Leggings. My Way.

Leggings are just not my thing.  Don’t get me wrong.  I actually LOVE them.  They are so cute, so comfy, and just so versatile.  Here’s the thing about them that makes them, well, not my thing.  I wore them for two years straight (or what felt like that) while I was pregnant, losing weight, then pregnant again, then losing weight again.  So even the thought of putting them on makes me feel like I’m instantly back in that spot where nothing fits me…except my leggings.  I mean, nothing ruins a perfect article of clothing like wearing it while you’re pregnant or even just feeling overweight.  Hence, my difficulty wearing them now.

Despite my bad association with leggings, I feel like as a mom, there are times in life when I just need to be comfortable, able to crawl under a car to reach a toy, or be in some other strange compromising position that makes a dress or a skirt or even nicer pants just all wrong for the scenario at hand.  When I saw these leggings at HumanKind SLO (our local and amazing fair trade store), I knew these were just the ticket to breaking myself out of my legging rut.  I figured that since I wore the same old black leggings over and over again for a few years, maybe a new and fun patterned pair could help make me feel like I was wearing something brand new instead of the same old same old.

Of course, I wanted to style them as much as I could in “my style”…so wearing them in ways that feel more like ME.  Here’s what I came up with.


I got this really awesome tunic from Target with all that fringe down the sides…and it actually has a slit on either side so it hangs really nicely.  You can see I just put a long black tank top under it.  With the black booties and the Child Of Wild necklace, it’s definitely kind of a fun, dressier way to wear them.


Hippie leggings.  Headscarf, orange tunic (from Forever 21, but this reminds me so much of Halston Heritage!) and Sam Edelman sandals.  I think this’ll be my “I forgot to wash my hair” day outfit.


I got this AMAZING vintage lace duster jacket from Curio SLO and I’m just so excited to pair it with stuff.  I think it could totally be a fun thing to put with these leggings and a long fitted tank.  It’s a way to show off a super vintage piece without adding a ton of bulk underneath it.


I think this is my favorite way.  With a vintage distressed tee, some gold jewelry, and sandals.  It’s so casual, but I feel so cool in it.  I don’t often feel cool personally, so when I find an outfit that makes me feel cooler than I am…I wear the heck out of it!

Okay, okay.  I think I’m getting used to the thought of wearing leggings again.  Thanks HumanKind for selling a pair that I just couldn’t resist… :)



Those Times When I Accidentally Get It Right

Getting dressed is always an adventure in my closet.  I mean, I have all these ambitious ideas and fun clothes, but when it comes down to it…sometimes I just draw a huge blank.  I stand and stare at my closet and get super frustrated that inspiration won’t strike when I need it to.

Sunday mornings are always a mad dash to get out of the house on time to church with two toddlers and two desperately seeking coffee adults.  It’s like total chaos feeding everyone, dressing everyone, making sure we have absolutely everything for the morning…snacks, favorite stuffed animals and blankets, pacis, secret car snacks for the way home (chocolate), water cups, guitar (mine), diapers, wipes…we may as well be leaving for a week with all the stuff we gotta grab.  So basically this leaves ZERO time for extras, like staring at my closet blankly deciding what to wear.  I try and set my outfits out the night before, but sometimes I’m too tired or just can’t decide and I leave it to chance.  That often leads to disastrous results.

This past Sunday morning I half left it to chance.  I got this super fun new top at the Ruby Rose SLO anniversary sale and I thought it could be perfect with a few different things, so I fell asleep with this general plan on my mind.  Of course, when I put those things on, they looked all wrong.  I finally realized that I had all of five minutes to finish up and get everyone in the car, so I put some stuff on with the top, hoped I didn’t look TOO weird (a little weird is always good in my book :) and ran out the door.  Okay.  Usually when this happens, I end up hating my outfits.  I feel un-put together.  I feel like I did it all wrong and my brain ends up solving my outfit issue much later on in the day when it’s too late to run home and change.  This was a total exception.  This was an accidental success!

This top has the CUTEST cowboy and indian print on it.  Since it’s a kind of a shapeless flowy dress, I put this lace Ralph Lauren vest over it I got from Curio, giving it a little more of a waist.  I put it with my Lenni The Label velvet bells because the gold in the pants brings out the browns and golds in the pattern.  My Southbound earrings…of course.  And Minnetonka moccasins.

