Fashion Feeling: Perspective Changes Things

You know how often times people say: “Perspective is everything”? or something to that effect?  It’s a common piece of advice that’s given out freely, usually when someone is struggling with an area of their lives.  I was thinking about this recently while listening to someone talk about a struggle they were dealing with in their current situation.  Perspective is an interesting thing isn’t it?  When you think about it, you could put two people in the same situation, and they can come out describing that situation completely differently.  In that way, perspective is everything.  However, I sometimes get the feeling that when I’m being told this piece of advice, it means that I shouldn’t be looking forward or striving for greater things.  Let me explain.

I’d like to propose a change to this quote.  I would like to say: “perspective CHANGES everything.”  That one little word, to me, is everything!  I completely believe that having the correct perspective is incredibly important, and quite honestly, can be everything in determining your future.  But I don’t think we should just change our perspective on our situation, then sit still.  Say you hate your job.  It’s not what you were made for, it drains the life out of you, and it’s basically something you do just to survive.  Those are valid feelings, and nowhere in the world should anyone say: “you should just learn to love it and stick with it forever!” because that’s not always the truth!  However, you could flip it around and say: “I’m so grateful that I can make a living right now, while I pursue what other things/jobs I can do that bring me more fulfillment than this job right now.”  I think if we can use our perspective to help propel us forward, we can do a lot of amazing things.  So I guess what I’m saying, is that I agree with the statement: “perspective is everything” AS LONG AS we don’t use it to basically tell ourselves that we are stuck and we may as well make the best of it.  Which, sure, there are seasons in life that are very much like that.  I understand.  I’ve been there.  But the good news is, seasons don’t last forever, we can ALWAYS learn new skills, and the better perspective we have on where we are and where we can go next, the more likely we are to go places!  Perspective on where we are, WHO we are, and what we are capable of CHANGES EVERYTHING.

I’ve had this shirt from Anthropologie for years now.  I love it, but I never wear it anymore.  I bought it right after having my second baby and it was literally the magic shirt that made me look thinner when I was most definitely NOT.  It’s one of those shirts that I would have bought no matter what, but because I wore it when I wasn’t feeling all that thin, I have a hard time wearing it now that I’ve lost more weight.  If you’ve ever gone through dramatic weight loss or had a baby you know those pieces I’m talking about!  So the other day, I was looking at the shirt and thought, what if I looked at it differently.  What if I wore it BACKWARDS?  And voila.  My perspective changed!

The bralette is the magic piece for backless tops because it adds a little pizazz!  Mine is Free People.  This top is old, but here’s a similar one if you want to try this out!  The jeans are vintage Levi’s and the shoes are vintage loafers (if you don’t have loafers, get some!!)  My necklace is from the fabulous Free To Wander on Etsy.

I wish changing my perspective on life was as easy as putting my shirt on differently.  But we all gotta start somewhere and just do our best!

On Try, Trying Again and A Vintage Nightgown (Dress!)

You know the old saying, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”…pretty sure we’ve all heard this at one point or another in our lives.  The part that it doesn’t say however, is how hard that “try, try again” part can be!  I mean, I know we all know that it’s hard to keep persevering and all that, but I think when you’re in the middle of it, it just FEELS harder than you thought it would.  I guess, all I’m doing is stating the obvious.  It’s HARD.

I think one of the things I’ve found for me (and probably for my personality really), is that it feels like the second I feel like I’ve made a little bit of progress in the right direction, something reminds me of the times that things didn’t seem to “work” right.  Sometimes it’s something silly, sometimes it just something normal, and other times it’s something that legitimately would bum anyone out, but ALL the time, it’s something that makes me feel like…hmmm…maybe I SHOULDN’T try, try again.  Wrong.  I know it’s not the way I SHOULD feel, but when it comes to should or shouldn’t, that stuff doesn’t really apply to feelings.  You just kind of feel the way you feel…and it’s what happens next that really matters.

