On Venice Beach and Shopping

Last Friday we got to visit Venice Beach, which is one a pretty darn cool place to check out if you haven’t been before.  I love to see the houses that back up to the Venice Canal…it’s where a lot of those romantic scenes in the movie “Valentine’s Day were filmed actually!  And the famous Abbot Kinney Street is so unique and filled with places to shop.  Now, I didn’t actually shop on Abbot Kinney because, well, Abbot Kinney is like Rag & Bone and stuff…it’s like $$$$$…but I got to go to a couple of my favorite vintage shops that are down by the beach and have awesome stuff at a fraction of the prices of the main drag.

First off, let me give you my basic review of Venice Beach.  Keep in mind that this is strictly MY perspective, coming from MY crazy brain!  Everything in Venice smells like money, incense, or pot. (I think.  I can never quite nail down what pot actually SMELLS like, but I think I’m starting to get it.) There are more Range Rovers, man buns, and vegan restaurants than, well, pretty much anywhere you’ve ever been before.  Everyone wears chambray button down shirts, and I do mean EVERYONE.  There’s graffiti on basically everything, but it’s like high class, fancy graffiti, if there is such a thing.  It’s kind of like a nicer and cleaner Haight and Ashbury, but with more money and more gluten free options.  I spent some time at the Tom’s flagship coffee shop and shoe store where the “social justice refugees” as I’ve called them hang out, buy coffee and shoes, and experience the Tom’s virtual reality “giving experience”.  Yep, Venice Beach is a unique place!!

Some of my favorite random things I saw (because I love the random stuff you witness when you are around people!) were a girl walking by me wearing underwear.  Now I THINK whatever was on her lower half was somehow, in some alternate universe INTENDED to be shorts, but they were shaped like underwear, were skin tight and shiny, and were smaller than my underwear.  These were not booty shorts people, they were underwear.  But apparently she felt perfectly natural walking down the street in them, so I guess that makes it ok. (!?!?!)  There was a guy sitting on a bench talking into his iPhone but on speaker phone.  WHY do people do that in public you guys?  And he said, “you know, I might DIE!”  My instant reaction was “huh? What does he mean??”  And then he went on to say: “I’m at TWO PERCENT!”  Basically I think he means, if his phone dies, he goes with it.  He poses an interesting philosophical question you guys.  If your phone battery dies, does a part of you die too?  Now I’m just getting sarcastic.  Let’s get on to the pictures!

My first stop was this super cool place called Animal House Vintage.  On the wall of this place you’ll see all these amazing Indian gauzy gowns that look like Spell dresses.  Last time I stopped in the girl working there said that the Spell girls had just come into town and shopped there for inspiration, so you can imagine how great this place is!  I didn’t manage to find anything that fit quite right on this trip down, but everything, just everything, is so good there.  And the prices are pretty darn sweet too.

Next I visited one of the coolest places for crazy fun vintage stuff, called Gotta Have it Venice.  They get most of their vintage from estates and from costumes!  It’s crazy and chaotic in the best possible way!

I mean look at all of that!  There’s SO much cool stuff and it’s all the greatest prices too.  I got a couple of graphic tees (this place is my absolute go-to for vintage graphic tees) and this incredible pair of Minnetonkas.  I have never seen this amazing burnt orange shade so even though I actually own the exact same pair in brown, I had to get this pair because I think they are quite rare and pretty much near impossible to find!

Then I decided to have a little downtime because in mom world, downtime is fairly hard to come by!  Since there’s rarely a place to sit and chill in Venice it seems, I went to Tom’s because it’s one of the larger coffee shops.  I had some green juice that was an unfortunate choice of green juice blends…it was, let’s say less than tasty.  But I got to sit and read and take artistic selfies, so all was not lost. :)

There are a few other super cool vintage shops in Venice that I’ll hit next time and review for you!  And next time, I’m bringing my laptop (how else am I gonna fit in at Tom’s without bringing in a guy with a bun?) and a hat.  Oh yeah, and a bikini because the humidity MELTED my makeup off in like five minutes flat.  I know, I’m a total California weather wuss, I get it.

Ahhhhh shopping for crazy fun stuff is such a blast.  Hope you guys are getting to do some of it wherever you like to go!



On Being An Individual and Not Having a Vintage-Sized Waist.