I’ve found that with shapeless tops, the best thing for me is to wear something more fitted on the bottom.  Some girls (like the super fab Mary Kate and Ashley), can really pull off that flowy huge oversized look.  But when I wear it, although I love it, it just does NOT flatter me at all.  I am loving the compromise of wearing bell bottoms under flowy tops because it gives me the illusion of that uber boho look while not adding 20 extra pounds to my look.

Ahhhh…if only all days I accidentally came up with awesome outfits.  A lady at church told me I looked like a Dixie Chick.  That’s a mega success in my book!!


Monday Mojo, Unicorns, and Dreamy Dresses

I was the kid who actually believed my stuffed animals had feelings.  I made sure to say goodnight to all of them and show them all the same amount of affection, lest one of them feel left out or sad.  I lived in a mobile home till I was nine years old, but I honestly believed I was going to get a horse who would live quite happily in our tiny backyard.  The park had a no dogs policy, but I was positive they’d make an exception for my full sized horse.  I had a fantastical imagination, big dreams, and determination enough to keep me believing, even when disappointing things happened and my dreams didn’t come true.

I grew up to be quite the same person that I was as a child.  There’s still a corner in my mind that believes in Santa Claus.  I held onto a lot of HUGE dreams, even past college.  Then came the three year darkness.  The time when I lost a large amount of my life.  The things that I knew in my heart were going to happen didn’t happen.  In fact, the opposite happened.  I lost things both tangibly and intangibly that shipwrecked me for a long time.  I started to hear myself saying things I never used to say…things that sounded realistic and bitter.  I’d honestly never been in a place like that where my dreams couldn’t supersede my reality and I couldn’t believe in the face of adversity and loss.

My life is not meant to be small.  I have always known that.  I don’t know what that means, but I know it to be true.  So somehow, I am believing that some of my former innocence and hopefulness will be restored and I will find that part of myself who can see beyond the reality in front of my face.  That little girl who sat in a laundromat in a mobile home park and believed for a life that was infinitely larger.  She’s still in there.  I just have to let her heal.

This dress is like a unicorn to me.  When I found it…it was like a magical moment where I thought…”is this dress for real??”  And…it was completely sold out.  However, there’s that little part of me who’s still alive deep down in there who saw that “sold out” and thought “oh heck no.  I’m getting this dress.”  Then one morning, Spell & The Gypsy Collective posted on Instagram that they had a limited run of this dress available to pre order and you had better grab it before it’s gone.  And grab it I did.  A month later, it arrived in the mail and I still honestly can’t believe it’s hanging in my closet.  I know it’s not like some magical thing really, but to me it was.  It may seem small to you, but to me it was a tiny piece of my hope coming alive again.  After all the disappointment and broken dreams, it was a tiny reversal of the brokenness.  It was like the little girl in the mobile home got the Cinderella ball gown, and a tiny piece of her dreams came true.

It’s such a Monday Mojo dress to me because when I put it on, I feel perfect.  I feel magical and beautiful and like I can believe in things that felt hopeless before.


I know I’ll never be exactly the same as I was before, and that’s a good thing in a lot of ways.  But I do want that part of me back that was endlessly and ferociously hopeful.  I want to be that girl who will champion for other people who can’t believe and really and truly believe what I’m saying in my heart.  But I first need to be my own champion.

I’m getting there.  And this dress helps.  It may seem silly, but to me, this dress tells me a new story of my life…a story that is full of hope and a future beyond my wildest dreams.  I can’t be passive, negative, or hopeless when I put it on.  It’s my superhero costume.

Happy Monday.  Hope you’re filled to the brim with excitement, passion, and hope for this week!


Ways To Wear: Target Style Edition

When the whole Target Does It Again thing happened on Instagram, I think I spent like $500 at Target in one month just on clothes.  I was seriously addicted to their feed.  It didn’t help that our Target was only about a year old, so having the store in my hometown was like a new phenomenon.  I would literally run out to Target once or twice a day after seeing whatever new clothing item Ascot and Hart had posted.  I got some pretty sweet stuff!  There’s no question that Target makes some pretty great clothes at even greater prices.  But after time, the obsession died down, and while I still frequent Target because, well, it’s awesome, it’s been a while since I’ve bought clothes there.

Target Does It Again got me again last week.  They posted this yellow lace boxy tank top and short set…with pom pom trim.  I mean come on girls.  What are you trying to do to me?? Now that I have little kids, I can’t just drop everything and run to Target like I desperately wanted too, but the next time I went, you better believe that I bought that set.  OMG. #WINNING.

I decided to style the pieces a few ways because when you get a set, it gives you a myriad of options mixing and matching.  These pieces are awesome together and apart.


