Advice in Style: The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Style

You know what’s funny?  Watching movies set in past times when women wore things like corsets and stuff…and then watching myself complain about having to button my jeans.  Yeah.  Times have changed.  I mean, we have it so easy!  We don’t have to deal with giant petticoats (unless we want to) or constrictive shape wear (unless you count spanx, which are again, optional)…the worst thing we have to do is literally, button our skinny jeans.  Pretty sure we have it darn easy, ladies!

All that to be said, we don’t have to make things more complicated if we don’t want to.  If you’re one of those “I want to feel like I’m wearing pajamas all day, every day” kinda gals, this is your lucky day.  Because corsets are for costumes, buttons are for elevators, spanx are for Kanye’s fashion show.   Yeah, I went there.

Lazy gals, your day has arrived.  We live in the era of stretch fabrics, velcro, and leggings in every imaginable pattern.  You are now the cool girls.  Your workouts can now be reserved for the gym and not for trying to get on a stubborn pair of slightly too small “standing only” jeans.

The I Don’t Want To Button My Pants Lazy Girl’s Guide To Style:

Ditch the jeans like it’s Turkey Day.  I love denim, but you can be stylish without a pair of jeans.  The sheer amount of palazzo pants, maxi skirts, leggings, and stretchy bell bottoms out there right now is staggering.  I have so many pairs of jeans, and I often go weeks without touching them just because I have so many other options.
Keep the jeans, lose the pesky button.  I am having an endless love affair with high waisted stretch jeans.  So much so, that I’m considering doing my own for my upcoming clothing line.  I have a pair of these, and you guys, they’re worth every penny.
Wear pajamas.  All day.  You all know how I feel about pajama dressing, it’s chic, different, and COMFORTABLE.  No one (unless they’re super weird) makes uncomfortable pajamas.  You can easily buy pajama tops and bottoms even at places like Target or Old Navy and wear them as shirts and or bottoms.  It looks very classy when paired with the right top or bottom, depending on what look you are going for.
Layer like a pro.  I love that the style these days is more “messy” than “fussy”.  It’s like, instead of polo shirts with the collar flipped up (please tell me what that’s about you guys) there’s tees with jackets and flowy pants.  Messy is the “look”, meaning that it’s all about doing things imperfectly and not nitpicking at your outfit.  (key word, lazy)
No more laces.  Don’t tell your mom, but all that time she spent teaching you to tie your own shoes was, well, a waste.  Because pull on, slip on, slide on shoes are your new BFF.  I cannot tell you how many times I chose a pair of pull-on boots over a pair that I have to zip up (heaven forbid I put that much effort into getting dressed) simply because it was easy.  Mules, slides, and cowboy boots are like “look ma! No hands!” kinda shoes.
Buy yourself a good dry shampoo.  If you don’t already have dry shampoo, goodness gracious get your butt into your car and get some.  Or at the very least, be lazy and order some.  No, NOW.  I didn’t mean later, I meant now!  Because dry shampoo is the lazy girl’s best hair friend, and saves time, and probably lives as well for all I know.  If you have dark hair, this one is the bomb and smells amazing too.  If you have blonde hair, opt for a lighter option.  Both of these are safe, natural products that you will most definitely get your money’s worth.  An added perk of using the natural ones is that they don’t build up like the chemical ones do.  These you can use a few days in a row without getting that nasty yucky hair feeling after only one day of use.

Here’s my lazy girl look.  I have a robe I got from Urban Outfitters, my pull on flares from Show Me Your Mumu (no cussing, struggling, or sucking in the gut required), and a thrifted slip dress.  My hair is fully equipped with dry shampoo and a little salt spray and my lipstick is a crayon (one swipe and done).  I have on some slide on mules so I can literally just step into them and go.

Go be lazy you guys.  It’s ok, I won’t tell :)

On Childhood Movies and A Classic Kimono

Often, more often than you’d think, someone will reference a movie or something from pop culture before the 90s and I have literally no idea what they are talking about.  Stuff that I should probably know about.  But I grew up homeschooled by parents who are not into pop culture, even from their own time.  This means I was not introduced to pretty much anything from the 60s, 70s, or even from the 80s.  I didn’t listen to any mainstream music basically until Britney sang Hit Me Baby One More Time.  With the exception of a few Hootie songs before that :)

I didn’t watch a lot of movies that most people my age watched as a kid, however I happened to catch at least a few amazing ones.  This is my review of the ones I remember, and I’m going to do it all from memory so it’s going to be super precise and very, very accurate!!  These were my some of my favorites (or just ones that I was allowed to watch!)…from memory!

