Trending: Cuba

Up till this point, if someone said “Cuba”, my first two thoughts were “cigars” and “missile crisis.”  But now…something’s changed.  My first thoughts are no longer about things I don’t care for or don’t really understand…my mind now turns to the colorful images of the scenery, the architecture, and, duh, the FASHION.  And I’m not the only one.  With the recent surge of tourism (for obvious reasons!) happening to Cuba, everyone is predicting that the next wave of couture will be influenced by that “Old Havana” style that is so prevalent there.  If you haven’t really seen what I’m talking about, look up Cuban fashion and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Chanel actually held their runway show there in May…signifying that this is the new wave of style to hit the runways, and therefore, most likely a lot of the stores we shop at regularly!  Futuristic fashion right now is actually more like a glimpse into the past!

So what does this mean?  This means COLOR!  Pink, blue, and yellow seem to be predominant shades in this style, as well as gold decadence.  RUFFLES and flouncy pieces are key.  TROPICAL patterns (think vacation destinations like palm trees and exotic flowers) are ruling these fun flowy pieces.  MENSWEAR accents tie the whole look together, like oxford shoes and fedoras (think men’s style from the 40s & 50s).  I don’t think these things are really all that much of a stretch from what’s been going on in style recently, however I think these pieces will really start to become predominant in the spring and summer when the weather starts warming up.

Want to be futuristic and start wearing these pieces now?  (Me too!)

This dress is the perfect one and done piece for this look!  Try a pair of oxfords (these have a little bit of a feminine flair to them) and a fedora and a shimmery gold scarf to add that Havana bling.  You are so ahead of the curve!

Happy styling!