How To Dress Like You’re Going To A Music Festival

The complete title of this post should really read: “How To Dress Like You’re Going To A Music Festival…When You Don’t Even Know The Lineup” but that was too long to fit in the title space.  So now you know what you’re in for.  I just have to get something off my chest, this is a real life confession, and you may just not like me as much for it but I gotta be honest.  Here goes.  Deep breath.

I don’t think I’d like music festivals.  If someone handed me a wad of cash and a nanny for three days and said: “Here you go!  Go to Coachella!” I would quite honestly head straight to Disneyland and have the best three days ever.  I am quite certain, as much as I LOVE MUSIC, that music festivals are most likely not for me.  Plus, I’m really more of a Shawn Mendes person than Modest Mouse and  I don’t run with the “hip” music crowd, I’ll listen to vintage Britney any day over John Legend.  And now you like me even less don’t you.  Oh well.  In the words of the great philosopher, “I am what I am.”  And I most definitely would probably LOVE green eggs and ham, FYI.

All this being said, I must share with you that my music festival resume, per say, is quite limited.  So, there is a chance I would enjoy such a thing.  As long as camping is not involved.  Oh, and there’s air conditioning or a beach nearby.  And we’re back…

When I was in high school, my parents took me to a Christian Music Festival called Spirit West Coast that was basically the “safer” version of your average festival.  I put the word “safe” in quotes because to be honest, I don’t know much about regular music festivals and I also know better than to just automatically assume that anything Christian is automatically “safe”.  That being said, it was definitely tamer than most concerts could get, but it had a lot of elements that I would imagine any music festival would hold.  TONS of people.  Check.  Moving like herds of cattle over bridges and funneling slowly but surely (and noisily) into concert venues, all the while baking in the hot merciless sunshine.  NOISE, noise, and more noise.  Check.  We did camp (see, I HAVE camped in my life A LOT before you guys!) when we went one year, and the relentless high school girl high pitched screaming went on for the full 24 hours.  Also, people bringing their own instruments and trying to participate in the festival at midnight.  This is not appreciated, BTW.  HEAT, DIRT, and crappy food.  Check.  It’s mandatory that you receive at the very least a medium intensity sunburn despite the pounds of sunscreen you apply.  Also, you must be covered in a fine film of dust all the while sucking down sodas and eating something that was once food and has now been fried in something that was once considered oil.  Gross.  Exhaustion by mid afternoon, but desperately loading up on sugar and caffeine so you can make it to the headliner.  Which is the whole reason you are enduring this business to begin with.  Check.  Time for another confession.  I most definitely planned on meeting and marrying one of the guys from the band DC Talk (anyone remember them? Hello children of the 90s!) so I made it my mission to see ALL of their concerts.  And then I finally got up close to the stage, close enough to touch him, and then realized he was about…three quarters of my size.  Sigh.  The man of my high school dreams was a pint sized human being with a voice the size of Texas.  Drat. My dream died right there (because you know his stature was the main thing keeping us apart…ah forbidden love) but my mission to see them in concert did not.  The days spent as sunbaked fried food eating cattle were mostly about seeing as many concerts that I may or may not care about, all to stay alert for DC Talk.  Worth it?  Sure…why not.

The memory highlight of this festival experience was seeing Katy Perry (at that time she was Katy Hudson) running around with her friends (I had met her that year at a local church) and later remembering this and telling it as my “celebrity anecdote”…how I “knew her” (met her) before she kissed a girl and liked it.

There’s a big “but” coming after all this.  Not a big BUTT, a big BUT.  I love dressing like I’m going to a music festival.  Because it’s okay to dress like it and not go.  Here are some small guidelines to adhere to, so that you can get questions like “oh are you going to Coachella?” when you’re really just buying the ingredients for shepherd’s pie.  (I speak from experience).