The Labyrinth.  This one tops most of them because, duh, it’s The Labyrinth for crying out loud.  Jim Henson was the shiznit back then.  Favorite thing: Jennifer Connolly, I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world.  Moment that scarred me for life: the part where she goes into that room in the midst of the dump and it looks EXACTLY like her bedroom.  Just the stuff of nightmares are made of.  WTF moment: David Bowie.  I had no idea who he was, so I wondered why his hair was so weird and why he was singing like that.
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  This was a weird movie.  I basically remember only two things about it, except for the fact that I think Dick Van Dyke was in it (?) and I always wanted him to be my grandpa.  Favorite thing: no clue.  Possibly that the car flew?  Did it fly?  Not sure.  Moment that scarred me for life: the scary ice cream truck guy.  WTF moment: the scary ice cream truck guy.
Anne of Green Gables.  Also one of my FAVORITES and I was in LOVE with Megan Follows as Anne.  Oh and I was in love with Gilbert too, because he was a major dreamboat.  Favorite thing: everything.  Anne and Diana, Anne’s romance with Gilbert, Anne’s puffy sleeves and puffy red hair.  #childhoodgoals  Moment that scarred me for life: when Matthew dies.  Just sobbing great big tears.  WTF moment: when Anne turns Gilbert down after he proposes to her.  I mean COME ON we all know you’re gonna end up together…you’re really gonna drag this out for a few more hours??
Fuzzbucket.  I know what you’re saying…”what-the-wha-ket?!?!”  This was one of the lesser known 1980s Disney movie about something that was human and also very fuzzy.  Favorite thing: how insanely dorky and cheesy the whole movie was, it was HILARIOUS because it was sooooo bad.  Moment that scarred me for life: probably the whole thing, really, because I actually could have been watching a real movie.  WTF moment: the moment I discovered there was an actual full length live action movie named “Fuzzbucket”.
Gremlins.  I know right???  I wasn’t allowed to watch ANYTHING but I was over at my parents friends house and they were watching it.  So somehow, this horror snuck in.  Favorite thing: how scary it was and how fun it was to watch.  Moment that scarred me for life: when those cute cuddly things get really big sharp teeth and aren’t cuddly anymore.  WTF moment: the fact that I actually ever watched this movie.
Star Wars.  Of course, this was the best.  I watched this one so many times that my friends and I actually started turning the sound off and talking for it.  I actually feel like some of our plot lines were better.  Especially the one where Darth Vadar has misplaced his hat, and he becomes so enraged that he goes on a rampage and tries to destroy the ones who he thinks have stolen it.  Favorite thing: Princess Leia and Han Solo.  #childhoodcouplegoals  Moment that scarred me for life: when Han Solo gets encased in carbonite.  Weeping ensued.  WTF moment: Luke’s face when he realizes Darth Vadar is his father.  Woodchuck face is what I called it as a child…it was hard not to laugh.  #sorryluke

I did watch some others…I loved The Dark Crystal (thanks again Jim Henson!), Back to The Future (another all time favorite), and wasn’t a big fan of things like The Sound of Music because the ending was so sad.  And of course, Disney animated movies were also my favorites.  But for reals, when someone references things from before the 90s, I’m just lost for the most part.  I have tried to educate myself on some of it, but as you know, if you didn’t experience it the first time around, it’s just painfully cheesy if you try and watch it now.  So I guess I will just have to be the person who has the blank stare when people talk about The New Kids on the Block, The Godfather, Charlie’s Angels (the one without Cameron Diaz!), or anything else that seems significant to the times.  But hey, quiz me on Britney songs all day long and I’ll pass with flying colors!

At least this lack of information didn’t translate to clothing!  I ABSOLUTELY adore the clothing from these time periods that I know nothing about!  When people tell me I dress like Stevie Nicks, I may not know much about her, but I sure do love her clothes!!!

I am SUCH a sucker for a kimono.  And if you haven’t looked at photos from the latest Gucci runway shows, DO IT IMMEDIATELY and you’ll see there’s a lot of kimono and robe dressing mixed with bohemian elements like fur or fringe…add to that a classic ladylike twist with brooches and scarves and you’ll see what I’m talking about!  It’s madness, but it’s absolutely amazing!  What I love about the Gucci stuff is that it’s all VERY easy to recreate at thrift stores or at less expensive prices.  Things like shirts and dresses with ruffles, kimonos, robes, vintage slips, scarves, brooches…it’s all very Gucci at the moment.  Hmmm…maybe I’ll need to do a blog post recreating these looks from the runway from the thrift stores!!!  This vintage kimono/robe does the trick!  Minnetonka makes the BEST most affordable fringe boots that you will wear constantly.  This Native America breatstplate I found on Etsy for a steal!

Okay…coming soon will be a Gucci/thrift store mash up recreation for you!  I mean, heck, I want to do it for me, so I’ll share the results with you!