Trending: Friday Five Roundup

It’s Friday, it’s dumping down rain, but I’ve got my coffee and there’s a giant pot of chicken broth simmering on the stove, so it’s all good!  Plus, now I’m bringing to you five things that will hopefully inspire and delight you for your weekend.  No bad news here, only the fun!

The Best Homemade Face Wipes…I’ve GOT To Try

I’m totally in love with Popsugar for their DIYs and fitness videos, as I’ve said before.  And also, since I converted to washing my face with coconut oil, I’ve become a total believer in natural beauty.   THIS recipe looks AMAZING and so so easy.  FYI, frankincense can be a bit pricy to buy, but it is really amazing stuff.  If you don’t have it, you could totally make this without it or sub in a different essential oil depending on your skin type or specific needs.

Manrepeller Rocks NYFW AS USUAL

I gotta be honest.  Looking at Leandre’s outfits that she wore to fashion week is more fun for me than looking at the photos from actual fashion week.  I will be saving this slideshow and pulling MUCH inspiration from the Jedi master of dressing.  Look for yourself, and be inspired.

The Royals Got Renewed For Season 4

HALLELUJAH!  The drama will continue on for a fourth season!  Basically a soap opera set in the palace with Elizabeth Hurley leading the pack (does that NOT sound amazing?), this show keeps me entertained when I need a mom time out.  It’s just the most fun.

Trader Joe’s Wine Shopping Just Got Easier

If you’re like me, you don’t typically leave TJ’s without at least one bottle of wine. But you know how it is, the kids are yelling, you’re trying to decide which one to buy, and your average spending on a bottle is like, $12.  Thanks to this post by Refinery29, we now have a good list of dependable options to study up on (and some are $4.99!) so that next time we go, we can buy with confidence!

Nachos For The Low Carb Types (me)

When you’re like me, the word “nachos” produces two things in you: a profuse stream of drool down your chin and an intense fear of not fitting into your jeans. Yes, I am a low carb type who usually subs things like riced cauliflower for actual rice, zoodles for noodles, and lettuce for a hamburger bun.  So this whole idea of mini bell peppers instead of chips is fairly inspired in my opinion!  Plus, Skinnytaste is such a reliable source for recipes…I’ve never made one I didn’t like.

I hope your Friday is FANTASTIC!

Fashion Feeling: In (the) Navy Now

Color trends are interesting.  Often I have no real clue where the “color of the year” comes from, however I know it does have meaning and comes from research and all that.  Just because something’s the “color of the year” or “on trend” doesn’t mean I’m gonna wear it though.  There was that one year when it was this super taupe-y purple…and boy do I NOT look good in that color.  So, I just went “off trend” for the year and wore orange instead.  Because I always wear orange.

This year, for fall, it seems that navy is making a resurgence.  Gosh what a great color.  I mean, it’s ALWAYS “in”, it looks good on basically every skin tone, and it’s just a good basic color.  A little more interesting than black, but still very slimming and neutral.  Win-win.  I’ve also noticed that nautical style is really making a huge comeback as well.

Considering I’ve never been on a boat really…maybe once my mom made me go whale watching as a child and I’ve been terrified of whales ever since…this is most definitely a poser-y style for me.  But hey, isn’t all style like that?  I mean, I wear a Boy Scout shirt and I have no clue about the Boy Scouts.  (They’re not the ones with the cookies, so…) I wear rock and roll stuff and while I do play guitar, I play like acoustic guitar, not like shredding leads.  So I can pretend I’m in the “navy”, right?

I honestly love the nautical/military kind of trend.  I think it’s structured and flattering, and well, blue and gold together are just SUCH a winning combo.  So classy and always “expensive” looking somehow.  I don’t pay a TON of attention to color trends, quite honestly, but I do when I like them!

Hope your weekend is going swimmingly and you have effectively avoided all whales (unless you’re not scared of them like I am, which, if you’re a normal human, that’s probably the case).

Trending: Glitter

Ahhhhh the sparkly stuff.  I know that it has been considered “juvenile”, “out of style”, and even “dangerous for those who wear contact lenses” (me), and yet…I still love the stuff.  It sticks to everything.  Gets everywhere.  But somehow it’s worth the mess, finding it in strange and hidden places for days after wearing it.  Guess what all you raccoons?  (people who love sparkly objects) GLITTER IS BAAAAACK!  Thank goodness.  Because I was gonna go ahead and just bring it back all on my own if it didn’t officially make it down the runways.

But it DID!

Pat McGrath brought back some luscious 90’s inspired glittery lips at the DKNY show during New York Fashion Week…and it just went on from there.  If you’re feeling rather, er, glitter shy, here’s a fabulous article filled with ideas on how to use the sparkly stuff.  Some of these ideas are more wearable in real life and some of them are just plain fun!  I don’t know about you, but these sure make me want to bust out my glitter stash again!

And then when you’re feeling nostalgic, remember the 90’s golden age of glitter

Oh yes.  I remember plastering my eyelids with straight up bling.  Caking my clear lip gloss with silver craft glitter.  I was a glitter aholic!  (hmm…maybe I still am…)  And is there anyone alive who really actually hates sparkly nail polish?  I rest my case.d

It’s all well and good that glitter is “back”…but it really begs the question: did it ever really leave?

I don’t think so.  Everyone, somewhere, even if it’s deep deep down inside, wants to look like a disco ball at some point in their lives.



