On Tips For Customizing Your Wardrobe

You know what I’ve discovered?  That if there’s a “custom” option for a piece of clothing, I will ALWAYS choose it.  There’s just something about having something that ONLY you have…no one else…that makes my heart go pitter patter.  Somehow I’m always willing to spend more money to have something that was created just for me.  I think it’s even funny how if I find something that’s from Forever 21, but at like, a thrift store or a second hand store, I’m WAY more likely to buy it than if I actually found it at…Forever 21 itself!  Because the appeal of a single item hiding on a rack is WAY stronger than a giant rack full of the same thing.  It just seems…cheaper and way less cute than if it was standing alone!  I know, I know, it’s totally a trick of the mind because it’s the EXACT SAME THING that was at a box store on a huge rack maybe just months before…but it’s just different somehow!  I get it.  Custom stuff takes time and extra moolah, but to me, it’s worth it.

I had a revelation a long time ago when I found out that basically ALL celebrities who wear vintage and, well, anything else…get ALL their stuff altered to fit them. Wow.  That means that it’s not like, my body type or my height or whatever, it’s just that EVERYONE’S BODY is different!  I think this is what makes me place extra value on custom clothing.  It means that it will be literally made..for YOU.  Now I know we can’t all afford to get every piece of clothing custom made, and honestly that’s not necessary.  Sometimes you walk in to Target, and something fits you like a glove.  But when you’re really having trouble finding something, it might be worth the investment to just get it specially made!  I had trouble finding overalls that would fit me, so I special ordered them from LykkeWullf.  It was so worth the money.  Now I have a pair of overalls…made to fit me.  My exact measurements.  Comfortable AND cute.  Same with all the loads of stuff I have ordered from my FABULOUS friend Arwyn (@township31).  You are going to see a lot of stuff from her because, well, I love her, and she is so dang creative, I can’t stop!

Tips for customizing your wardrobe: (hint: you don’t need to buy all new stuff!)

  1. Etsy.com is your best friend.  I mean, gosh golly you can’t even go a few seconds of searching without finding something that you can custom order.  It’s a mecca for creativity and custom fits.
  2. Contact people over Instagram/Facebook and ask.  I’ve been surprised sometimes at the people who actually do custom orders but don’t necessarily advertise for it!  I’ve honestly just asked people…”hey can you make me one of those?” with GREAT success most times.
  3. Find a local tailor.  This can be the BOMB when it comes to thrifting.  Often it’s cheaper than you think, so just ask.  You never know what will happen!  This is a great way to take things you already have, but don’t fit you right, and make them AMAZING.  Also, it can be a great way to bargain shop for stuff.  Granted, you need to take into account the cost of the alterations, but you may still be getting a grand steal if you buy a pair of jeans at Goodwill for, say $15, and then it costs $20 to alter them.  Still can be much cheaper than buying them new!
  4. Know your measurements, even if it hurts.  I’m not gonna lie.  When I sent my measurement to LykkeWullf to get my overalls, I actually apologized.  Darn that stupid measuring tape that makes me feel like a loser!  It’s JUST a number, and remember it’s better to have clothes that fit well and make you look good, than it is to lie about your waist for vanity’s sake.  But darn it if it’s not tempting too…
  5. Decide what’s worth it and what’s not.  Some things can be belted, safety pinned, or just worn oversized, and it’s just fine.  Other things, like jeans for example, need to fit to look good.  So remember that it’s okay to invest in certain pieces, and you don’t always have to get a crazy bargain on every single thing in your closet!
  6. Find a creative friend who sews.  This is another great way to upgrade stuff you already have.  I mean, say you have a dress you never wear, but you love the fabric.  What if you had a friend who likes to sew cut the bottom off and add an elastic waistband?  Voila!  Instant skirt!  The options are endless when it comes to this kind of thing.  I mean, honestly I just cut stuff up sometimes and see what happens.  Some fabrics don’t fray easily and simply cutting off the sleeves or cutting a dress into a top can make an instant difference.

