Fashion Feelings: On Taking Breaks

So…it’s been much MUCH longer than I intended since I posted last.  I think I tend to fall firmly into that good old “overly ambitious” crowd who often loads way too much onto their plate (both literally and figuratively, I stopped eating at self serve restaurants for this reason).  Yes.  Here I am, like more than a month since I last posted.  And what on EARTH have I been doing with all my time?  Hahahaha WHAT TIME????

My kids started preschool, like overnight.  We had planned on waiting till fall and starting one in Kindergarten and one in preschool, but in order to get into the amazing school we wanted, we had to jump on the last two available spots mid year.  And thank goodness we did, because turns out my kids are SO READY and p.s., so am I!  However, this meant potty training.  Oh my GOSH you guys.  If there was ever something that I’d rate as THE LEAST FUN THING EVER, it would be potty training.  It was straight up everyone screaming at each other, crying, no one dealing with anything well (except my husband who was the rock star who actually got them to use the toilet) for about a week…and really more like two weeks if I’m honest.

On top of all that I’ve had my first ever pop ups for Velvet California which is SO EXCITING and also SO STRESSFUL.  I’ve been working my butt off on new stuff and trying to get it all done on a deadline and now my three year old is dumping banana peels on me, because, well, this is my life.  Ok. Now the banana peels have been properly disposed of, I’m back.  The bathroom still smells like peanut butter barf since my son ate a lot of peanut butter and then drank a lot of bath water and promptly vomited all over the bathroom.  I cleaned it up thoroughly, and yet…the aroma lingers in the air.  My daughter had a coughing fit in the middle of the night and then barfed on me, after which she told me that I smelled “disgusting and yucky.”  So yes, the answer to “what have I been doing with all that time?” is: cleaning up barf, forcing children to use the toilet, and drinking a lot of coffee to motivate me to not just lie around and watch tv the second they go to sleep.  For those of you who do NOT have kids, I apologize because now you probably never will.

And now, for something completely different!  I only choose to promote brands or stores if they are someone/something I really love.  And I really love this girl.  A little while ago, Katy (yes, she’s my name twin!) from @thevintagearah sent me a pair of earrings I said I loved.  She didn’t ask me to write about her or anything, she was just sweet enough to gift these beauties to me, so I wanted to promote her…because she’s just cool.  She’s a fellow mom, she has two boys aged 7 and 10, and she was born and raised in Texas, y’all.  Her love of fashion began when her mom would take her to the fabric store and let her pick out patterns for her own clothes.  My mom made me clothes and I also kind of hated to go to the fabric store as a child…so I can relate with this story!  However, she and I both loved the same part of this experience…looking through the pattern books!  It’s really the most fun spot in the fabric store to me!  After spending her teen years thrifting her fashion, she went from opening an Etsy store to doing flea markets to having her own storefront location.  Her goal is to offer “modern fashion style contained in vintage items.” She hopes that people will be inspired by what they find in her store to create a unique, modern and individual style.  I think she’s winning :)

Ahhhh…it’s good to be back.  And to be honest, I can’t think of a better way to kick off blogging for the new year than by talking a little bit about someone ELSE other than myself!

When I saw these earrings, I instantly knew what I was going to pair them with.  They have a definite “1970s Palm Springs Loungewear” kind of vibe to them, so I thought it would be fun to pair them with a lime sherbet shade.  I also loved the idea of adding vintage cowboy boots to relax the look a little.  This dress is actually more of a robe/dressing gown, so I loved the idea of having this sort of retro glam look!

Thanks Katy, for giving me the kick in the butt I needed to start blogging again!


Fashion Feelings: Owning It

Ah, the life of a girl.  We are born, and then we rapidly begin hating body parts.  I think it’s something that we almost don’t even need to be taught, it’s just innate.  But of course, television, the internet, and magazines filled with genetically modified humans don’t help either.  The other day I saw that the Victoria’s Secret “fashion” show was on.  (The “fashion” is in quotes because, um, isn’t it…UNDERWEAR?)  Don’t get me wrong…I’m not hating on it because I can tell there’s some gorgeous, uhhhh, underwear (?) made out of gemstones and feathers and boning and all kinds of comfy things that we all normally wear in our undergarments.  There’s live music and pretty sparkly things and girls the size of toothpicks who have all had 16 children naturally and lost all their weight within moments of childbirth…it’s totally entertainment.  (Okay, it’s possibly I AM hating on it a tad.)  I didn’t watch the show, but the clips I did see made me wonder…”WHY DO WOMEN WANT TO SEE THIS?”  I literally saw a few moments of it and I was instantly looking at myself wondering why I look like I do.  Oh yeah, that’s right.  Because I’M A NORMAL HUMAN.  Dang it.

Despite my crazy rant above, which was a bit unintended, I actually have become a lot more secure about myself over the past few years.  I’m NOWHERE near secure enough to watch a VS “fashion” show obviously, but I’m better than I used to be.  I’ll prove it to you.