I was feeling kind of bad about myself the other day.  I mean, this is not an unusual thing for me, and I think for most women, it’s a fairly common occurrence right?  You all know I love vintage clothing.  But (spoiler alert coming up) I HARDLY EVER FIT INTO THEM.  Thankfully, I have a mom who used to be a professional seamstress, and so my big secret is that she actually works miracles on all the weird stuff I bring to her and adds sometimes even multiple sizes to outfits so that they fit.  I know that vintage runs small.  And I know that clothing alterations are necessary for pretty much everyone, because no one is a “one size fits all” body type.  But that doesn’t stop me from feeling badly about it at times.

I grew up with a mom who had constant weight woes.  Throughout my entire childhood, I heard her talk about how she couldn’t lose weight and how she felt badly about her body.  Even though I didn’t ever struggle with weight and my body type was COMPLETELY different from hers (I was taller than her by the time I was 7!), somehow her fears about weight transferred onto me.

My feeling badly about my non-vintage sized waistline started when I made the mistake of actually measuring my waist (don’t do that by the way…it’s not nice!) and seeing the real number on the measuring tape, and not the number I just guessed off the top of my head.  You know like your magical driver’s license weight where no one is checking on it to make sure you’re not lying…so you kind of just “guess” which basically means, take your goal weight, shave ten pounds off of it because you could totally get there right??  Back to my waistline measurement.  No, I’m not confused and accidentally looking at the number in centimeters…although I wish that were the case.  Maybe there’s a math formula where you divide the number in half and that’s my ACTUAL waistline number???  All I know is that the number was discouraging for me…especially after working out like a beast and actually seeing changes in my body recently.

After getting all bummed out like I did, I then had another thought.  I thought to myself…”wait…who dictates what number size my waist should be?  If I have a healthy lifestyle and I’m doing the best and most that I can, why should I feel badly??”  I kind of had a moment of like #girlpower or something, because I suddenly felt all fired up about this whole concept of “who says I have to be _____??”  I mean, why do we always feel like we need to conform to a certain size, shape, style, or even personality?  We are individuals.  And NOTHING is more beautiful than confidence and individuality.  Forget the tape measure.  It’s going away.  If it fits, it fits.  If it doesn’t, I’ll have my mom add some fabric, make it even more funky and unique, and STOP feeling badly about it.  No matter how hard I workout, my waistline is never going to be 26″, and it’s a good thing, because that would probably look super weird on me.

And here’s why I chose this outfit to go with this topic.  Sometimes I get a little self conscious of how my thighs look in jeans, so I often wear something long enough to cover them.  When I took these pictures, I almost put a long tank top under this amazing Midnight Rider tee, but I felt like that would have lost some of the impact of the outfit.  And you know what?  I’m just gonna go ahead and not apologize for my thighs and be happy with them!!

The bells are Show Me Your Mumu and this incredible bolo is from my awesome friend Hillbilly Gypsy Boots (it was a custom order, which she’s fabulous at).  Indian chief ring is from my favorite Ruby Rose.  I have good friends who love me in spite of the fact that I only know Bob Dylan as Jakob Dylan’s dad and that I had no idea that “The Band” was an actual BAND.  It’s nice to have friends who love you for who you are, despite your ignorance about the 1970’s!

Happy midweek to all of you amazing and individually beautiful girls!

On Vintage House Dresses and Being Loud

Do you guys ever struggle with aspects of your personality that maybe aren’t bad, but you just feel self conscious about?  I’m betting the answer to that question is an across the board YES.  I tend to be a bit harder on myself than some are, but I know there are many others out there like me.  And there are things about me that I’ve tried to change, but have come to accept are just parts of who I am…and that I need to embrace them instead of trying to reject them!

I talk. A lot.  Shocking I know.  This wasn’t always the case.  When I was younger, being an only child who was homeschooled and had little contact with other kids my own age…I was pretty quiet.  People who knew me when I was younger always say the same thing: “Oh I remember you!  You were ALWAYS reading!”  Yep, I was always reading because I was bored, lonely, and well, I loved to read.  I was so quiet, that when I auditioned for a musical at my church, I didn’t get the part because no one could HEAR me.  Let’s fast forward.  After growing up with non socialite parents and being at home nearly all the time, I finally got to go to a teeny tiny Christian high school that was small, yes, but there were other HUMANS MY OWN AGE there.  Because I loved to sing, I joined the informal choir/band that my school had.  The first time we all sang together, I remember standing in the back row.  We started singing, and this one guy in the front row who had absolutely no care about what people thought about him perked up immediately.  I saw him look to the left, then to the right…he kept singing, but he started to investigate what was going on.  He slowly walked by everyone in the front row, eyes squinted, clearly listening for something.  He then got to the next row and walked slowly by everyone again, putting his ear up to each person and then shaking his head.  He got to the back row and again, went person by person till he got to me.  He put his ear up to my face, smiled, and pointed: “YOU! You’re the singer lady!”  That was what he called me for the rest of the year.  He heard me all the way in the back, which is where I was always put from then on because I was always LOUD.  The girl who got denied a role in a musical for not being audible was now drowning out everyone else in the choir.

