to bust this piece out for sure.

So there you have it, yes, I will most likely end up wearing sequins while pushing a massive motorhome sized cart through Target.  Yes, I will possibly feel both silly and amazing.  But really I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Happy Wednesday…hope your outfit’s amazing today :)


Mom Mojo in a Vintage Kimono

I’m not gonna lie.  Three year olds are tough.  Today I have kind of had it up to here with the screaming, the drama, and just the overall incessant whining that’s been going on.  Oh man.  Three must be a hard age.  Poor little guy.  And poor me.  Today my son has been testing the limits of his parents’ sanity, and I’m pretty sure he found them.  There have been a lot of hugs, weeping, and apologizing today.  I guess that’s just the beauty of parenthood.  It’s messy and frustrating and at the end of the day you have this beautiful baby who drives you absolutely crazy but you still can’t help but love so much you can’t even stand it.  Plus there’s wine.  And there’s the fact that your baby girl HAD to have the PINK cowboy boots…and even though that kind of drove you crazy, you still love that she knows exactly what she wants…just like her mom.

So honestly after a day like today, all I want to do is drink wine and talk about this kimono.  And watch Teen Wolf, of course, duh.  I love finding beauty in this crazy mess of life.  I love putting something on that’s so effortless like this incredible vintage kimono from Ruby Rose that turns a white tank top and cut off shorts into an OUTFIT.  I love that it makes my life as a mom feel so glamorous, when it really is composed of cleaning, feeding, and changing diapers.  And exhaustion.  I can feel glamorous by just taking one second to slip on a kimono.  And that’s my Monday Mom Mojo for ya.  I have a piece of clothing that connects me to a huge history full of stories and excitement and beauty…that I can put on in one second and fill my mundane mom life with a tiny piece of something larger than myself.  And today, I needed that.  PS…my daughter is trying to eat yogurt through her ear.  Is that normal??  Yep.  I’m a mom and I’m not sorry about it.


Vintage boots and my Pricklie Pear choker complete this look.  Sadly, I cannot transform into a werewolf for a photo (although vegetarian sparkly vampire is my creature of choice, if you’re wondering), but here’s my super mom outfit.  And by super mom, I mean mom who’s making it through the day and making the best of the three-year-old drama.

Hope your Monday is filled with mojo.


100 Percent Humidity. Thank the Lord for This Dress.

It’s like 100 percent humidity right now.  No joke.  Now I’m not sure exactly what that means…like are we technically under water?  Or is it just this layer of sweat covering my ENTIRE BODY.  Basically humidity makes me stare at my closet and sweat just looking at my clothes.  Thank goodness for caftans.  I’m serious.  These things are my magic uniform of summer.

This other caftan I ordered from Prehistoric Vintage is also amazing.  It’s that vintage gauzy cotton that is actually breathable, which makes it even better than the other one for these intense humid days.  I swear this thing goes with every accessory and sandal I have in my closet and I am loving it.  I’m a total caftan convert.

I shall call this summer: “the summer of the caftan”.  As it has been said, let it be done.  And now…to turn on the air conditioner!

Happy Monday!

Jewelry and Being a Mom…Sometimes They Don’t Mix.

Being a mom has totally changed my jewelry wearing style.  Out of necessity of course.  It’s not like I suddenly don’t WANT to wear four necklaces, and arm load of bracelets, and three rings per finger.  Because I SO DO.  But seriously.  Not only do I have the time crunch of two toddlers pounding on my door screaming MAMAMAMAMAMA while I’m trying to get dressed, but I also have the curious tiny fingers grabbing at everything I wear.  So my jewelry style has had to be simplified a little.  I find that when I come across a single amazing statement piece, I go for it because it still looks like I’m wearing a lot (as I love :) but it takes two seconds to put on.  And two seconds to take off if it’s becoming a problem with the little grabby hands.

Squash blossoms are just glorious.  I want to own a collection of them…both vintage and new.  But I really haven’t had any time to go to flea markets or hunt for them yet.  When I found Free to Wander on Instagram I was overjoyed.  They make the most beautiful statement jewelry…vintage inspired and so eye catching. I finally finally got my very first squash blossom hand made by them (accompanied by a hand written note which always just makes me smile) and I’m in love.


I’ve got it with this Umgee dress from H&G Boutique, but it will literally go with everything.  It slips on quickly and just makes every outfit look so “done”.  I’ve got other pieces I’m already eyeing in the shop because they’re all so pretty and would be such great layering pieces together.

I know being a mom means making some style sacrifices at times.  But it’s such a fun feeling to find stuff that makes me feel like me while still being a mom at the same time.  This is a Friday Find you’re gonna see on endless repeat I can guarantee! :)



Second Guessing Myself. But Not About My Pants.

Okay.  Do you ever have those days where you literally cannot finish a sentence confidently?  Like you want to edit everything you write and say and feel like you have lost your confidence or something??  Good thing this isn’t a Monday Mojo post right?  I had this whole plan where I was going to be all educational and philosophical about how everyone can wear printed pants…blah blah blah…but I’ve deleted everything I’ve written like 16 times and I’m over it.

I kind of lost my mojo this morning.  Don’t get me wrong.  My outfit was rockin.  Like almost too cool for me.  But I started thinking about a situation involving social media…and how I read some things that really hurt me…and then relived the situations surrounding them…and poof.  Mojo gone.  Isn’t it amazing how nothing even has to happen, but in your mind you can live through a whole lifetime of events that suddenly make you feel small and insignificant and like a TOTAL loser?  Exactly how I felt this morning walking to work.  So now, I’m sitting here, trying to just write some simple words on a page…which is normally something I could do in my sleep, and I can feel myself second guessing every single thing I write.  It’s not a pleasant feeling.  I need my mojo back.

So instead of moping around and deleting this entire thing (again!), I’m gonna talk about these pants.  These pants are so comfy.  They are so cute.  I don’t think anyone of any body type, age, or size should ever rule out pants like this…I mean…they’re like the perfect throw-on-and-go pants that feel like a t shirt for your legs.  I got them from Pretty Dirty Hippie, who I later found out is actually local (which made me really happy!) and she has awesome flash sales on Instagram.  She has the cutest, most wearable, stuff at great prices.  I styled them a few ways, all of which are easy and I will totally be wearing. :)

Easy.  Plaid flannel in complimentary colors, amazing comfy pants, and gold sparkly Toms.  Because kids shouldn’t be the only ones with glittery shoes.

With a Wildfox shirt that brings out the peach in the pants and again, sparkly shoes.  It’s just too easy and basically pajamas.  


This time I changed out my gold sparkly Toms for my lace ones and added a crochet tank and a turquoise necklace.  Again, easy, and way more comfortable than clothes should really be.

These pants will get me my mojo back no doubt.  And maybe a glass of wine and some online shopping.  You know.  The usual suspects :)

Hope you’re not second guessing yourself today and you have got on some awesome printed pants!