  1. FRINGE.  Go with the fringy boots, ALWAYS.  Because you always want to protect your feet from the dirt at music festivals and regardless of what you’re doing, the fringe is swishy and fun to walk in.
  2. FEATHERS.  Yes, you CAN wear fringe and feathers in the same outfit as long as you play it cool.  Go with fringe boots and feather earrings for example.  You have the rest of your outfit as a buffer for the fact that you may be twinning with Steven Tyler.
  3. CUT OFFS.  The essential festival wear is also the essential summer wear, so keep em guessing.  The great news is that if you’re not comfortable with booty shorts, get a good pair of loose-ish jeans (just make sure they’re loose in the thigh area so you have the freedom to roll them up if you want AND they won’t give you a thigh bulge!) and cut them off at the height you want them.  I recommend cutting them at a slight angle up from the inner thigh to the outer thigh…so they’re a teeny tiny bit shorter at the outside than the inside.  Again, they DO NOT have to be shorty shorts.  But this slight angle gives a more flattering look to them.
  4. IX-NAY ON THE GLITTER.  Sorry guys.  I love glitter, and I would totally wear it on a daily basis, but ONLY with a simpler outfit.  If you wear glitter, glitter tattoos, or henna tattoos, you will be in FULL festival mode and this is where it gets a tad sketchy when you’re just picking up your kids from school.  Don’t get me wrong.  You can do it if you want to, but you are entering costume territory and will get stared at and get asked about your favorite Radiohead song.  And to that question, I have no answer except I love Justin Bieber.

Shameless self promotion time.  This duster is the newest piece from Velvet California (my clothing line baby!) and I love it.  I’m modeling the prototype and it’s coming soon to the site!  I hope you love it too! :)

Oh, if you don’t have three layer fringe Minnetonka boots, get them.  In multiple colors :)



Fashion Feelings: Quitting and Unquitting

At this point, you probably know that I recently started a clothing line from scratch.  (I’m starting a new blog series on this process in fact!)  And whenever I tell people this, they always exclaim about how fun that it must be to do so.  And it is!!  There are so many rewarding moments.  The dreaming up clothing items and then getting to wear them and seeing them on other people…yes, that part is so crazy fun.  The problem is, that the parts in between those fun parts are tedious.  They get discouraging.  And basically, I “quit” once a day, on the regular.

I’m not a quitter.  I don’t quit things unless I really really feel like I need to.  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t “quit” emotionally and mentally sometimes on a task.  You know…the “gah! I give up!” moments where you just kind of have to take a break and give yourself a chance (and maybe a pep talk or two) to breathe, rest, and realize that the process isn’t alway fun, but the reward is worth it.  Yes, everyday around 3 p.m. (right about now actually, which is why I’m having an iced coffee and writing this post) I get discouraged and “quit”.  I get stressed about the business-y details.  I worry about everything from A to Z and that makes me wonder whether I should even be doing this at all!  And then, I think of all of you.

You know what’s amazing about being “known” and having a lot of people around you who both support you and are aware of what you’re doing?  It makes it A LOT harder to quit for reals.  If you are isolated, quitting your healthy eating plan, your new plan to save more money, or your resolutions to _______ (fill in that blank with whatever you want) is easy as pie.  Like, go ahead and eat that whole dang pie, no one’s watching.  However, tell everyone you are going to workout regularly, start a business, or take a few classes online and suddenly…it ain’t so easy to do.  That’s a darn good thing too.  I’m not kidding you.  Sometimes when I get discouraged, one of your lovely faces from my Instagram feed pops into my head and I remember something you said about one of the pieces I created.  Or about my creativity.  Or just the fact that you said you were behind me in this.  Yeah…that’s when I “un-quit” and get off my butt.  Support is everything.

This slip is one of my hand dyed and patched Velvet California pieces and it’s only fitting that I pair it with this uber soft sweater from Amber Moon, on online clothing shop.  I had the privilege of meeting Stacy, the owner of the shop, and gosh she is a sweetheart.  I love LOVE meeting other women who are determined to make their mark by starting things and by encouraging other women who are doing the same.  She has great taste and decided that she wants to carry a few select pieces in her online shop.  So encouraging, you guys.

Nothing like having people stand beside you and help you out through the rough patches, even if they don’t even know they’re doing it!

It may be 3 pm, but it ain’t quitting time.

