Real World Style: Magazine Fall Style

I love pouring through those amazing haute couture spreads in the latest (or even old editions really) issues of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire…basically you name a magazine, I love it.  One of the things that’s always a struggle though, is to make the looks they put together actually wearable in real life.  I mean, a lot of haute couture is more art that inspires fashion than pieces that are really supposed to be worn to the grocery store or to a holiday party.  Let’s get real.  Some of those girls on the runways or in the photo shoots…aren’t wearing any underwear.  Sorry guys, I love fashion a lot, but I’m not showing my nipples while buying diapers at Target.  At least intentionally.

Challenging as it can be, sometimes there are looks that are more easily reproducible in those glossy pages than the ones that consist primarily of mesh and body paint!  These are the most fun looks because they are great outfit inspiration when I’m feeling like I don’t know what I want to wear!  One tip I’ve learned…vintage is often a GREAT substitute for haute couture pieces.  Often times vintage is what inspired those pieces we all see and love, and it’s at a fraction of the price and more accessible to those of us who don’t live near a Versace or Gucci store!

I love this look.  The fall feelings…the mixture of the menswear blazer, the feminine pleats, and the gritty rainboots all creates a beautiful piece of art.  This is one of those looks that, may be fantastically pricey and couture, is easily replicated out of normal clothing that is either already in your closet, or is somewhere around you at a normal store!

Everything on me is vintage, except for those Hunter boots.  And you know what, everyone needs a pair of Hunters!  It barely rains here, but when it does, I bust out these amazing things happily!  Micro pleats are a huge trend for fall 2016, and micro pleats are SO VINTAGE!  Here’s a basic option from H&M for a micro pleated skirt dress.  My jacket is an amazing Goodwill find (I watched another girl try it on and waited for her to put it back before snatching it up!) but here’s an incredible velvet blazer that would be SO good with that H&M micro pleat dress!

And there you have it, proof you can dress haute couture without spending the big bucks (unless you wanna, and there is NO judgement from me on that!).

Jewelry and Being a Mom…Sometimes They Don’t Mix.

Being a mom has totally changed my jewelry wearing style.  Out of necessity of course.  It’s not like I suddenly don’t WANT to wear four necklaces, and arm load of bracelets, and three rings per finger.  Because I SO DO.  But seriously.  Not only do I have the time crunch of two toddlers pounding on my door screaming MAMAMAMAMAMA while I’m trying to get dressed, but I also have the curious tiny fingers grabbing at everything I wear.  So my jewelry style has had to be simplified a little.  I find that when I come across a single amazing statement piece, I go for it because it still looks like I’m wearing a lot (as I love :) but it takes two seconds to put on.  And two seconds to take off if it’s becoming a problem with the little grabby hands.

Squash blossoms are just glorious.  I want to own a collection of them…both vintage and new.  But I really haven’t had any time to go to flea markets or hunt for them yet.  When I found Free to Wander on Instagram I was overjoyed.  They make the most beautiful statement jewelry…vintage inspired and so eye catching. I finally finally got my very first squash blossom hand made by them (accompanied by a hand written note which always just makes me smile) and I’m in love.


I’ve got it with this Umgee dress from H&G Boutique, but it will literally go with everything.  It slips on quickly and just makes every outfit look so “done”.  I’ve got other pieces I’m already eyeing in the shop because they’re all so pretty and would be such great layering pieces together.

I know being a mom means making some style sacrifices at times.  But it’s such a fun feeling to find stuff that makes me feel like me while still being a mom at the same time.  This is a Friday Find you’re gonna see on endless repeat I can guarantee! :)