Real World Style: Farmer’s Market Style

If you shop often or look at Instagram style feeds on a regular basis, no doubt you’ve seen the phrase “farmer’s market style” used to describe an outfit.  I have to admit, I both love and hate that description.  Why, you ask?  Let me explain.  First of all, I love it.  I see this outfit that is minimalistic and yet romantic in it’s minimalism, and I immediately begin imagining myself wearing this outfit and farmer’s market-ing.  I see this beautiful image of myself wearing this lovely outfit, buying organic fruits and veggies, laughing and strolling through a busy, yet peaceful street overflowing with produce.  Then I sit down and drink an espresso at an outdoor cafe (I’m in Europe at this point, naturally) and read a beautiful old educational French book.  The sun is shining, the weather is perfect, and I look like a European model (because why not right?  If I’m gonna have a fantasy, I’m sure as heck gonna look like a model in it) and my red lipstick has magically not transferred at all to my teeth or to my perfectly white coffee cup.  And then, I realize what has happened.  I have gone insane.  Finally the inevitable has happened.  Because I don’t read educational books, I read teen novels.  When I wear red lipstick, it gets on EVERYTHING.  When I go to the farmer’s market, it consists of me pushing a giant motorhome sized stroller covered in old food and juice, saying “oh…sorry…excuse me…” as I run over people’s feet while we “stroll” through the street.  There are toddlers screaming “GET DOWN” repeatedly and I’m probably sweating because all things in life involve me sweating, the vegetables have poked holes in the flimsy bags they gave us (because I inevitably forgot my perfect “farmer’s market” bags I bought when this fantasy overtake me last time), and there’s no outdoor cafe with espresso.  There is only the outfit I was wearing earlier because I forgot to change into my romantic minimalist look and me, wondering why going to the farmer’s market is NOTHING like the movies.

Dang it.  Regardless of this juxtaposition of my fantasy life against reality, I still do love “farmer’s market style”!  So why not just wear it any old day of the week? I’d like to propose that when this glorious fantasy overtakes you, realize you do actually love the outfit, even though it doesn’t come with a free trip to the French Riviera.  Where I am quite sure, their red lipstick stays put.

This vintage top and raw silk skirt I bought from Bumbleebuck Vintage, who is the MASTER of romantic minimalism.  You will want to buy everything in her shop simply because it’s lovely.  I added the hat and the scarf and the vintage slip on Ariat booties because it just added a little bit of a western flair to the outfit.  And now, I’m off to the farmer’s market.  Just kidding.  I’ll be doing laundry in my jammies.  #reallife


On Being a Romantic in a Romantic Dress

For me, singing is kind of like breathing.  It’s necessary for life.  It’s the thing that makes my soul feel alive…the thing that makes me feel like I open up a window to my heart and let out something that I otherwise can’t unlock.  I’ve always felt this way.  For as long as I can remember, when people would ask me: “what do you want to do when you grow up?” my number one answer to them was: “sing.”  I didn’t have a life plan to do it or really any idea of a career path, only that being Amy Grant was my basic life goal.  The problem with this was that I was petrified to let anyone hear me.  I would go out into the park area in front of our mobile home and I would sing The Little Mermaid songs.  I would sing along to Amy Grant songs, but so quietly that no one could hear me.  Even my best friend would beg to hear me sing and I wouldn’t do it.  I was so scared.

To my own childlike ears, I was pretty sure I could sing.  Plus I knew genes were on my side since my grandfather had been an opera singer and most everyone in my extended family could carry a tune to some degree.  But still, I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I remember thinking that I loved it so much, that it would absolutely CRUSH me if I tried it, and someone told me I was bad.  It would be like telling me to stop breathing.  I couldn’t do it.  Thankfully, the first time I sang at a friend’s church (she tricked me into doing it!) I got told that I actually COULD sing and I finally knew that it was okay to let people hear me.

There are times when I meet people, and then find out much later that they have some amazing hidden talent.  Something I had no clue they could do…something I’d never expect about them.  It’s amazing sometimes to just look around and think…what would happen if everyone used all those talents they have hidden?  Like what would happen if no one had any fear about doing what they love?  Or financial constraints?  Or maybe they’ve been beaten down and discouraged about doing something…and that just vanished and suddenly they could just do what they loved?  Man.  I think amazing things might happen.  One of the things I hate most is seeing people unable to do the thing they are so passionate about, that it keeps them up at night.  Because NOT being able to do those things can be death to your soul.

While we were going through what I call the “three year darkness” I wasn’t singing at all.  I had left my job (which involved singing and leading a band) because our lives were in upheaval and all I could do was take care of my family. I kind of thought that I actually may never sing again.  I actually began to forget what it felt like to sing.  It was like my heartbeat slowed down so much, that I thought I might be dead.  I wasn’t sure at times.  I remember sitting in my son’s room, rocking my new baby, listening to John Mayer’s “Speak For Me” and tears streaming down my face as I rocked my son to sleep.  I would sit in his dark room, exhausted for so many reasons, and while I absolutely was in love with my new child, I was devastated.  And honestly, I think that there are quite a few people who are in that dark room, feeling that they have lost their life passion.

I know I can’t save everyone and wave a magic wand that would make all things possible for all people.  I sure wish I could.  But at the very least I can encourage every person I can to pursue, even in some small way, the things they love to do.  I know it’s not always possible to make those things your career or spend all your time doing them.  But there’s always SOMETHING we can do to use those gifts that we have.  Even if it seems simple or even silly, nothing is silly if it provides your soul with fresh air.

I know I can tend to be a romantic about life.  I want to put on a superhero cape (partly just because I think wearing a cape would be an awesome accessory!) and a tiara (again, how fun right?) and wave a wand (a sparkly one) and BAM.  Fix everything.  Heal the hurts that hold us back.  Fix the financial and life burdens that keep us from living our dreams.  And watch everyone stop surviving and start thriving.  The pain that I went through has definitely threatened to turn me into a realist.  But I’m trying my hardest to let the romantic part of me, the part of me that dreams, overcome that nasty realist who doesn’t see the point in having dreams.  Singing again has played a huge part in that for me for sure.

This outfit is just so romantic to me.  It’s full of whimsy and vintage charm.  I love the dress (from Ruby Rose) layered over a vintage slip and with vintage cowboy boots.  I really didn’t style it a whole bunch because I just wanted it to breathe, to be what it truly is…a lovely romantic piece of history.  I want to be a lovely romantic person who truly helps to encourage other people to have an amazing story.  And also, I’d really like to wear a cape. :)

Lots of love :)