Fashion Feelings: Tiny Annoying Setbacks

Seriously you guys, my life is like one perpetual diet.  And I’m not referring to the fact that I eat healthy.  No, no, that is something I do because I like to do it.  I eat salads instead of fries and acai bowls instead of ice cream because I actually feel better when I do.  What I’m referring to is the calorie counting and the not splurging on even healthy treats.  That’s what I’m talking about.  Yes, it’s called #momlife and the fact that I just don’t get to get as much sleep as I’d like, I tend to run out of energy from changing multiple diapers, cleaning up toys, and loading and unloading kids into car seats…and for all of these things, my body wants MORE FOOD.  So you want to know what happens?  I get into a routine.  I have a great week where I’ve worked out every day, my calories have been #onpoint, and I’m just #killingit.  (sorry for all the hashtags, it’s hard to stop once you start). And then…one of the kids gives me a mild tummy bug, a cold, or wakes up in the middle of the night and BOOM.  Routine destroyed.  #fail.  (#sorrynotsorry omg how do I turn it off??)

It drives me crazy.  I get frustrated because my typical iron clad low carb routine dissolves into me having to eat toast because my stomach is messed up, not working out because I have middle-of-the-night-toddler-freak-out exhaustion, or just overall eating more than I should because I don’t have the time to pay attention to my calorie count.  Or I’m just tired and hungry.  So I eat a little extra. Sure, sure, I need to give myself grace.  I know, I’m crazy hard on myself often when it comes to this stuff, so let’s try to focus on the point I’m making and not that I’m just plain crazy.  Crazy hard on myself or crazy…it’s all about the same thing!

My kids are young.  And it’s so fun to have young kids.  They’re so freaking cute.  But this often causes small “setbacks” in my routine.  It forces me to be okay with some weeks being “bad diet” weeks.  Even though I try my darnedest…sometimes I just need an acai bowl on a day I didn’t work out.  (I know you’re like “Oh my GOSH Katy you’re SO CRAZY!” #sarcasm)  But this is kind of the truth about being a mom at times.  You have to let go of the things you once held dear.  Your precious schedule.

Even though it is hard, and my feelings of frustration are valid, I think it’s kind of good for me at times to just do my best to be okay with who I am right now.  Yes, I will keep working on that dang last ten pounds until I can kick them (and I WILL kick them), but it’s good for me to learn to accept who I am at the moment.  I’m a mom.  I have more of a “mom body” than I used to, and some of that will always remain, weight lost or not.  I have stretch marks.  And sometimes, I won’t be able to stick to my routine.  That needs to be okay with me, because life is about more than just being hyper disciplined, as good as discipline is.

I’m thankful for clothes like this, because you know what?  They always look good.  I don’t have to be having a “thin day” to wear them and feel great about myself.  This cocoon wrap is from Aavintedge, and her mom (@modmelrose) is just about the coolest seamstress EVER.  My gosh, I want so much more of her stuff.  Scratch that.  I basically want everything she makes.  She uses vintage fabrics and makes the best stuff out of them.  And then there’s stretch velvet bell bottoms.  Go get yourself a custom pair, why don’t ya?  Because everyone needs more velvet in their lives ;)

Eat a donut for me will ya?

Fashion Feelings: Velvet California and New Things

By now you probably know I’m starting a clothing line and all that jazz.  I’ve talked about it before and I will probably be talking about it, well, for a long time.  And here I am, talking about it again, because it’s on my mind most of the time and it’s become a big part of my life!  I’m excited, naturally a little apprehensive, but forget about that, I’m diving in head first.  Because, I gotta.

Speaking of diving, I can’t do that.  I’m not good in water.  I may live near the beach, love going to the beach, but I don’t do water stuff very well at all.  I’m what a shark would refer to as: “the weakest link” or maybe just “bait”.  I think sharks talk about me…they say things like: “ohhhh look guys!  It’s a wounded seal!  Let’s go after that one!”  (don’t tell me that sharks don’t talk because I saw that documentary where the little fish got lost and his dad went all over looking for him)  So unless there’s a fruity drink with an umbrella and a large floatation device to lounge on, water doesn’t agree with me.  It wrecks my hair, gets in my nose, and I am a bad swimmer.  It all started when I was a child.  My dad informed me after asking me repeatedly what was wrong with me and why did I always have to hold my nose under the water (I still do that) that I am an “obligatory nose breather”.  We “obligatory nose breathers” (assuming there are other weirdos out there) cannot wear snorkel masks because, guess what?  They plug your nose, and then, we die.  Just kidding.  I just panic, rip it off my face, and act like someone was trying to suffocate me.  NBD.  Basically this whole “holding the nose” thing meant that diving was a no-go for me.  If you’ve ever tried to dive while holding your nose, you know it makes no sense.  There went my career as an Olympic diver.