I’m an only child, as you know.  Instantly however, I entered into a massive competition…with myself.  I actually remember standing outside in the mobile home park I lived in (the fact that I can even admit to you I lived in one of those is again proof that I’m more secure!) and telling myself that I wanted to be the most beautiful girl…period.  Dang.  I think back to this moment and I remember how fierce I was, how harsh I was being on myself, and how much I was setting myself up for failure.  Because I’d like to argue that there are many, many, MANY most beautiful women in the world.  But that moment definitely started a cycle for me.

I was very sheltered growing up, home schooled, and then I went to a VERY VERY small private high school, so I kind of got what I wanted.  I got to be “popular” (when you’re home schooled, you’re always top of your class, get it?) and I got to be “pretty” and I felt fairly secure in myself.  Or so I thought.  Then I went to Cal Poly State University in my hometown.  Oh freaking em gee, you guys.  That’s when it all went downhill.  Let me tell you a little something about Cal Poly girls.  They are all perfect.  They’re always a little tanner, thinner, blonder, and have more perfect boobs than…EVERYONE.  They have a  brand new Mercedes that their parents bought for them and clothes from brands I had never even heard of.  I was in a world of hurt when I started.  I will never forget how panicky I felt when I started my first quarter of college.  Sure, sure, I got a perfect score on my very first college essay.  That should have been a HUGE win for me.  But instead, all I could see was that one girl.  She had long beautiful hair (my hair has always been a sore spot for me).  She had BOOBS (I had MAYBE and A cup, on a good day.  There was no push up bra that could do that sort of wizardry).  She had this perfect tiny waist (see my last post on how I don’t got one of those).  And she was PERFECT.  She wore her pajamas to class with basically no makeup and, um, I don’t look like that without makeup.  Sure, this sounds like I was her stalker, but really, she was the mirror I looked in every morning at 8am Monday-Thursday.  And it was not a mirror that told me what I wanted to see.

I know a lot of girls struggle with insecurity at some point in their lives, and some even more severe than I did/do.  But I remember there being many, many days when I would hide in my room and not leave the house because I had a big zit, or my hair looked crappy, or I just didn’t like the way my face looked.  Instead of going out and having fun with a friend, I would sit in my room and cry and tell myself what I failure I was and how ugly I was and basically tear myself a new one just because I wasn’t pretty enough.  Ouch.  I wish I could go back and comfort that girl who was so worried about not measuring up.

I’ve grown up a lot since then.  Sure, I still try to avoid staring for long periods of time at “perfect humans” because that definitely doesn’t make me feel great, but I’ve started owning things about myself that I fought for so long.  My hair.  I used to blow dry the crap out of it.  It was platinum blonde, and fried within an inch of it’s life.  I wouldn’t let it curl or frizz at all (which was a losing battle, FYI).  When I finally relented and went back to a more natural shade and then let it just BE…I started actually LIKING the hair I was born with.  I started choosing makeup that complimented ME and MY skin instead of always reading what the latest hot celeb was wearing and trying to make that fit me.  I realized that if I wore the things that made ME look great instead of trying to wear crazy padded bras and things that were attempts at changing my body shape, that I actually could like the way I looked.  I stopped looking at a photo of someone else, then back at myself…I started looking at me, and realizing that I am who I AM and that is what I need to own.  Comparison steals our joy.  Every single time.

Much like our quirks, our “flaws” and our unique features, just OWNING our style makes it work I think.  I think half the battle for most things is just deciding “I’m doing this.”  Many of you know I’m in the process of launching a clothing line that’s all original stuff.  I had a lot of moments where I was waffling back and forth and then finally, I committed.  I decided that this is what I’m doing.  That’s the way I approach getting dressed too.  I love love this denim duster I got from the beautiful new shop Revamped The Collection in Paso Robles.  It’s unique and fun and I put it on and OWN IT.  My boots are just the best things ever, made by the incredible @hillbillygypsyboots (I have three pairs and they’re insane, please get yourself a pair).

And regardless of your size, hair color, or body type, please feel the freedom to own it.  Because nothing is more beautiful than confidence.  Period.  Plus, I’m betting that diamond encrusted undies would chafe like a mother.



Fashion Feelings: Tiny Annoying Setbacks

Seriously you guys, my life is like one perpetual diet.  And I’m not referring to the fact that I eat healthy.  No, no, that is something I do because I like to do it.  I eat salads instead of fries and acai bowls instead of ice cream because I actually feel better when I do.  What I’m referring to is the calorie counting and the not splurging on even healthy treats.  That’s what I’m talking about.  Yes, it’s called #momlife and the fact that I just don’t get to get as much sleep as I’d like, I tend to run out of energy from changing multiple diapers, cleaning up toys, and loading and unloading kids into car seats…and for all of these things, my body wants MORE FOOD.  So you want to know what happens?  I get into a routine.  I have a great week where I’ve worked out every day, my calories have been #onpoint, and I’m just #killingit.  (sorry for all the hashtags, it’s hard to stop once you start). And then…one of the kids gives me a mild tummy bug, a cold, or wakes up in the middle of the night and BOOM.  Routine destroyed.  #fail.  (#sorrynotsorry omg how do I turn it off??)

