Fashion Feelings: Boots or pants?

I love multitasking.  And by “multitasking”, I mean, doing things while watching tv because I clearly love watching tv.  I’m watching it right now as I type this.  So if I begin typing names of characters on The Office, you’ll know that I’m not having a seizure, I’m just “multitasking”.  See?  Totally doing two things at once, making the most of my time.  I wish I had something I could drink through a straw so I could do three things at once…must work on this.

I know that as a woman, I should be a boss at multitasking.  And in some ways, I am.  Like, I can think about everything that I need to accomplish in the next 43 minutes while refilling water cups, picking up dirty laundry, and most likely drinking coffee.  Also, I’m super good at worrying about 57 things at once.  Does that count as multitasking??  Dang it.  Here’s what I’m NOT good at.  Writing while the tv is on.  (doing that now.  obviously, not well.  the tv is winning.)  Counting while people are talking to me.

Oh I’m sorry, did I say counting while people are talking to me?  I meant COUNTING, PERIOD.  Yesterday I ran into a friend I haven’t seen in a while, during the exact moment when I was trying to pay for my thrift store haul.  You can imagine how that went down.  I asked the poor cashier about four times what my total was again, and oh, wait, did you say “SEVENTY THREE CENTS?” one more time…I already forgot what you literally just said…  So yeah, in a lot of ways I kind of fail at multitasking.

One thing I really do well though, is wear all my stuff at once.  I like to refer to this as “multitasking”.  Put on all the things I like at once, wear them proudly, and when people ask “who are you supposed to be?” I say “a girl who likes clothes and doesn’t play favorites with everything in her closet.”

You know what else is fun?  That these boots kind of double as pants.  Now I’d never wear them AS pants, but you catch my drift right?  Yeah.  Why not have my clothing multitask too!?

I’m going to get back to doing all the things while napping with my eyes open now.  Must. Have. Coffee.

Good luck multitasking today.  It’s not recommended without caffeine.  ;)


*boots are One Teaspoon, kimono is Wildfox, shorts are Levis, tank is Target!

Advice in Style: Mashups

Anyone else out there used to watch Glee?  Then you know what a great mashup is.  You take two things that are amazing and you put them together.  Two different things that seem like they may have nothing in common, and you combine them…often learning that there is more common ground between the two things than you think.  Style mashups happen ALL the time, but no one ever calls them that!  So I’m just slapping a Glee-friendly label on them and showing you a few.

1970’s meets western:

Preppy meets vintage rocker:

Asian inspired gown meets bicker chick:

Rockabilly chills with rock and roll:

You catch my drift?  So what makes for a great mashup?  In music it’s things like similar chording, a common theme between the lyrics, and the possibility for a compatible tempo.  But what about in style?  How do you make sure that the two worlds will live happily ever after instead of fighting for the center stage?

Here’s some helpful ideas for you.  None of them are RULES…because there’s LOTS of ways to make a great mashup!
1. Pick one dominant theme.  One way to do this is to pick one or two pieces that you want to be the focus.  Then fill in the blanks in between with simple things.  Like, choose crazy 1980’s sneakers and a preppy tweed blazer…and fill in the gaps with a white shirt and jeans.  That way your mashup has some neutral territory.
2. Separate the mashup with some space.  If you’re freaked by this idea, shoes and something on your top half (like a top or a jacket) is the easiest way to give it a go.  That way, there’s a little bit of territory between the two things you’re mixing.
3. Choose styles that “go with everything”.  Obviously, not everything, well, goes with everything, but let me explain.  Cowboy boots tend to be one of those things that are an easy style mix up piece.  They go with fancy edwardian dresses for some epic style confusion.  They work with a rocker tee and goth leather mini skirt.  They are usually a sure fire, go-to, mashup piece when you’re looking to add something.  Converse are also another great piece.  Plaid/tweed blazers, seventies scarves, and 1950’s brooches usually mix in well with other fashion statements too!
4. Just give it a try.  There are many times when you may think to yourself: “this is going to look terrible together!”  But then you try it on all together…and voila!  Magic happens!

I’m all about style mashups.  Partly because I can never make up my mind about what style I’m into at the moment.  Partly because I love to get creative and see what happens when fashions collide.  Partly because…it’s way fun!!!