I’ve had a hard time not getting really down on myself often for the ways that I feel.  Or sometimes I give my feelings a little too much weight, and then I feel badly for that…any way you look at it, it’s a lot of feelings.  Too many feelings.  To quote Ron Weasley (Harry Potter fans unite!): “One person can’t feel that all at once.  They’d explode.”  This quote describes me so perfectly at times, and I imagine lots of you can relate with it as well!  The good thing though is that I think that I’m getting SLIGHTLY better at moving on from all those feelings when they happen.  I’m learning that I don’t need to get down on myself for the times that things set off my emotions because of some of my bad memories.  I don’t need to feel badly for my feelings.  That just adds feelings on top of feelings and BOOM (that’s the sound of the explosion, FYI). What I DO need to do however, is to acknowledge them, take a moment to grieve and process the things that I went through for a few minutes, and then put it back in the past where it belongs.  The feelings exist.  They are valid.  But they do not dictate where I go next.  And isn’t it funny how much easier it is to get upset about stuff than it is to celebrate the good stuff?

I had a great morning.  I’m SUPER excited about some new projects I’m working on that I will share with you when I have more to share :).  Then this afternoon, something reminded me of some of the crap that happened a while ago.  It was all fine, it wasn’t even bad!  But I instantly got down about all the stuff I previously had been excited about…until I realized what I was doing.  I was letting how I used to feel dictate how I feel now.  Too many feelings, most of them inappropriate to the situation.  So now, they have been appropriately grieved, and left behind like they need to be.  Breathe in, breathe out…and now I can get back to being excited!  Maybe one of these days I’ll grow up and get it, huh?  :)

I found this dress at a thrift store and it kind of reminded me of a vintage Spell dress, if that existed!  It’s most likely someone’s nightgown, but to me, it’s a boho fabulous dress!  These boots are Minnetonkas and the MOST comfortable, and find an amazing squash blossom HERE for around $20!

Have an UBER FABULOUS weekend!

On How To Successfully Thrift!

Here’s the thing about thrift store shopping.  One of the BIGGEST components to making an item of clothing appealing, is presentation.  I mean, I was talking to a woman who owns a local store and she told me how she and her co worker used to take things off the sale rack that had been sitting in the store for months, put them in the window on the mannequins, and they’d sell…instantly.  I have discovered this dynamic working at a second hand store.  Often something can sit in the store for so long, but the minute it goes on Instagram, it’s got a waiting list for it.  Thrift stores have absolutely ZERO presentation.  There are often many amazing treasures hiding in the midst of, well, truly ugly things.  Sometimes the “treasures” are even just things that look EXACTLY like that shirt you are thinking about spending $40 at Gap for…but it’s hard to spot because you’re so distracted by that really weird looking cat sweater sitting right next to it.  I’ve been cleaning up at thrift stores lately, but I used to loathe thrift store shopping for clothes.  I found it gross, frustrating, and very unproductive.  Since I’ve had a bit of a turn around in my thrift store “luck” you could say, I thought I’d make a little guide to help you think through your next trip to the Goodwill…or maybe just encourage you to go in the first place!

  1. Vintage slips.  I CANNOT stress this enough you guys…these things are SO versatile even if you DON’T wear funky clothes like I do!  First of all, look at any runway photos (think like Ralph Lauren, Gucci…) and you will spot this style.  They look very high fashion for a fraction of the price.  They are layerable…over things, under things, they make amazing pieces that look a lot like a Free People Intimates piece.  You can even put them under a dress (for more coverage obviously) and let the lace stick out the bottom to extend a dress or a skirt.  Always check the “lingerie” section for these babies.
  2. Button down shirts.  I was about to buy a few of these, had them in my cart online, and then I realized it…I could get this same thing for less than a quarter of the price at Goodwill.  Stripes and gingham are big for spring, and these are plentiful at most thrift stores.  Sure you may have to check a couple of times to get the right size, but I found BOTH of those items today for $4.50 a piece.  So before you go buying these at J Crew (I get it, their stuff IS amazing so it is worth investing if you know you love their fits!), check your local thrifts shops!
  3. White tees.  I know, you think I’m positively LOCO for suggesting this.  Because, like, how can a white tee survive any length of time to make it into a thrift store? Let me tell you how.  Go to the MEN’S section, and look at them.  You’ll find men’s UNDERSHIRTS that have that oversized, kind of vintage-y feel that you pay like five times the amount to find at Zara.  It’s most definitely worth a look.
  4. Dresses.  I find that honestly, the dress section is usually the BEST section in the store.  It’s the place you are most likely, it seems, to find GOOD vintage and interesting pieces, and things that you’d pay a lot more for if you were to find them online in a vintage shop.  I get it, this is where presentation REALLY comes into play.  Often times it’s really hard to spot a great item amongst the bad ones, so you have to pull things out and ask yourself a few key questions.  Does it look like something you would see in a magazine/on the runway/in one of your favorite stores?  Is it layerable?  If you saw this in a cute shop, would you buy it?  Honestly, bad presentation can also make things that aren’t that cute appear cuter than they actually are as well…because if something is the best item in the store, of COURSE it looks good!  I try to picture things I see in the thrift store on bloggers I love or in a magazine spread, and if that image works, I go with the item.  If not, I pass on it.
  5. Blazers.  Thrift stores are usually LOADED with blazers of all kinds and this is a total JACKPOT for this style.  I seriously suggest checking a few second hand stores before spending on this style because I’ve gotten the best blazers from there.  One was from Anthropologie and the other vintage…so you see what I mean?  It’s worth a scan on the racks!