I hear all the time: “You talk a lot…you’re so animated…you’re loud…” it’s a constant state of being for me.  And to be honest, I often feel SUPER self conscious about it.  I don’t try to talk a lot…I just have a lot of words.  There have been plenty of times when I have left a meeting, a hang out, or a public place, and berated myself the entire way home.  Why couldn’t I just talk less?  Why couldn’t I just be one of those super cool quiet types?  There are times when being told I talk a lot makes me feel so embarrassed and so ashamed of myself.  I spent a few years trying SO hard to not talk too much.  To be different.  To not talk about what tv show I just watched or the super fun dress I got on sale or the funny thing I just read.  I would tell myself to just SHUT UP.  But it never works.  The words just tumble out of me like a never ending waterfall and I will always share what funny thing I just saw and what new outfit I’m so excited about.  It’s just who I am.  And all those years of being a quiet wallflower child were just NOT ME.  I should have had the confidence to be in musicals and to be running around trying to make people laugh.  Now I have the freedom to be me, and it’s all just coming out of me naturally.

I love this dress because it is loud.  It’s fun, bright, happy, beautiful, and LOUD.  I love it on it’s own and I love it over skinny jeans.  It’s fun and it just feels so like ME.

I LOVE vintage dresses.  This amazing vintage house dress is from Village Vintage in Arroyo Grande and I actually just bought it without even trying it on.  AND I love it more on than I did when I saw it in the store.  I love how kind of 1960s/70s it is and how fun it is to pile on jewelry and add to it!  Boots are Frye’s from a few years ago and the jewelry is all vintage.

Because it’s “winter” in California (I use quotes because while many of my Instagram friends are buried in snow, I am wearing a short sleeved dress outside), I added some skinny jeans.  I think there’s so many ways to style this dress.  I thought it would be fun to simplify the jewelry and simply add a pop of orange with the boots and the necklace to bring out the orange in the dress.  The boots are from Urban Outfitters and they are the perfect retro bootie for the season.  Or in my case, forever because I’m stuck in the 1970s. :)

Hope you love all the fun parts of your personality, even the ones you get lots of comments about!

Happy middle of the week!


My Crazy Fun Fluffy Vintage Skirt

When I was in high school, I bought a baby blue vintage polyester suit…like jacket and pants straight from the 1970s.  To you reading this, after seeing my photos and knowing a little about me, that sounds very normal.  Let me explain.  In high school I wasn’t “cool”.  I wore weird stuff, but not in a good way.  I had bad hair and bad glasses, and I was fresh off the homeschool boat with absolutely zero clue who Michael Jackson or Kurt Cobain were, what was in style, or how exactly to use a blow drier.  Thankfully, I went to a super small rather dorky school where everyone was pretty nice…and I didn’t have to suffer for my lack of experience in the world.  Enough of the “cooler” girls thought I was nice and a few of the more “popular” boys thought I was decently pretty (by some miracle) so I made out quite nicely in my earlier high school years before getting some measure of a clue.  And now back to that jacket and pants.  I bought them at the thrift store because I loved them.  I had zero clue how to wear vintage at the time but I knew I needed them.  Unfortunately I really never figured out what to do with them, so they ended up back at the thrift store years later and now I want to cry when I think about how much I could use those pieces right now!!

