On an Epic Dress and an Epic Life

If you haven’t noticed, I love epic things.  Epic stories, epic songs, epic clothing…you name it, if it’s epic, I’m probably all about it.  I have a very “all or nothing” personality where I tend to go to extremes quite easily.  I’ve learned this over the years from people’s comments about me and by recognizing that I am a very committed and on board person…as long as it’s for something epic.  The funny thing is, I don’t really feel like much of an epic person.  Now of course, my personality is quite epic.  I know that.  It’s loud, sometimes annoying most likely, and just THERE in everyone’s faces.  But my life has been pretty boring for the most part.  Save for the few years where we went through some pretty epic struggles, I have no real amazing stories to share.  Sometimes I get to hear other people’s stories and I realize how insanely boring my own story is.  Okay.  “Boring” is the wrong word.  My story is quite weird and has some great parts to it, but it’s overall pretty safe and pretty uninteresting.  I guess what I’m trying to say, is that I wish I had travelled more after college or had a big family growing up, or had parents who liked to take more risks…something to add excitement and flavor to my childhood.

I dream of big things.  I want my life to be epic.  And I guess I’ve realized that in order to have an epic life, you must have some life experiences that are, well, less than enjoyable.  I struggle often with what I went through.  Sometimes it feels like it is a shadow over my heart and mind, keeping me from really experiencing life to the fullest.  Sometimes the shadow dims and I feel better, but it’s just kind of a memory that’s “there”…pulling at the corners of my thoughts.  It’s something that I’m trying to reconcile at times, trying to let go of at others, and trying to accept all at the same time.

I got this really amazing handmade couch pillow from a thrift store a little while ago.  Someone had taken all of their child’s equestrian ribbons and sewed them into a pillow.  What a genius idea!  It makes for a really great throw pillow and it just has so much character.  Now, I know absolutely nothing about horse showing or competitions.  I was a kid who desperately wanted a horse, but since we lived in a mobile home and my parents really had no knowledge of horses, I didn’t get any experience with them.  This morning I was taking a closer look at the pillow on my couch as I was cleaning the house, and I realized something that probably would have been quite obvious to someone who knows about horses.  All of the ribbons are different colors because they are all different places in the competitions.  There’s one blue one…clearly first place.  The rest range from second to fifth place.  I had been admiring the pillow just minutes earlier for it’s different colors and how beautiful those colors made the pillow, and I realized something: if this child had always won first place, the pillow would be all blue ribbons.  How boring.  It would have lacked the uniqueness and variety that all the colors gave to the story of the pillow.  And then I realized something else:  that same variety of different colors represents our life experiences, and how when we experience the struggles and the successes of life, it gives us the depth of character that we need to be beautiful and interesting.  It gives us what we need to be EPIC.  No movie or story is epic without the last places, the struggles, the pain of loss.

So there you have it.  I and that pillow are the same.  I am a painted tapestry of highs and lows, of epic struggles and the yet to be epic triumphs.  I AM epic.  I just didn’t realize it!

I love this dress.  I got it from a vintage shop, and when I saw this necklace on Free People, I just KNEW they went together.  It was just…EPIC.  The gold Toms were just because, well, why not add in some more epic gold sparkle, right??

I think sometimes things that don’t go together at all, actually go together perfectly.  Like a fifth place ribbon and a first place ribbon.  One may think that fifth place is really nothing to celebrate, but in reality it’s ALL of us put together that makes for a beautiful story and a beautiful person, not JUST our blue ribbons.  Although those are the ones we like to talk about the most!

I hope your week is off to an EPIC start!

Second Guessing Myself. But Not About My Pants.

Okay.  Do you ever have those days where you literally cannot finish a sentence confidently?  Like you want to edit everything you write and say and feel like you have lost your confidence or something??  Good thing this isn’t a Monday Mojo post right?  I had this whole plan where I was going to be all educational and philosophical about how everyone can wear printed pants…blah blah blah…but I’ve deleted everything I’ve written like 16 times and I’m over it.