One of the things I’ve learned is that if you are going for a LOOK more than for BRANDS, you’ll do better thrift store shopping in general.  Now some of you may live in areas like San Francisco or Malibu where there are a wealth of higher end thrift shops…and that’s a totally different situation.  I just know for me, being in an area where the thrift stores are really nice but aren’t “fed” by a lot of high end stores, it’s better to look for things that are vintage or that just have the look I’m going for, than to look for say, Free People items.  Once I started looking for “a blue pinstriped button down” (as an example) instead of “designer brands”, I ended up finding SO much better stuff.  Let me boil this down for you.  If you go OFTEN and with a CREATIVE and OPEN mind, you’ll make out like a bandit most times.  There will still be days when you walk away with nothing.  But those days will get fewer and fewer!

I scored this vintage slip and this pinstripe top from Goodwill.  And when I put them on, I completely felt like I could walk a Ralph Lauren runway.  I am in LOVE with this outfit.  It feels like menswear meets bohemian sophisticated glamour.  The boots are from my amazing bootmaking friend Hillbilly Gypsy Boots and they’re the best ever.  The vintage squash blossom is from Classic Rock Couture on Etsy.  I put it over skinny jeans to make it a little more casual and since it’s not quite warm enough to go without.  But when it does warm up, I’ll be rocking this over some tall boots too!

Okay you guys!  Brave those thrift stores!  You can DO IT!

On Vintage Slips and Definitely Never Feeling Popular

When I was a kid, since I was home schooled, church was my only school-like experience.  I remember most of my Sunday school teachers because they were the only teachers I ever had until high school.  Some of them were great and others were less than amazing.  I had this one teacher when I was probably around eight years old who was the worst of them all.  He was just bad, plain and simple.  He had no kids and clearly knew nothing about them besides how to screw them up.  He had decided that one of the girls in my class was the most beautiful, talented, and constantly praise worthy person in my small universe.  To be completely honest, she was recognized as this by everyone at church.  She was, to put it simply, the “popular girl” in high school…but instead of it being high school, it was kids in elementary school.  She was beautiful.  She sang beautifully.  She was the IT girl of Sunday school.  Our teacher would point this out basically every Sunday.  He would say things like: “everyone wishes they could be like her” and “she’s the most beautiful star of the class”.  I, on the other hand, was none of these things.  I always wanted to be the lead part in the little plays we would put on, but she always got those parts because I had no confidence to even try…and I knew she was a shoe in anyway.  I was awkward, home schooled, wore bad glasses, and had zero idea of who I was so I was very quiet and shy and lonely.  I remember going home and crying, wishing I could just be her.  I remember wondering why I was me, and why I wasn’t a “star” like her.  I probably wasn’t the only person who felt like this, given his intense obsession with publicly praising the golden girl of the Sunday school class.

Today, I was downtown and I saw a mom who looked like she had it all together.  She was dressed perfectly and her baby had a super cute outfit on and they seemed so happy and relaxed.  And there I stood.  Feeling fat and disheveled, sweating through my clothing, and once again reminded that I am not “the popular girl”.  Now that may not be really “true” per say, because lots of people like me (although I could definitely write you a list of people who do not like me! Ha!), but on the inside, I probably will never ever feel like “the popular girl”.  You know what?  That’s probably a good thing.  I had the (un)fortune of dealing with that same girl later on in life and sure, she was still beautiful, talented, and most definitely popular.  But I saw her derail her own life for a while because she was so convinced of her own status.  And watching this was kind of tragic…mostly because she was not free to be her own person.  Since she had been praised and labelled and pinned as “the popular girl” and over and over again told WHO she was and HOW SPECIAL she was, she couldn’t be anything other than who they told her she was. And in reality, no one should be praised like that constantly as a child.  Because we ARE all special and stars and all that jazz.  But we should have some kind of goals to strive for and some room to grow and find out who we are.  No matter WHO that is and WHAT that looks like.  There are times when I remember how much it hurt to be compared constantly to someone else and to always fall short.  But then I realize that it gave me the opportunity to really be myself and to really learn who that is.  Which, I’m still doing quite clearly. :)