Trending: “Ugly” Shoes

Sometimes, ugly is pretty.  And others, ugly is just, well, ugly.  When it comes to fashion, how do you know the difference?  This is where the old saying: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” most definitely answers the question!  There have been eras that the high heel has been the go-to shoe for the season, which most would consider a beautiful shoe.  I would imagine, however, there are plenty of people who do not agree that the high heel is “beautiful”…and the point I’m making is that what is beauty is often subjective…especially in the area of footwear!  It is no secret though that this season’s style is dominated by “ugly” shoes.  It’s the “ugly chic” trends that have been popping up everywhere, from the runway to the streets!  Let’s break it down.

No, you are not hallucinating, that is a bedazzled Croc.  We just saw these beauties (??) take a stroll down the runway in the Christopher Kane show just a few weeks ago during New York Fashion Week.  Now you guys, I like a lot of ugly shoes.  But Crocs?  I think these are almost always universally considered a functional, not a beautiful, shoe.  This is just the beginning though.  Here’s some of the other trends happening that, well…could go either way!

Uggs.  I think you know my feelings about insanely furry shoes…(if you don’t, I’m definitely PRO them!) and these are the ultimate fur boot.

Furry athletic slides.  Sure, they’re silly.  But, hey, they could probably be cute on, right?

Clogs.  These range in how pretty/ugly they can be, but a lot of people find clogs to be quite unattractive, and vice versa.

Birkenstocks.  To me, these are a lot like Uggs.  They will always be “out”, and yet always be “in” in some crowds!

And the CROWNING JEWEL.  Ugg and Teva have teamed up to make this…er…masterpiece.  They will set you back $225, and, well, I’m not gonna comment on them, because I think I trust you to decide for yourself.  Please choose wisely.  I implore you.

Ugly or pretty?  You decide!  I love me some crazy furry weird shoes, so honestly I’m loving all this crazy footwear, no matter if I love each individual pair or not, I love the creativity and FUN of it all!

Happy Tuesday

Trending: Friday Five Roundup

It’s Friday whoop whoop!  I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready to get my weekend ON!  To help ease those last few hours of the work week, let’s have some fun shall we?  I’ve got the latest and greatest eye candy and news for ya!  (It’s calorie free, promise).

1.Bella Hadid answered the question that has been burning in me all week“how often do models fall during NYFW?”

2. The ultimate cheat sheet to this weekend’s Emmy’s awards.  Because while I watch a lot of TV, basically NONE of it is Emmy conversational!!

3. Sarah Jessica Parker wore track pants with glittery Mary Janes.  Given my recent obsession with track pants, this takes them to a whole new level.

4. Beautycounter did a line for Target.  Being a natural/safe beauty connoisseur, anytime I see a new opportunity for makeup shopping IRL, I do a happy dance.  Next time, maybe don’t be completely sold out though, ok?

5. Love Zara but want to shop ethically?  Yeah.  I know.  I’m an admitted Zara addict, but I also would always prefer to shop from places that are a little more conscious in their production!  I love this article on some great alternatives!  You may pay a little more…but it’s worth it.

Happy Friday, all you beautiful people.  I’m ready to get an acai bowl and go nuts!  (pun intended hehehehe…)

Trending: Tim Gunn

With the premiere of Project Runway season 15 starting tonight, I thought this was an appropriate time to talk about all the buzz surrounding Tim Gunn right now.  He recently spoke out about the fashion industry’s failure to acknowledge millions of women in America, a.k.a., the average women.  This woman is a size 14-16…and most designers and brands completely ignore her, and won’t even attempt to dress anyone larger than a 12.  Some of them even stop at a size 10.  He wrote a very interesting and thought provoking piece for the Washington Post, and if you haven’t read it, check it out here.

Just this past week, Christian Siriano, who has also been a strong voice for this issue recently, featured five plus sized models walking in his show during New York Fashion Week.  He made news when he created a dress for Leslie Jones to wear to the Ghostbusters premiere and has also recently designed a line of clothing specifically for Lane Bryant.  It’s amazing how seamlessly his show seems to flow…there are typical size zero models and plus size models walking and it all feels cohesive and haute couture…I think this just goes to show that there’s no reason the two cannot coexist in the same world!

Gosh, it feels like this issue has been going on for so long…and this is the first time I feel like I’ve heard someone from the inside of the industry actually speak up about it!  It is quite baffling when you realize just how many women probably feel alienated by this issue…like they’re being told that they CAN’T be stylish or look good, just because of their body shape.  If the average woman is between size 14 and 16, then shouldn’t that be represented on the runways, or at the very least, the ready to wear lines be made in these sizes?  It’s food for thought for sure…

I think the part of this issue that gets my goat more than any of it, is the fact that Lululemon Athletica has publicly stated that they won’t make workout wear over a size 12.  Now please don’t get me wrong.  Every company has the right to decide what they will or will not make.  They decide what they specialize in and that’s their prerogative.  However, it just really bugs me that a company who appears to be the most popular (at least around these parts!) workout wear clothing line…won’t make clothes in larger sizes.  I mean, if they are hell bent on telling women what size they think they should be, shouldn’t they at the very least encourage them to workout to GET TO THAT SIZE?  Dang.  So…if a woman who’s over a size 12 wants to wear this brand, she has to lose weight to do it.  Ouch.  I’m not cool with that.  I rarely feel this strongly about an issue that I will actually not shop someplace, but I have found great alternatives to their clothes elsewhere, so I don’t feel the need to shop at their store for any reason whatsoever.

I think Tim Gunn was very eloquent in his piece on fashion and raised some excellent points.  And on a side note, he totally made some hilarious statements about Kanye’s disasterous NYFW show that confirmed my “whole body spanx” theory

Excited for the premiere of Project Runway?  I am!
Make it work… :)