I kind of lost my mojo this morning.  Don’t get me wrong.  My outfit was rockin.  Like almost too cool for me.  But I started thinking about a situation involving social media…and how I read some things that really hurt me…and then relived the situations surrounding them…and poof.  Mojo gone.  Isn’t it amazing how nothing even has to happen, but in your mind you can live through a whole lifetime of events that suddenly make you feel small and insignificant and like a TOTAL loser?  Exactly how I felt this morning walking to work.  So now, I’m sitting here, trying to just write some simple words on a page…which is normally something I could do in my sleep, and I can feel myself second guessing every single thing I write.  It’s not a pleasant feeling.  I need my mojo back.

So instead of moping around and deleting this entire thing (again!), I’m gonna talk about these pants.  These pants are so comfy.  They are so cute.  I don’t think anyone of any body type, age, or size should ever rule out pants like this…I mean…they’re like the perfect throw-on-and-go pants that feel like a t shirt for your legs.  I got them from Pretty Dirty Hippie, who I later found out is actually local (which made me really happy!) and she has awesome flash sales on Instagram.  She has the cutest, most wearable, stuff at great prices.  I styled them a few ways, all of which are easy and I will totally be wearing. :)

Easy.  Plaid flannel in complimentary colors, amazing comfy pants, and gold sparkly Toms.  Because kids shouldn’t be the only ones with glittery shoes.

With a Wildfox shirt that brings out the peach in the pants and again, sparkly shoes.  It’s just too easy and basically pajamas.  


This time I changed out my gold sparkly Toms for my lace ones and added a crochet tank and a turquoise necklace.  Again, easy, and way more comfortable than clothes should really be.

These pants will get me my mojo back no doubt.  And maybe a glass of wine and some online shopping.  You know.  The usual suspects :)

Hope you’re not second guessing yourself today and you have got on some awesome printed pants!


Ways To Wear: Target Style Edition

When the whole Target Does It Again thing happened on Instagram, I think I spent like $500 at Target in one month just on clothes.  I was seriously addicted to their feed.  It didn’t help that our Target was only about a year old, so having the store in my hometown was like a new phenomenon.  I would literally run out to Target once or twice a day after seeing whatever new clothing item Ascot and Hart had posted.  I got some pretty sweet stuff!  There’s no question that Target makes some pretty great clothes at even greater prices.  But after time, the obsession died down, and while I still frequent Target because, well, it’s awesome, it’s been a while since I’ve bought clothes there.

Target Does It Again got me again last week.  They posted this yellow lace boxy tank top and short set…with pom pom trim.  I mean come on girls.  What are you trying to do to me?? Now that I have little kids, I can’t just drop everything and run to Target like I desperately wanted too, but the next time I went, you better believe that I bought that set.  OMG. #WINNING.

I decided to style the pieces a few ways because when you get a set, it gives you a myriad of options mixing and matching.  These pieces are awesome together and apart.


I love how structured this set is.  It’s so 1960s/1970s…with some added pom poms for fun.  I used the tall brown riding boots and House of Harlow necklace to add to that retro flair.  And of course, turquoise. :)


I swapped the turquoise for some yellow turquoise and added a Show Me Your Mumu flowy top to switch up the structured look for a more bohemian one.


Chambray top, of course, looks great with the bright yellow.  It’s like jeans for your top half!

Since the top is kind of cropped, I put it with these high waisted flare pants from Shop Camp (LOVE THEM!) and these Tom’s pinstripe wedges.  The red and white pinstripe are a nice second color accent to the yellow and stay in that retro 1960’s theme.

And just as with the shorts, I paired the top with a  flowy maxi skirt to switch up the look.  And more turquoise. :)  These Sam Edelman sandals are literally the best sandals I’ve ever bought.  They are so comfy and go with everything!!  I love how the yellow in the tank picked up the yellow in the pattern of the skirt.  Totally changes how the top looks!

Target does it again.  What are you gonna do?  Shop I guess…