I have ALWAYS loved vintage slips.  I had a bazillion for a while, then in a moment of weakness, got rid of some of them.  And now, I’m in love with them all over again.  They were kind of a “style signature” for me before I got pregnant and before I kind of lost who I was for a while.  I think that they will be again because I still love them and feel like I have a whole new way to wear them than I used to!

I got this kind of crazy, bordering on 1980’s floral top from a thrift store and I love how the sleeves are under this vintage slip!  I feel like it tones down the craziness of it!  The red cowboy boots are vintage from a shop on Etsy and the squash blossom is from Classic Rock Couture.

Popular or not popular, we all just gotta be ourselves right?

Happy middle of the week :)

On Nightgowns as Dresses and Feeling Like a High Schooler

I was home schooled when home schooling wasn’t the cool thing to do.  There was no super adorable school room set up filled with maps and pinterest-ed crafts.  It was just me, by myself, at a table, doing school work.  No one home schooled at that time, unless they had hair that had never been cut and wore long denim dresses and outfits that looked like they came from Little House on the Prairie…and not in a good way.  It was the land of the socially awkward, the fashion-challenged, and the hyper religious, to say the least.  But I survived, and made it to high school somehow…but I sure didn’t make it out with any fashion sense.  That’s for sure.

My freshman year at my tiny high school was one of my favorite years ever.  It was such a strange and amazing time for me.  I had literally never been out of my house by myself for longer than an hour or two…and then suddenly I was at school all day long, five days a week.  And I LOVED IT.  I was probably the most excited kid on the planet to go to school every day.  Weekends were lame.  And summer??  Who the heck needed summer when we could go to SCHOOL!  I think I had a crush on every single boy for the first few months, because, well, they were THERE.  I was a freshman version of Leslie Knope.  All my school projects were ridiculously overdone.  They were all pages longer than they needed to be, were done in usually three dimensions, and of course ALWAYS included glitter.  My school lunches were always made with gusto by a mother of an only child who was used to having her kid at home all day.  People flocked to see what was in this magical box that was roughly the size of my head and weighed about as much as a small bowling ball.  But all this to be said, my clothes…well, they were an issue.

Since it was the first year I actually was GOING to school, I got to do some real back to school shopping.  Real or not, I still was definitely not going to win any “best dressed” competitions.  Like anywhere, ever.  My jeans were all ill fitting high waters (I was pretty tall, and cheapo jeans were not as decent as they are now), and basically the high school equivalent of “mom jeans”.  I had a couple of body suits.  (I’m trying not to gag while I type that sentence).  I got them because they were at Ross, so that must mean they’re cool right?!  For someone who typically only got to shop at not fun thrift stores, Ross was like Nordstrom.  I had a bad hair cut and had no idea how to use a blow drier, curling iron, flat iron, or even REGULAR iron for that matter.  But who has time to iron anyway?  My glasses were giant and turquoise.  I had blue converse shoes I wore all the time.  Lest you’re starting to think: “well hey, at least your shoes were cool right?” let me stop you there.  They had TWEETY BIRD ON THEM.  Do you have an accurate picture of this thirteen year old?  Man I do, and I hid them all so that no one could ever find them.

This is what I think is funny.  No matter how much my fashion sense has changed and even I have changed, there are times when I still feel exactly like that ninth grader with the tweety bird shoes on…the one who overheard the boy she liked say that he would “NEVER EVER like HER.”  (He totally did the next year btw.  Not that it’s relevant, but I’d just like to point that out.)