I love how structured this set is.  It’s so 1960s/1970s…with some added pom poms for fun.  I used the tall brown riding boots and House of Harlow necklace to add to that retro flair.  And of course, turquoise. :)


I swapped the turquoise for some yellow turquoise and added a Show Me Your Mumu flowy top to switch up the structured look for a more bohemian one.


Chambray top, of course, looks great with the bright yellow.  It’s like jeans for your top half!

Since the top is kind of cropped, I put it with these high waisted flare pants from Shop Camp (LOVE THEM!) and these Tom’s pinstripe wedges.  The red and white pinstripe are a nice second color accent to the yellow and stay in that retro 1960’s theme.

And just as with the shorts, I paired the top with a  flowy maxi skirt to switch up the look.  And more turquoise. :)  These Sam Edelman sandals are literally the best sandals I’ve ever bought.  They are so comfy and go with everything!!  I love how the yellow in the tank picked up the yellow in the pattern of the skirt.  Totally changes how the top looks!

Target does it again.  What are you gonna do?  Shop I guess…


Overalls…But Better.

I’m a true child of the 90’s.  I grew up with flannels and oversized sweatshirts and  everything Claire Danes wore on My So Called Life.  Clueless was like my style Bible.  So yes, I loved overalls.  I owned a pretty sweet pair of Union Bay baggy overalls that I rocked well through high school and even on some of my days off from class during college (because I just couldn’t bear to part with them).  When I started seeing them come back in style, I was pretty excited.  I mean when you think about it, they are jumpsuit adjacent, so it makes total sense why I’d like them.

The thing is, while I still have a soft spot in my heart for 90’s fashion and I own about a billion flannels, I just don’t feel like dressing 90’s is really me.  And overalls can just look bad when they don’t fit right.  Plus, I don’t own a farm, so it just kind of feels a little silly for me to be buying something that is unflattering on me and makes me look like I know how to milk a cow.  Much like my hunt for the perfect, non-mechanic wear denim jumpsuit, I embarked on the hunt for the perfect, non-farm owning overalls.

I really can’t hide anymore how much I love @leahhofff on instagram.  She’s like my constant style crush…and when I saw these overalls on her…well, it was all over.  I can’t take credit for finding them because she saw them first.  I instantly contacted Lykke Wullf Clothing on Instagram (who makes such dreamy clothing by the way) and the owner was basically amazing.  She worked with me to make sure my pair would fit me, and customized these overalls for my body.  And I really cannot rave enough about them.  They are soft and stretchy and that super nice thin, but durable, denim that breathes and moves, unlike traditional overalls.  Plus they are super 1970’s style, so I feel like I have completely satisfied my overall cravings and made my high school self happy.

Here’s the first way I’m going to wear these babies.  A floral off shoulder shirt…or any flowy sleeved top I’ve got underneath them.  I love how the length is just a tad cropped, but since she customized them to fit me, they aren’t that awkward cropped length that everything gets on me.


I have this little black lace Free People crop top that I’ve been saving for these.  The lace sticks out and adds a little something and doesn’t look like I’m naked underneath the overalls.  Which would be awkward.

Graphic tees are perfect for these overalls.  And vintage Converse of course.  I guess I don’t feel like there’s many ways to go wrong with these.  I will probably end up wearing a plain white tank top under them with sandals on days when I can’t decide what to wear or I’m in a hurry.

These overalls are like my happy place.  I think about them and I get excited to wear them.  I think about them and I remember how much I loved wearing overalls when I was younger…they just make me smile.

I hope you’ve got lots of stuff in your closet that makes you smile and makes you feel just a little bit like a kid again.  We all need that.

Feeling like eating an ice cream cone (a calorie-free one of course) and playing kick ball.  Oh, and wearing my overalls of course.


Monday Mojo…Head to Toe Denim

Welcome to the Week of Denim!  I’ve decided to do an entire week dedicated to the fabric of the working class…just because, well, it always works!  I’ve ALWAYS had a major love for denim…whether it be jeans or shirts or dresses…it’s all good. My collection of jeans has always been one of my favorite things about my closet, and it’s one of the few things that I actually rarely buy because I love the jeans I own so much.  However, now that denim has been a mega trend for a little bit…it’s my chance to collect tops, jumpsuits, shorts…maybe even a bikini (do they make those in denim?  They so should…I want one)…because, well, I love denim.