After high school and after college, I figured out how to wear vintage.  I started wearing fluffy vintage dresses and nightgowns and loaned out some of them as Halloween costumes.  I was the girl wearing a red bandana around her head, cowboy boots, glittery eye shadow, and a giant tutu.  To work.  And no, I didn’t work as a clown or delivering singing telegrams.  I may have missed my calling…

Somewhere along the line I started losing myself and my individuality when I started trying to conform and win people’s approval.  One by one my fluffy skirts and vintage dresses ended up in a box buried in my closet.  It’s been a LONG time since I’ve boarded the flouncy train.  And then, a miracle happened.  I went into Ruby Rose and I saw this skirt.  Pale blue.  Fluffy.  Layers upon layers of tulle.  I was getting major Kacey Musgraves vibes from it.  And I wanted to buy it and wear it with cowboy boots and a tiara.  Okay, okay, I scratched the tiara.  For now.  But I wore it and I felt like ME.  Fluffy, crazy, borderline clownish…ME.  I felt like screaming I’M BACK as I flounced through the grocery store pushing my giant stroller.  It was super weird for everyone else buying groceries, but hey, who cares!!

So here, my friends, is how to wear a uber fluffy skirt without looking like a clown!


Pair it with some cowboy boots or just some regular boots and a graphic tee.  You could go in any direction…a floral tee and tall boots and some pearls would be a softer look.  A destroyed tee and some old Converse would be super retro fabulous.  Any tee will do, but it’s a nice addition to this fun skirt!  This tee is Bandit Brand…they’re such a great source for vintage inspired shirts!

You can go full western with a skirt like this and add a button down.  A plaid button down would be super cute too.

And here is how I wore it for the first time.  Fringe leather vest, off shoulder floral shirt, and vintage bolo.  My son asked me if I was a princess.  All the little girls at church ogled me and oohed and ahhed at my outfit.  A lady asked if she could take a photo of me to show her friend.  So there you have it.  If you want to know what it feels like to be famous, wear a crazy outfit!

Have fun with your clothes and be who you are!  Even if that means looking a little out of the ordinary!





I Can Never Decide. So I Buy ALL The Vests.

I love vests.  I always have.  I guess partly it’s because they always add so much to an outfit, and partly because vests are typically my jacket replacements.  I run so freaking hot that I tend to wear vests over things instead of jackets because it leaves a little breathing room for my sweaty self.  Not to mention armpit ventilation.  I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect fringe leather vest for quite a while now.  I actually ordered a super cute one on Etsy a few months ago, but had to resell it because sadly, it was a bit too small.  So I kept on the hunt.  Then I found an AMAZING leather fringe vest!  I bought it, naturally, and love it.  Then I found another one.  Oh, and another one on that same site, so I bought both of those.  And while waiting for those to ship, I tried on and LOVED a fourth (yes, for reals, a FOURTH) one.  I bought that one too.

Now before you think I have a problem (I might, but I’m actually completely okay with that), let me assure you, these vests are all totally different.  Sure, they’re all brown.  They’re all fringed.  And they’re all leather.  So you may think they are the same, but they are SO not.  I wear one of them basically every single day.  And I love them all equally.  So…there you have it.  I know what I like and I buy it in multiples.  At this point I doubt I’ll buy any others any time soon, but I’d never rule out the possibility…because what if an amazing one pops up??  Okay okay.  I think I’ll cap it at four for at least a month or two. :)


Here’s one of the vests, all by itself…just so you can see how amazing it is.  It even has feathers on it!!  It’s from this amazing Australian vintage site I found called Brahminy Exchange.

Here I paired it with this incredible tee from Free Bird Boutique (on Instagram and Facebook) and these bells from a local shop called Crazy Jays.  I’m pretty much in love with these pants and this top too.  This whole outfit is one of my favorites.  This tee is completely shredded down the back (ventilation!!) and my two year old loves the lion in the sunglasses. :)

And now with a SECOND pair of tie dye bells from Crazy Jays (before you judge me, they were buy one get one 50% off, so it actually would have been really dumb NOT to get two) and this vintage tee is from Ruby Rose.  I LOVE THIS VEST!

I pair these leather vests with everything.  Floral dresses, vintage tees, tanks, and evan jumpsuits.  They make everything so much more interesting!

Hope your week is rocking!

The Things I Wouldn’t Change

Some days I feel like I’d change almost everything about myself.  I think we all have those days.  I mean, let’s be honest.  Even on our good days, there’s usually at least one teeny tiny thing we’d change right?  That’s why Instagram filters, makeup, and plastic surgery are so popular!! Then there are those days when I wish I could change my hair…I’d make it thicker and longer…and a beautiful shade of strawberry blonde.  My body…I’d be a bit thinner and definitely ditch these tummy rolls I got going on.  I’d have ice blue eyes like Cameron Diaz…speak every language like a super spy, and be so super cool in every situation they’d call me the (friendly) ice woman.  And now back to reality.  I’m still just me, sitting on my couch, with my own brown eyes (which I call hazel when I want to feel more exotic) and my good ol tummy rolls…and I gotta learn to love it all.  Sigh.  It’s the plight of being human.  And of course, constantly seeing photoshopped models on magazines.