A week ago I went to get some boots for my husband for Christmas.  I went to the place downtown that sells the brand he wanted.  It’s this kind of rockabilly barbershop place that sells cool cool clothes and hipster hair products for men.  And I am telling you, the minute I walked in, I instantly found myself uncomfortably shifting in my (non tweety bird) shoes and totally felt exactly like that super dorky girl I used to be.  I mean, I may have well had my giant turquoise glasses on for how not awesome I felt.  Then I caught a glimpse of my outfit, and was like “hey…you’re kind of cool sometimes!  Stop being lame about this and get some confidence!”  I’d like to tell you that my inner ninth grader listened, but I’m pretty sure she just pushed her glasses up on her nose and was like, “uh, yeah, have you seen my super fun tweety bird shoes?”

I think it is hilarious how hard it is to really leave high school sometimes.  It’s like we form this inner opinion of ourselves at that point in time…because it was such a pivotal time in our lives.  There are those girls you meet who you can tell were like MAD cool in high school…because they still have that aura about them.  Then there’s the girls who were super overweight in high school but are skinny and in great shape now…and yet they still think of themselves on some level as “fat” because that’s what everyone labelled them unfairly as.  For me, I think it’s just that shy, unconfident girl who really didn’t know what the heck she was doing that really stuck with me.  I often struggle with confidence.  Sometimes I’ll be talking to another girl and I’ll get this momentary thought of: “why is she talking to ME…she’s COOL!”  And then I realize that she can’t actually see my tweety bird shoes.  I can sure still see them though!!

I got this dress, which probably used to be someone’s nightgown, at Fred and Betty’s a few weeks ago.  It was one of those dresses that I knew was kind of shapeless and an iffy color, but I just loved how flowy it was.  I instantly saw it with this fringe vest from Ruby Rose and this squash blossom from Classic Rock Couture.  I tied a knot in it to give it a tiny bit of shape…and bam.  Instant kind of shapeless Free People inspired vibes.  It may just be an old shapeless nightgown, but I see it as much more than that.  And that’s what’s so awesome about this whole thing.  We may see ourselves as our former not as cool selves…but other people see us as so much more.  And we can totally change the way we see ourselves too.  It might be harder than just adding a vest and tying a knot in it, but hey, it can still be done. :)


On Having Regrets and Having Fun

Regret is such a powerful emotion.  I guess I kind of thought (naively) when I was younger, that if I did a good enough job and always made the right choices, I would avoid this horrendous thing altogether.  Boy was I wrong.  I learned the hard way that there are even consequences for making the RIGHT choices at times.  Gosh, I look back and sometimes harbor huge regrets about decisions I made that were right and I honestly couldn’t imagine me making a different one given who I was at the time and the situation I had to deal with. However, I sometimes feel so overwhelmed by what that decision cost me over time, that I wish I’d just gone ahead and made the easy decision.  I mean, how naive was I that I actually thought I could avoid regret over the course of my life?

I’ve often wondered why we have such an obsession with looking back at our lives.  For a long time, I was so gung-ho about the future, so driven, and just so bound and determined to get there, that I wasted absolutely ZERO time on the past.  I had blinders on, and I was obsessed with getting to where I wanted to be.  So much so, that I often struggled with enjoying my present and struggled with depression about why I couldn’t get things done faster.  I felt like I had lived an entire lifetime of regret vicariously through my parents during my childhood.   I had watched their regrets form throughout my life and felt their disappointment like it was my own.  One of the horrible hazards of being an only child, by the way.  So when I “grew up” and had a life of my own, I was like nope…not gonna happen to me.  This made it all the more painful when not only did the future that I had imagined disappear (or at least it FELT like it did), but also everything that I had worked for and tried to build towards that future was stolen from us.  Suddenly it felt like I was left standing there, holding a pile of ashes in my hands with a trail of people behind me who were either angry with me from making the decisions I had had to make or who had moved on without me, having no understanding of what had just happened to me.  Regret.  Searing regret.  Wishing I had compromised and not let lesser opportunities pass me by.  Wishing I had just done something, anything different, that maybe would have not led to the disintegration of everything I had poured my heart and soul into so passionately.

One of the things I have realized that is the worst thing about regret, is that it kind of tends to try to ruin your future.  It tells you that the decisions you have made in the past will keep you from moving forward.  And along with that regret, comes that obsession with the “good old days” where you look back with such longing because, well, the devil you know is much better than the devil you don’t right??  No.  That’s the kind of thought pattern that keeps me from making new memories and keeps me from really experiencing joy in TODAY, in a brand new time period.  Yeah, but I don’t KNOW this time period.  I am not FAMILIAR with it like I was with that one.  I don’t one hundred percent know the new me and my new dreams for my future, and that’s scary.  It would be so much easier to just have my old ones back…and yet…there’s a reason they turned to ash in the first place.