I also am really freaked out by heights.  (Yes, I am aware I have a lot of issues).  My dad would always go off the high dive while I stood there and watched him, thinking “hell no, I won’t go”.  Then one day, my best friend convinced me to go with her.  No, I’m sorry, she bothered the living daylights out of me for about two hours in the pool until I was so miserable from her bugging me that I agreed.  Two hours of aggravated assault later, there I was, standing on the high dive, plotting how I could kill her if I lived to try.  I was terrified.  I don’t know if you’ve been on one of those things, but when you’re up there, it feels SO HIGH.  Finally, I jumped.  And you know what?  It was AMAZING.  We ended up spending the remainder of our time at the pool jumping off the high dive.  And good news, I totally lived to kill her.  Just kidding, she is alive and well, I promise!

I often am afraid of new things.  I don’t like not knowing what’s coming down the line, and starting things on my own?  Forget about it.  That’s a new thing for me.  But this time, I’m doing things differently, and I can’t wait to feel that feeling that I felt when I finally went off the high dive.  New things may be scary, but they can also be the most amazing things if you just take a flying leap, and of course, hold your nose.

My amazing friend made me this jumpsuit to celebrate the launch of my new line, Velvet California.  Gosh.  It’s so special to me.  Just the fact that it’s so personalized and meant for such a new time as this makes me so happy.  It makes me feel “outta this world”!  And I’m done with bad puns for the day…

Take a leap and don’t let the sharks bad mouth you…

Trending: Friday Five Roundup

Okay you guys.  I’m not one for self promotion.  But I am however a VERY EXCITABLE PERSON!!! (can you tell?) So this Friday, I have something really special that I’m just too excited NOT to share with you!  It’s a special edition of the Friday five for ya.  Because I’m popping champagne and smiling like a joker (without the creepy factor obvi).


I am so happy to say that after a loooooooong time of working on this, things are finally getting going.  I’m so excited, freaked out, and just, well, thankful that I’m getting to do this.  All the people I get to work with locally on producing the pieces are just amazing human beings and all of YOU are too!  (and I made my first official sale, so dang.  I’m just humbled and excited y’all!)

I love denim, and who says it’s not dressy? agrees with me, and I love this simple article with five ways to wear denim to a holiday party this year!  Being in California, “dressy” is kind of a misnomer here.  So anytime I see things like this, I love the inspiration because any party I go to around here is guaranteed pretty much to not be black tie.  Get inspired, because denim is HOT.

Starbucks Christmas cups are here, so people, let’s get happy.

Good news everyone.  You can have your coffee in a holiday cup SANS DRAMA.  (“would you like room for cream and a side of MAJOR DRAMA?” -Starbucks employee, circa December 2015)  Gosh, aren’t they pretty??  Gotta go collect em all…

I went to Target today and, well, it took all the restraint in the world…

not to buy everything!  Because…CHRISTMAS HAS ARRIVED!  Be prepared to buy every furry, cute, sparkly, whiskery, plaid thing that you see…only to get home and wonder how many houses you are decorating and why you needed the entire alphabet spelled out in fur letter ornaments.  Because you just do, right?

Thanksgiving for special dietary needs…made simple.

I’m a huge fan of and right now she has a full downloadable thanksgiving menu complete with shopping list and all…and it’s all FREE!!  It’s healthy, her recipes tend to be easier than a lot of the paleo/gluten free/health focused recipes floating out there, and, well, anything that simplifies your holidays is a win/win!

Okay, here’s hoping you are feeling full of HOPE, life, and know that you are loved.  Because you sure are :)