The one thing however that I usually don’t ever want to change is my outfit.  I know, I know, that sounds like I hate everything about my ACTUAL self (I really don’t,  I’m actually quite funny, I can quote basically any quote from Friends, and I am fabulous at parallel parking) but all I’m saying is that I generally love my outfit on any given day.  Today’s is no exception.

I found this incredible dress at an antique store, the same one where I got my muumuu from Friday’s post.  Ohhhhh I just couldn’t believe it when I laid eyes on this beauty.  It’s stunning and paisley and bright…and it is so comfortable and absolutely perfect for Monday Mojo.

I’m wearing some Minnetonka lace up booties and my Free People sunglasses too…perfect for this dress.  I kept the jewelry SUPER minimal because, well, as you can see the dress is quite busy so I felt anything extra besides a few big rings would really take away from it.

This dress is so full of mojo I can’t even stand it.

Happy Monday evening…hope your week is filled to the brim with mojo.


Sometimes Simplest is Best

I love things that look like they took a ton of thought but didn’t.  I mean, I also love those outfits that I actually worked for and put together a “masterpiece”, but lately, having toddlers and being more preoccupied, low on sleep, and just busy with all kinds of stuff relating to tiny humans, I love finding those one item simple outfits.  That still look crazy and cool.  Because, come on.  It’s still me underneath the coffee drinking snack dispensing human that I am at the moment.

I went into a local antique shop, which is kind of rare for me to do.  Okay.  Confession time.  I only went because I heard they had some Harley Davidson tees.  They didn’t.  But I ended up finding two amazing dresses for really great prices…so it wasn’t a loss after all!  This dress is most definitely a muumuu, but I love the colors and the shape…and it was a steal!!

Being the lover of cowboy boots and western accessories that I am, I added white vintage cowboy boots and this amazing bolo tie I got at Ruby Rose.

Side note.  I’m puzzled at the single pocket in many vintage dresses.  Did vintage people have only one hand?  This is a mystery.  And also a terrifying peek into my brain.

It’s a Friday find for the books.  I’m in love.



Feelin Like A Beach Day

Some days I’d just rather be on the beach.  I’m definitely not complaining about my life or being a mom or having toddlers.  But there are just some days, when laying on the sand and reading a book having someone hand deliver me drinks that are blue…or maybe standing on a yacht holding a martini glass like they do on the movies…just sounds so heavenly.  Probably because it’s a Monday.  Probably because having a three year old means that the worst thing that can EVER happen to him, happens…multiple times a day.  Like when his sister pointed at him the other day.  It was the end of the world as he knew it and he did NOT feel fine.  And he made sure we didn’t feel fine about it either.  So yeah, sometimes I could really use a beach day that doesn’t include sandy diapers.

Again, I’m not complaining.  Because these little people are freaking hilarious.  But man.  Exhausting.  I think anyone who’s ever had toddlers can testify to that truth.  So today’s Monday Mojo outfit is kind of a testament to my beach dreams.  In 1970’s fashion of course.

This outfit says 1970’s Palm Beach to me.  Now I’ve never been to Palm Beach, or really have much knowledge of the place…just like I have never been to the 1970’s.  But this outfit makes me feel like I have.

This top just came in the mail like one hour before I put it on and it was just as amazing as I had hoped.  I got it from Fenix Vintage, an Etsy shop with fantastic vintage items.  The pants were custom made from MXCI, a super cool shop in England who made me two crazy awesome pairs of velvet bells in the colors of my choice.  I put them with some turquoise and this Anthropologie tassel necklace (it’s old, but The Happy Goose Shop makes these now!).  I thought the gold Tory Burch flats added the swanky luxury feel of vintage Palm Beach resort wear.  I love how free flowing it is and how it just feels luxurious and happy.

Maybe I’m not at the beach holding a martini glass or a blue drink…but I can sure pretend!


Monday Mojo in Sunday’s Style

I have always been both drawn to red and scared to wear it.  I used to buy red things, and literally never wear them…only to just finally give them away.  I don’t know what changed, but now I love red.  Okay.  Maybe I do know what changed.