I know it’s way past time for me to let go of these regrets that I’ve wrestled with. Because I don’t have a time machine, so I can’t do anything about those choices.  It is a GOOD thing I don’t because no one who is a borderline OCD perfectionist should ever be allowed to go near one of those things.  EVER.  Otherwise I’ll go back in time just to check to make sure I locked the car, add on a fourth necklace to my outfit, and definitely check to see if I left the stove on for the 19th time.  Important stuff, if you ask me.  It’s time to let go because I WANT to have a future.  And the past is not my future.  While it may hold some warm and fuzzy memories, it is NOT where I am meant to go.  I am meant to go forward, to grow and change, and to learn from even the choices I made that were the right ones to make.  To boldly go where I’ve never gone before and experience an amazing future, even if it’s not exactly as I pictured it before.  It will be EVEN BETTER if I let it.  This is where I think the appropriate song to play would be “You Can’t Touch This” because I’m moving forward, and I’m not taking that old stuff with me.

Whew.  That was a lot of emotion.  Kind of like listening to an Adele album and weeping for a little bit and then afterwards, watching a comedy on tv and eating some candy just to lighten up a little!  After all that deep digging and pondering, here’s the candy and fun part :)

I felt like while talking about such a deep and emotional topic, I should choose a super fun and borderline crazy outfit because, well, life is meant to be much more fun that we make it.  I may love Adele songs but I also love Taylor Swift.  Because life is supposed to be FUN and we just need to sing “Shake it Off” and the top of our lungs and dance like a lunatic because, well, it’s FUN.

So today’s outfit is entitled: “How To Wear Fun Clothes”

I’ve been a bit obsessed with trying to wear a squash blossom necklace with a tie.  Because I’ve never seen anyone do it before, and it just sounds bold and amazing if you ask me.  I haven’t had any luck with trying to mix the two and have everything lay in just the right spot, until I found this nice compromise piece.  I’ve had this pin on vintage-y scarf bow for years.  I never really knew what to do with it, and then I decided to try it with this lace top from Zara and this necklace from Classic Rock Couture.  The menswear pants that are Vince but thrifted from a store in Santa Barbara completed this slightly masculine look.  It’s a little silly, and a lot fun.

Hope your week is going amazingly!!


True Friends (and Fur Boots) are Hard To Find

When I was young, my best friend and I got in a decent amount of trouble.  Not like the bad kind, just the kind that annoyed the crap out of our moms enough for them to not like it when we hung out.  True love always wins though, so the two of us were inseparable.  We had decided that our true calling was to become detectives.  After reading way too many mystery books, we just knew that we were born to be mystery solvers.

When we went out to stores, we would take turns pretending to steal stuff and the other one would be the detective that would solve the mystery.  My mom REALLY hated this game.  We thought there was something fishy going down at the house around the block from mine, so we went ahead and sifted through their mail for them.  (I’m pretty sure my mom still doesn’t know about this).  Then, the real MYSTERY happened.  One day, we came upon a convertible parked in the mobile home park where I lived.  Now to a child, convertibles are like the Batmobile.  Unless you knew someone who had one, or had one yourself, I mean COME ON.  Those cars were like the baddest and most awesome cars in the WHOLE WORLD.

Then we saw it.  Right in the backseat of this amazing vehicle was a MANNEQUIN HAND.  We were mesmerized.  Almost as though we had literally come across a car with a REAL SEVERED HAND, we were like shivering with excitement, fear, and MYSTERY.  Naturally, we took it out of the car.  (To this day, I still have no idea what on EARTH we were thinking…I never in my life stole anything, I was QUITE the good girl, and had no desire to break rules.  I think we thought we were doing this for the good of the planet, because otherwise we never would have done this.)  I honestly can’t remember what we did with the hand.  I think we just left it near the car and booked it on back to my house because we were so overcome with this true crime we had solved.  We were the world’s worst, most trouble causing detectives.  But boy did we have fun.

Good friends are hard to find.  Like the kind of friend you have shenanigans with…maybe not looking through people’s mail or pretending to shoplift…but like the kind of friend you can truly enjoy and have fun with no matter what.