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect denim jumpsuit for a while, and actually not entirely sure I’d find it.  I guess as much as I love jumpsuits, most of the denim ones look an awful lot like those coveralls mechanics wear, which, let’s just face it, aren’t the MOST flattering.  Especially when you’re tall like me and not a size 0.   I came across this pair on an Etsy site, custombylevy, and I instantly knew I had found exactly what I was looking for.  The zip up front looks great on (and to be perfectly honest, buttons down the front of a jumpsuit are super unpractical!) and the pants…loooooooong and flared!  So 1970’s that I feel like I immediately transform into Farrah Fawcett when I put it on.  I chose this outfit for Monday Mojo, because much like the Novella Royale jumpsuit from last week, it’s easy and makes me feel great when I put it on.  It’s one of my new “go to” outfits and it’s comfortable too!


It’s doesn’t really need much styling…it’s throw on and go.  But with every piece that I put in the Monday Mojo category, these are pieces that look like I put a lot of thought and effort into my outfit!  I love things like that.  Like when you put a headband on your hair that hasn’t been washed in a week and everyone tells you your hair looks so good…it’s a nice little trompe l’oeil.

Happy Memorial Day!  Hope you’ve got a great holiday weekend outfit going on today…


Ways to Wear it Wednesday…Kimono Edition

I think I’ve already established that I have a “thing” for lots of things.  Jumpsuits, turquoise, bell bottoms, velvet, boots, fringe, feathers, fur…but now I’m kind of developing this new addiction to kimonos.  I’ve always loved them.  But lately I’ve been really drawn to those vintage or vintage inspired kimonos that have those amazing bright and beautiful patterns on them…so beautiful.  I get it though that sometimes those super cool vintage finds like kimonos can be kind of hard to wear…like you buy it, get it home, then what do you DO with it??  So today’s post is all about how to wear those gorgeous kimonos you spy at thrift stores, vintage shops, and flea markets.

Like last week’s post on my Friday Finds, this kimono is from my absolute favorite, Ruby Rose.  I found this one about month ago and I just could not pass it up.  I love orange and peach, and the floral pattern was just too pretty to not snatch up and take home with me.  Here’s how I like to wear it (and how you can wear yours too!):

  1. As a dress.

Ok.  This is easy.  All you need for this look is a short kimono and a long tank top or vintage slip.  Cross over the kimono and tie it (safety pinning is encouraged too especially if you have young children who like to untie or unravel things in public places.  Like my kids.).  I think tall boots and a statement necklace is a great way to make this look like an outfit and reduce any “hey, that looks like a robe” thoughts you or others may have upon looking at the kimono.  Also…if your kimono is a tad too short, you can wear a vintage slip under it and let the lace peek out to add length to it!)

2. Over jeans like a tunic.  

This is basically the same, but if you add leggings or skinny jeans, you have a totally different look.  You could of course wear it open over a tank top and jeans/leggings, but I kind of prefer to use it as a top personally.  I would add booties (but you can do flats or sandals too) and a necklace.  This works great if it’s too cold to wear the kimono just as a dress or if it’s not quite long enough to do so.

3. Over a dress.

This is a great way to add interest to a simple plain dress.  This orange Free People dress is really comfortable, but not the most exciting piece in my closet, but once I add the kimono and cowboy boots, it’s instantly an outfit that feels pulled together and much more fun.

There are just so many things you can do with a kimono, which is why I’ve been loving them so much lately.  I love the idea of a piece that you can wear as a dress OR as a jacket…something that can change up countless outfits already in my closet.

Since I’ve only begun to collect them, I’m quite certain you will see many kimono posts soon!  :)  Go find yourself one if you don’t already have one!  They are generally not super expensive and tend to have the most amazing patterns and silky fabric…such a fun addition to your closet!

Hope you’re loving these things as much as I am!


Monday Mojo…in a Jumpsuit (of course)

So if you haven’t figured it out yet, #mondaymojo is all about those outfits that are like a given.  Those days when I don’t want to think about what I’m going to wear, or I don’t feel very awesome, or I just want to wear something that I KNOW I feel great in. We all need multiple outfits in our closet that are like our “lucky outfits”.  The ones that make us feel sexy and super cool.

I absolutely love Novella Royale.  The patterns and the cuts are so 1970s inspired with a 1960s hippie flair.  It’s like the best of both worlds.  Plus I love a good jumpsuit :).  This jumpsuit in particular just makes me feel great.  I love the fit and the nice looooong bell pants…it’s just one of those outfits that when I’m in a rush and I want to look like I’m all put together I just throw on and go.  Because the neckline is so plunging, I did put a tiny safety pin halfway up so that it doesn’t fly open while I’m moving around…which is it’s one downfall!

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