Monday Mojo…in a Jumpsuit (of course)

So if you haven’t figured it out yet, #mondaymojo is all about those outfits that are like a given.  Those days when I don’t want to think about what I’m going to wear, or I don’t feel very awesome, or I just want to wear something that I KNOW I feel great in. We all need multiple outfits in our closet that are like our “lucky outfits”.  The ones that make us feel sexy and super cool.

I absolutely love Novella Royale.  The patterns and the cuts are so 1970s inspired with a 1960s hippie flair.  It’s like the best of both worlds.  Plus I love a good jumpsuit :).  This jumpsuit in particular just makes me feel great.  I love the fit and the nice looooong bell pants…it’s just one of those outfits that when I’m in a rush and I want to look like I’m all put together I just throw on and go.  Because the neckline is so plunging, I did put a tiny safety pin halfway up so that it doesn’t fly open while I’m moving around…which is it’s one downfall!

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Kimonos and Toddlers. It’s Just Reality People.

I am not a model.  Never have been, never do I aspire to be one.  But in order to do this blog I gotta at least try to do my best and “model” the clothes I’m talking about and be present in these photos.  So I’m doing my best.  Every single picture rats me out…how I still need to lose the last 10-15 pounds since having my two kids.  How I have back rolls.  How I have crazy eyes in most of the the pictures even after watching endless seasons of America’s Next Top Model.  Smize-ing #fail.  Sorry Tyra.

But Friday Finds is about having fun.  And that means just not worrying if I look F-A-T (sorry, with toddlers running around I spell a lot, and that’s one of the words I don’t want them playing fast and loose with) or if I have crazy eyes for once.  It’s about fun fashion discoveries.  Those items of clothing that just are so “YOU” and no one else, that you just feel like someone put it in the store just for you to find.

Today after work I ran by my favorite vintage store in the known universe (yes, it IS that good) Ruby Rose in SLO.  It’s seriously like if Free People was a resale store, this would be it.  It’s just like the place you leave happy because everyone’s so nice in there and the store is so pretty and you just scored amazing clothes for amazing prices…this run on sentence exists because I could run on and on about it.  I immediately found some amazing pants and a vintage shirt (posts on those to follow you bet your buns) but then I saw this vintage kimono.

When I put it on, I feel like a 1970s glamorous housewife.  I am transported to a sunny place where there’s palm trees and martinis and classic cars.  The men are all wearing suits and everything’s tinged in that beautiful orangey 70s hue…ahhhh I feel so glam sipping my martini by the pool.  I bought it.  Of course.

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Blue Bells…in Velvet. Of Course.

On Monday I got a super happy little surprise in the mail.  Okay, well it wasn’t a surprise I guess since I actually ORDERED it.  But isn’t it nice when you get a package on your doorstep first thing on Monday morning?

I ordered these FABULOUS blue bell bottoms from Fearless + Flawed, this new boutique I found online and am super excited about.  They came, and along with them, there was a handwritten thank you note!  They even personalized the note and spelled my name correctly…honestly I have friends that don’t know how to spell my name right!  Dang.  So impressed.  I was in love with the shop before I even opened the package.

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Vintage Jumpsuit on a Tuesday

I love jumpsuits.  I think I almost have one for every week of the year.  And that’s still not enough!  When I found this one though, it was like one of those amazing moments where the heavens opened and my heart did a little pitter patter…okay sure that’s totally dramatic, but it was a great moment alright.  There’s nothing like finding a legit vintage jumpsuit.  Naturally, I loved it from the moment I put it on.

Once I got it home, I put it on and my first thought was: “oh crap…how am I going to wear a bra with this??”  It’s one of those classic fashion problems.  Undergarments.  Hated, and yet so needed all at once.  When Bridget Jones had a love/ hate relationship with her “scary panties” (aka: Spanx), all womankind understood.  How much we need those perfect undergarments, even when they’re ugly, uncomfortable, or so complicated you actually have to tape them on…all in the name of looking good in the outfit you’ve chosen.  I mean let’s be honest.  That nude thong sitting in your drawer wasn’t bought for comfort.

So back to my plunging neckline and backless situation…vintage situation though, so totes worth it (as the cool kids are saying these days).  I looked around a little online and figured I’d end up with something halter and backless, but couldn’t find just the right thing that wouldn’t show and make my amazing jumpsuit look weird.  Then I went into one of my favorite stores downtown and found this little Free People bra.  I realize it doesn’t match and it TOTALLY shows…but I actually thought it added to the outfit.  It’s almost like wearing a little tank top underneath so I don’t feel quite so naked in the back…but still keeps the integrity and feel of the jumpsuit.  Plus it’s super cute…not scary, ugly, or involving complicated tape.

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Monday Mojo & My Gold Bells

I have a thing for velvet.  Yes, I do have a “thing” for a lot of “things”, I realize this…but I have this dream, and in it, everything is made of velvet.  My couches.  My curtains.  My dresses.  And my pants.  Definitely, my pants.  I’ve been on a bell bottom hunt for years now.  When I saw these Lenni The Label vintagey “I-stole-these-pants-off-Jimmi-Hendrix” bells, it was love love love love love.  Then when I snagged this Shop Camp (another of my 1970’s inspired FAVORITE shops) fur collared t shirt for a mere $10…it was like the outfit sang to me when I put it on.


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Mother’s Day…Musings on Mom Wear

This is my third Mother’s Day.  It doesn’t really feel like it though, because I have children, which makes it hard to celebrate anything…let alone DO anything most days.  I was actually thinking this morning that it would be so much easier to “pamper myself” or “go to the bathroom in peace” (both ways to celebrate Mother’s Day obviously) if I didn’t have children.  Thus, defeating the purpose of celebrating the holiday all together.

Anyway, while I am a mom, I really hate dressing like a mom.  Meaning I want to wear complicated clothing.  Vintage, drapey, fringy, furry things that are all just asking for kids to grab, spill food on, and barf all over.  Not to mention these outfits make it very hard to chase around kids who do not ever want to go in the direction you want them to.  Life would be so much easier if I just wanted to dress simply.  But I don’t.  More is, well, more for me and more is always better.  Today, for Mother’s Day, I wanted to feel like I looked good but also take my kids to the playground and let them run all their crazy energy out so I could sit down during their nice long naps.  This post is about my triumphant Mother’s Day outfit that was comfortable, yet definitely still ME.  There’s some vintage.  Some fringe.  Some fur.  And it’s 1970’s inspired.  And when I asked myself “what would Leah Hoff wear?” (my standard morning get dressed question inspired by one of my two Instagram style heroes @leahhofff…more on this later), the answer was…”this outfit.”  It’s a Mother’s Day miracle.  Oh, and bonus…I didn’t change five times, cry three of those times, call myself fat, and then leave in a grumpy huff saying “well I guess I’ll just wear THIS.”  I am NOT a drama queen I am NOT a drama queen…

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