I think I felt very conspicuous in red.  I know…this coming from the girl who literally supplies Halloween costumes from her normal every day clothes.  But I think somehow red felt like a street sign and it made me feel uncomfortable.  For so long, I was the girl who preferred to wear white over black, patterns over solids, and kimonos instead of sweatshirts.  Then I slowly stopped all that.  Over time, I got more and more self conscious and started to try to fade into the background in ways I didn’t even realize.  I started to dress for the approval of my friends instead of for me.  I started wearing all black (which I now a healthy relationship with the color!) because I had gained so much weight and I felt so ugly.  I literally would get dressed, go out with friends, and halfway through I’d catch my reflection in a mirror or a window and I’d think “what is WRONG with me?  Why am I so fat and ugly?”  These are the thoughts that plagued me as I compared myself with everyone around me.  As I saw the extra weight I had gained.  As I saw how my blonde hair just wasn’t the right blonde anymore.  As I felt more and more like everything about me was just wrong.  So wearing anything that drew attention to me was out of the question and I stopped dressing like me.  I lost interest in clothes and fashion, which actually worried me because I knew that meant there was something deeper going on.

This outfit is so a Mojo outfit for me because it’s bright, vintage, and a WHOLE LOT OF RED.  I feel like me in it.  I don’t feel ashamed of who I am or what I look like anymore.  Sure I still have my days, but they are becoming fewer and further between.  I often wish that during all that time when I was struggling so much and feeling so lost that I could show myself these photos of me and remind myself of who I am.  Give myself hope that someday I’d feel more like myself than I ever have.  Tell myself that someday I’d be fine wearing more red than a stop sign. :)


Vintage cowboy boots and vintage dress and vintage jewelry.  I fell in LOVE with this dress at the store (Curio SLO) and these boots I hunted for on Etsy and love so much.  I love the vibrant turquoise as a pop of color (because this outfit so needs more pop right?!?!) and the embroidery on the dress.  It’s bright, happy, vintage, crazy, and ME.  The REAL ME.

Happy Monday!

All About Boyfriend Jeans

The last day of my Week of Denim is a Friday, obviously, and I really think it calls for a great pair of vintage boyfriend jeans.  Like most girls, I’m kind of always on the hunt for amazing jeans…even though I have a lot of pairs that I love.  I rarely find new pairs that can rival what’s already in my closet, but occasionally the stars align and it happens.  When it comes to boyfriend jeans, the best pairs I’ve ever found are from Gap.  Weird, right?  I mean the best two pairs I’ve ever owned cost less than $20 each. I mean, of all the expensive pairs of jeans I own, those Gap ones are just as great.  I even had someone once ask me if my jeans were Current/Elliott (which I love), and I was like, um, no these actually were on sale for $15 at Gap.  I’m pretty sure I saw a cloud of dust she ran outta there immediately in the direction of the store.

Regardless of all my amazing pairs, I have been wanting a pair of true vintage Levi’s.  The kind I always see on Instagram that are that perfect light wash and are hand distressed…the holy grail of vintage boyfriend jeans.  They are super hard to find around where I live because there’s just not that many places to get great vintage here.  On my recent trip to Venice (California, not Italy!), I found them!  I was headed towards a vintage clothing shop that had great reviews on Yelp, when I happened upon another one on the way.  I had to pop in because it looked interesting.  It was way better than interesting.  I’m pretty sure that this was the best selection and prices of vintage clothes that I’ve ever seen.  Vintage graphic tees for days, vintage dresses, and JEANS.  I cannot wait to get back in there.  It’s a place called Gotta Have It, and you gotta go there.  It was the first of three vintage stores I went to there, but next time I go, I’m planning on stocking up there on shirts and jeans.  Needless to say, this is where I found my vintage Levi’s for less than $50.  Score!!


Excuse the blinding sliver of midriff that escaped in this photo.  Obviously Edward Cullen has nothing on my midsection these days.

Oh, and ps, that’s my awesome new necklace from Mountain Soul Jewelry hiding in that second picture. :)

The thing about boyfriend jeans is that they’re kind of the anti-jean.  They’re the comfy pair that doesn’t make you have to suck in your gut or gear up for squeezing into them.  They’re the pajama pant of jeans.  And once I feel a little thinner, I’ll probably just wear a white tank with them and feel like I’m channeling Jennifer Aniston’s cool easy vibe.

I’m going to go put on my new jeans and feel super cool now.  Happy Friday!