I met Jessica on Instagram and right away I knew she was the kind of real friend who just has that quality about her that you can’t fake.  I haven’t had the privilege of meeting her in person yet, but I plan to soon.  She’s one of the most brave, joyful, and creative women I’ve met, and I just love her.  She repurposes boots, so naturally, she took on my crazy boot requests and made the most AMAZING pair of fur boots I’ve seen yet.

She took vintage Tony Llama grey marbled boots (the prettiest I’ve ever seen) and covered them with fur.  The detail is fabulous and when it’s not so muddy outside I’ll be posting more up close shots of them, but you can see in these pictures just how incredible they are.  She does fringe ones, lace ones…you name it.  She’s amazing.  These boots are so precious to me for so many reasons…one is that I love her and the other is that dude…even if she wasn’t my friend I’d be singing songs about these boots all day long anyway!  Find her at Hillbilly Gypsy Boots and she takes custom requests (even weird ones trust me! :).

(dress is Lenni the Label and you can find a similar necklace to this Bauble Bar squash on Accessory Concierge or on Classic Rock Couture )

Happy Monday.  I hope you have a friend you can steal a mannequin hand with :)


On Plaid Blazers and Not Really Looking Like The Others

I got to spend the day in Santa Barbara today, which is about two hours or a bit shy of that south of where I live.  It’s always SUCH a treat because usually my husband and I come down and my mom watches the kids at home so he can work at a coffee shop and I…shop.  Are you surprised?  Hahaha… I come down frequently enough that there are stores where people actually recognize me.  That’s kind of fun because it feels a little like a vacation spot and yet a little like home still.  Oh today was a good one you guys.  I found the new Off Fifth (shopping heaven) and got some new goodies that are kind of out of character for me, which is kind of fun and different.  I had a specific style vision and I did SO good you all would be proud of me!!

I went into a really fun second hand/consignment shop and was waiting in line, when I overheard this woman saying something to the effect of: “her pants” as she motioned at me.  This is not surprising.  I am the reigning “pants queen” so people talking about my pants is pretty normal.  She asked what they were and they were of course my new Show Me Your Mumu denim bells which I am constantly wearing these days, and she immediately grabbed a pen and some paper as I rattled off brands she’d like and what I was wearing.  It’s always so much fun when this happens.  I feel like I’m secretly getting to style someone as well as share insider secrets about fun new fashion that I know they’re gonna go nuts for.  So after all this she asked me where I lived, and she kind of paused and looked at me funny.  “You don’t look like the typical San Luis person to me”, she said.  Hilarious.

This is funny to me for a few reasons.  One, I was born and raised in San Luis, with little to no experience with outside areas.  I mean, I got culture shock when I would go 45 minutes south.  I was very much born and RAISED in San Luis.  Two, this is funny because as an outside observer, she really nailed it.  I have never ever felt like a San Luis person.  There are a LOT of reasons for that, but part of that is the fact that I always feel like I’m so fascinated with styles from all over the world that (thanks to the internet and the magic of Instagram) I am always trying to find items from places like Australia, Turkey, France…you name it…I’m in love with different places and the fashion that expresses them.  It’s weird how I can feel like I belong somewhere but yet not feel like I am like the others who live there.

So here it goes.  My weird, funky, non San Luis styling for a plaid blazer.  Because I don’t see anyone dressed like this anywhere around me.  Here’s me, a SLO native, NOT looking like one! :)


I love this blazer with a graphic tee and the infamous Berkeley Bells.  It’s so funky and easy.  And it of course needs my favorite Free To Wander squash blossom to add the necessary styling element turquoise.

I thought I’d maybe do something fun and a little more dressy with this jacket…like add vintage fur!  I was getting major Penny Lane in plaid vibes when I put this together!  I love these pleather leggings (when it’s actually COLD outside!!) because they’re so much classier than plain black leggings.  Booties kind of balance out the shiny leather and keep it from going too “evening wear” and work well with the colors in the jacket.

Hey.  It’s okay to not look like everyone else.  That’s a hard one to learn and I definitely learned that personally trying hard TO look like everyone else.  I spent a few years desperately trying to convince everyone around me (and mostly myself) that I WAS a San Luis person.  It was super painful for me to not feel like I was the same as everyone around me because I thought that it meant I didn’t belong in my hometown.  But the truth is, I am different and my town needs me because I am different.  Every place needs LOTS of different people with different styles, passions, and gifts.  Otherwise it would be quite a boring place right??