Okay.  This vest is like a dream to me.  I mean, when I saw that Arwyn had made one I immediately asked if I could commission her to make me one!  I am in awe of this craftsmanship.  I put it with this vintage Gunne Sax dress and my fringe boots from Sam Edelman…because it gave it a nice bohemian prairie feel!

I’m sweating bullets.  No, I’m not nervous, it’s just freaking hot.  Hope you all are staying cool out there…

On Feeling Stuck, and One Magical Outfit

I hate being stuck.  I hate when I’m driving and I’m stuck behind someone who is just SLIGHTLY slower than I want them to be.  I hate walking downtown being stuck behind people walking in a group, and I can’t get around them.  And I hate being  stuck in larger situations too.  I write songs on a semi regular basis (this is always a miracle to me that they come out singable!) and right now, I’m stuck in the middle of a song.  It’s kind of funny.  Sometimes they just flow out of me so freely I don’t even have time to think about what I’m writing.  And other times, I have to work for every single dang word.  I think that’s kind of just a metaphor for life so often, isn’t it?

I know for me, there have been times in my life where things just flowed.  Things seemed relatively easy, and I didn’t have to work all that hard to make things happen.  Then there have been times and situations where I have just felt plain stuck.  Times when I felt like things weren’t really flowing creatively, but more being ground out bit by bit.  I don’t exactly know why this is.  I am not sure why the beginning of this song that I’m working on flowed so easily and the end is dragging it’s feet.  But I do know that either way, the end result is worth it.

There are certain areas for me that I really feel stuck in right now.  Certain life goals and hopes and dreams that feel about as logical as winning the lottery.  That feeling is not even close to the reality of the scenario, but it’s just how I FEEL.  I am an overachiever by nature, so that means that when I can’t even “achieve”, I feel more like a failure than people who don’t really care about getting gold stars in life.  There are mountains that to me feel like I just can’t climb them because, well, I’m crap at outdoors stuff you guys and I have no endurance for such silliness.  You know I’m kidding right?  But my point is that I feel stuck at the bottom of them and I can’t see the pathway ahead of me.  It’s at times like these that I need someone like my husband, who CAN see the path, to help encourage me.

It’s been huge for me to surround myself with people who do not encourage those feelings of “stuckness” that I have in the areas that I struggle with them.  It’s been one of the best things to have friends (and a husband of course) who can be cheerleaders for me when I need them to be.  I mean, if you can’t see the path you need to take, find someone who can…or at least can encourage you to hang in there until you CAN see it.  Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective, or even just an ear to listen to you so that you can untangle all the bottled up frustration from feeling like you can’t move forward.  Sometimes you know the answer or the next step, but you need someone to let you unload on so that you can find it.  Like when you’re looking for that one t-shirt and you literally have to take every single t-shirt out of your drawer just to find that one that was buried in there.  (No, I do not do that every single day!)

I don’t know if the end of that song will come to me later on today, and just roll right off my pen and be finished, just like that.  Or if I’m going to have to sit down and try some things and see what works, until it finally does.  But one way or another, I will get unstuck and be singing that song soon.  Because sometimes you’re running with ease and other times you’re walking uphill in the sand.  No rhyme or reason, but you will get there if you keep going.

I love this dress and boots because it’s like the best easy outfit.  I tried on some necklaces and belts, but honestly, it was better without.  It is so great, that it can take one of those super stuck non creative type days, and make them a total breeze.

The dress is from Waiste Vintage and the boots are of course Spell Byron Bay.  It’s just a no brainer outfit, and for those other moms out there, you know that mom brain can really make you feel stuck sometimes! :)

I wanted to leave you with one chorus of a song that is particularly meaningful to me…because it encourages me when I’m feeling like a need a breakthrough.

You breathe life into dry bones, and You heal broken things.  You give hope to the weary, and You gave me a new song to sing.

Sing a new song today.  That’ll help you out with the old one you just can’t finish!