I got this (most likely a costume) vintage dress at a thrift store and I decided to wear it open like a robe because it has the most amazing drape to it…and the sleeves!! OMG!  I was trying to figure out what to wear it with, and these over the knee western fringe boots just would NOT get out of my mind.  I really just loved the idea of these two major pieces hanging out together.  It just somehow…seems like they belong together!  I also added one of my favorite fringe pieces from my amazing friend Jessica (Hillbillygypsy Boots) to tie in with the fringe on the boots.

Go forth and mash it up!  Have some fun!  This is where you get to break all the rules :)

On Really Going For It…In Outfits and In Life

The other day I was scrolling through instagram, and one of the captions under a photo really caught my attention.  Now I’m not really all that much into inspirational quotes to be honest.  I’m not really moved by them most of the time unless they happen to maybe be different from the usual suspects or maybe are just really really heartfelt and original.  I guess I’m kind of suspicious of things that are trying to make me “feel something” so if it’s trying too hard, I will kind of have the opposite reaction.  But this quote…it really popped out at me and stuck with me in a big way.  It’s been stuck in my head ever since: “comfortable slavery or dangerous freedom, what will you choose?” Dang.  That is some powerful stuff right there.  That’s enough fodder for an entire book.

I think why this quote really caught me, was that it has basically been the theme of my life.  Now I want to clarify something.  I think the word “slavery” can seem a bit harsh to describe parts of our life in some ways, although I think there are situations that can actually be slavery to our emotions, finances, or to our souls…so if you use that term in not such a literal sense, it makes sense.  I was basically raised in a form of “comfortable slavery.”  It was a lot of choices that led to more of the same.  A lot of fear that prevented moving forward…because forward is scary and risky.  Staying the same is not.  When my husband and I got married, we stayed in the same house for a long time, not by my choice.  While I appreciated a lot of things about the place we lived, I rebelled against it because I wanted something bigger in a metaphorical (and literal to be honest) sense.  I was frustrated, I felt stuck, and I felt like I was kind of in a form of slavery in more than one way.  I longed to move forward and to FINALLY get the chance to make those choices that got us SOMEWHERE.  And we did.  We made choices, took risks, and did things as wisely as we could without not making the decisions altogether.  And let me tell you.  Going for dangerous freedom is just that.  Dangerous.

Because we haven’t gotten to the places that we are going yet, I can’t say that it wasn’t worth it.  But I can tell you one of the most dangerous things about choosing dangerous freedom: longing for the comfortable slavery.  I struggle with that every day.  I find myself thinking: “back then at least I had/did/felt/was _______ (fill in the blanks here).”  I find myself longing for the comfort of the familiar, and often willing to give up the dreams I have had my entire life just to go back to a place where I felt very stifled.  Because I think the thing is, dangerous freedom is a risk, it’s worth it, but it’s not always an immediate reward.  It’s a journey and it leads FORWARD, and forward is unfamiliar, and unfamiliar is uncomfortable and frightening.  Someday, I will go into more details, but for now I’m still wrestling with the cost of the dangerous freedom.  I know myself, and I will always go for it.  I’m not a “stay comfortable” kind of person…but when you get heartbroken, it’s much easier to try and settle than when you think you can leap off a cliff and fly.  My wings might be a little broken, but they’re healing…and the only way they’ll heal properly is if I keep using them correctly.  And that’s what I’m going to do.  Dangerous freedom is, and will always be, my choice.

I think the way I dress reflects my personality in more ways than one.  This outfit is a great example of my nature to “go for it” instead of staying within the boundaries of what’s comfortable.  Lest you think that I am talking myself up, let me assure you…I don’t always love this quality about myself.  I have countless times been quite frustrated with this part of my nature and wondered if I shouldn’t have compromised in certain situations…just a bit.  So I’m learning and growing and getting refined, but this is definitely a “go for it outfit” and I do love it, I gotta say!  The boots…THE BOOTS are from Spell Byron Bay and I think they’re just insane.  The lace dress is from an AMAZING vintage seller from the UK, Waiste Vintage, and the floral shirt is from Fred & Betty’s.  The Indian chief ring is from my favorite happy place Ruby Rose.  I put this all over a nice fluffy pink vintage slip skirt I unearthed from the madness that is my closet and I added a simple scarf tied in a bow to give a little bit of structure to the outfit!

Whatever your personality or your style, I hope you choose dangerous freedom and are wildly successful.  Because I think that no matter what, freedom is ALWAYS worth the price tag!

Happy Monday