Happy Wednesday



When In Doubt, Try It On!

Do you ever see something while you’re out shopping and think to yourself: “this is either going to be SUPER cute or SUPER ugly!”?  You know what’s funny?  I get kind of excited when I see something that’s borderline ugly, because sometimes those are the things that can actually be the BEST and most fun to wear! (And other times, those things that are on the verge are actually, just ugly!)

I’ve learned over time to have more of an open mind about fashion.  To try things on, regardless of my initial reaction to those things.  Often times, when a newer trend comes out, I look for photos of it on instagram or on blogs to see if I can find a way that I like to see it worn.  Sometimes all it takes is seeing something in just the right outfit to get me on board with it.

When fringe first started to get popular, I was not excited.  (I know, right??)  I saw it once, and decided that it wasn’t for me.  Then one day, I tried on a pair of three tiered Minnetonka fringe boots.  Ohhhhh…it was love at first wear.  My feet felt like Wookie feet, in the best possible way.  I was hooked.  And kind of embarrassed that I had so adamantly decided to be against fringe.  Now there are some trends that I never really could figure out…like high-low skirts.  For me, it was just a “no”.  Those wedge tennis shoes that were popular for a hot minute.  Nope.  Tried ’em on.  And, well, on my big feet, it was just bad.

Some trends, colors, and styles are just not for everyone.  But the thing that I ALWAYS want to say to every single person I ever get to style is “BUT HOW WILL YOU KNOW UNTIL YOU TRY IT ON???”  So I try it on.  Everything.  Even if I’m quite certain it will make me look like Shrek on a fat day.  Still gonna try it.  This vintage dress is just like that.

Purple is just not my jam.  I love it on other people. But when I put it on, I just go ahead and take it right off again.  It’s probably a combination of the fact that it’s not my best color and that it’s not my favorite color.  Those two things together make it a color that I generally avoid.  However, this dress appeared at the store I work at, and I was instantly intrigued.  It’s almost ugly.  And almost cute.  So I tried it on.  And low and behold…I love it.  Purple and all.

Sure, I gotta get some spanx to deal with the “mom gut”, but otherwise, I actually like it on!  It’s retro, unique, and comfortable.  And it’s so not in the color scheme I usually love.

So for your weekend and all that amazing shopping you’re gonna do, I leave you with this tip: “when in doubt, try it on!!!”

Happy weekend!!

Don’t Judge Me By My Six-Year-Old Self.

My longest friend in the whole world reminded me of a story about myself.  She’s super great at that.  Reminding me of things that I forgot about myself.  She told me this story of when we were probably close to six or seven years old and at Sunday school.  Apparently I was wearing a giant fluffy yellow dress covered in lace (totally remember that dress), and I sat down and spread it out in a giant circle all around me.  (For those Office fans out there, think Mindy Kahling in the white dress at Jim and Pam’s wedding).  Then I yelled at her when she tried to sit down next to me because she was TOUCHING MY DRESS.  Yes, I was actually born to be a monarch, clearly.

I love bell bottoms.  I love palazzo pants.  I love the way they swish when I walk.  I guess I’m still that little girl inside, twirling around in circles and spreading my dress out all around me.  So no, new bell bottoms and swishy pants never ever get old.

FYI when I put this outfit together, I was feeling a tad rebellious.  I was like, “yeah I know these things don’t GO together, but I LIKE them together so deal with it.”  And that’s about as rebellious as I get…so there you have it! :)


I got these paisley bell bottoms at Crazy Jay’s and they’re so comfy and amazing.  I love them with this Wildfox tee (totally cut the sleeves off of it…post about that coming soon!) and this Spell Byron Bay kimono.  I’ve got a Free People bralette on that is like one of the most worn things in my closet!  And of course, one of my squash blossoms…this one from Free To Wander…love this necklace.

So we’ve now established that I should have been a monarch, I love swishy clothing, and I’m clearly not very nice to my friends.  Okay.  I’m actually super nice to my friends…please don’t judge me by my six year old self!!

Happy Friday!  It’s the freakin weekend baby I’m about to have me some fun…oh wait…I have kids… :)