Trending: Friday Five Roundup

Why is it that some weeks Friday just sneaks up on you…and other weeks by Tuesday morning, you’re wondering if it’s Friday yet?  Well, regardless of which kind of week you’ve had, IT’S FRIDAY!  Let the rejoicing BEGIN!  And also, let’s talk about the week in review.  Only the happy stuff, I promise.

People Of Earth premiered on TBS, and people of earth, it’s good.

It’s quirky, it’s random, and it’s freaking funny.  Alien humor is always my style…and it’s done by the creators of The Office, so you know it’s by comedy geniuses.  It’s got a Men in Black kind of vibe…worth checking out for sure.

Netflix’s upcoming series “The Crown” is eye candy.

The new show centers on the life of Queen Elizabeth II and as always, whether it’s a keeper or not remains to be seen…but the wardrobe is most DEFINITELY a winner already!

My dreams came true in the form of a popsicle.

Yes, you read that right.  Cold brew in a POPSICLE.  All the flavors look amazing, but you guys, these are amazing.

Speaking of coffee, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Basically everything that Califia Farms makes is incredible.  They did not pay me to say that, nor do they know I exist.  This is the honest to God truth, their stuff is DELICIOUS, and hallelujah the peppermint mocha is out in stores now!



As much as I classically hate DST as a mom of two schedule oriented toddlers, and a lover of sleep at the same times every day, I will not say no to an extra hour of sleep.  Hooray for FINALLY feeling ahead of schedule for ONCE IN MY LIFE!



Trending: Friday Five Roundup

HAPPY FRIDAY!  Get yourself a glass of wine or a cup of tea and rejoice, because the weekend is finally upon us!  And now, for some mindless enjoyment to start off the weekend! read my mind for 2017 trends.  

I know, I know.  My accusations of “so and so read my mind” abound freely, but SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS, I was gonna do a post on my predictions for 2017, but they just went ahead and did it for me.  Oh well.  At least we agree right?

Finally, FINALLY I can binge on Good Girls Revolt.

I watched the premiere over a year ago, and I was RIVETED.  I have been eagerly awaiting the rest of this show for so long it seems, and it’s FINALLY HERE!!!  If you haven’t seen this show, it’s so worth it.  It’s like Mad Men…but with women as the main characters!  Plus, the STYLE is incredible!

To answer the question: “where have all the new shows gone?” I think maybe the answer is…TBS.

As you know, I’m a tv show fanatic, and with all the new streaming mediums that television shows have available these days, it seems that my cable box has been, shall we say, light on the new shows this year.  But now I’m seeing some interesting new shows appear on TBS of all stations…People of Earth…Search Party…I think these babies are worth checking out at the very least!

I’m all about the healthy stuff, and this healthy stuff is beyond delicious.

I discovered that has a site called “glow” and it’s nothing but quick easy recipes that are made with real ingredients, some of them vegan, and all of them completely delicious.  Like this pumpkin nice-cream (if you haven’t tried nice-cream, it’s delicious) that is a super healthy swap for a refined sugar laden slice of pie.

If you’re not trick-or-treating this Halloween, here’s what’s on TV to keep you busy while you wait for tiny humans to invade your privacy and ask you for free candy.

And there it is, all the Halloween goodness in a lineup for Monday night!  Hope your costume is all ready (if your costume is jammies, that’s cool too) and your bowl of candy is full (and not getting raided too much ahead of time)!

Happy weekend!