It drives me crazy.  I get frustrated because my typical iron clad low carb routine dissolves into me having to eat toast because my stomach is messed up, not working out because I have middle-of-the-night-toddler-freak-out exhaustion, or just overall eating more than I should because I don’t have the time to pay attention to my calorie count.  Or I’m just tired and hungry.  So I eat a little extra. Sure, sure, I need to give myself grace.  I know, I’m crazy hard on myself often when it comes to this stuff, so let’s try to focus on the point I’m making and not that I’m just plain crazy.  Crazy hard on myself or crazy…it’s all about the same thing!

My kids are young.  And it’s so fun to have young kids.  They’re so freaking cute.  But this often causes small “setbacks” in my routine.  It forces me to be okay with some weeks being “bad diet” weeks.  Even though I try my darnedest…sometimes I just need an acai bowl on a day I didn’t work out.  (I know you’re like “Oh my GOSH Katy you’re SO CRAZY!” #sarcasm)  But this is kind of the truth about being a mom at times.  You have to let go of the things you once held dear.  Your precious schedule.

Even though it is hard, and my feelings of frustration are valid, I think it’s kind of good for me at times to just do my best to be okay with who I am right now.  Yes, I will keep working on that dang last ten pounds until I can kick them (and I WILL kick them), but it’s good for me to learn to accept who I am at the moment.  I’m a mom.  I have more of a “mom body” than I used to, and some of that will always remain, weight lost or not.  I have stretch marks.  And sometimes, I won’t be able to stick to my routine.  That needs to be okay with me, because life is about more than just being hyper disciplined, as good as discipline is.

I’m thankful for clothes like this, because you know what?  They always look good.  I don’t have to be having a “thin day” to wear them and feel great about myself.  This cocoon wrap is from Aavintedge, and her mom (@modmelrose) is just about the coolest seamstress EVER.  My gosh, I want so much more of her stuff.  Scratch that.  I basically want everything she makes.  She uses vintage fabrics and makes the best stuff out of them.  And then there’s stretch velvet bell bottoms.  Go get yourself a custom pair, why don’t ya?  Because everyone needs more velvet in their lives ;)

Eat a donut for me will ya?

Fashion Feelings: Opinions and That Pesky “Post” Button

Do you ever feel like you get overwhelmed with hearing what people have to say about, oh, I don’t know, EVERYTHING???  (I say this as I write a blog, post on Instagram, and participate in social media)  But for reals.  I try very hard to not add my opinion or feelings about things in general.  Unless those things are coffee (love it), sports (don’t get it), or clothing (I think you know).  You know what I mean.  Everything is a BIG THING nowadays, and everyone and their mom has an opinion on it.  Trust me, my mom is on Facebook talking about a LOT of stuff, so I speak from experience.  This phenomenon kind of baffles me at times because…has anyone ever stopped to ask…DOES IT WORK?

My mom is always on Facebook.  Most of the time, it ends in people not speaking to each other.  Uhhhhh…was it worth it?  I usually try and tell her to just NOT say something when someone doesn’t agree with her…but the urge to hit that beautiful “post” button is just too strong.  Yes, this social media thing is quite the temptation isn’t it?  To be quite frank, I think it’s rare to find another human being that agrees with you 100 percent.  But does that matter?  Not to me.  Oh man.  I feel like I’m tiptoeing around dangerous territory here.  So I will do just that.  Tiptoe.  Because I do have a point.

I can love someone without agreeing with them.  In fact, I think it’s kind of cool to be around people who are different from me.  Why?  It gives me perspective on life.  It reminds me that it’s the person that matters more than their opinions.  And that the “post” button is really just a fictitious thing that’s not the same as giving someone a hug and listening to what’s going on in their lives at that moment.  That is way better than the satisfaction of feeling like I need to be “right” by posting stuff on my wall.

I know this is kind of dangerous territory because it is very much NOT meant to demean anyone who likes to debate or feels like they are making a difference by doing that.  Because if you are, and that’s what you are meant to do, then more power to you!  It’s just something that I’ve found to affect me adversely and I’ve seen its effects in my own family so it’s something that I’ve decided not to do.  I can talk…A LOT.  And I’m learning the value of NOT talking when I need to listen or maybe not participate in a conversation.  I love people more than I love my own opinions.  And I have a lot of opinions!

Why not post a groovy 1970’s inspired outfit in juxtaposition to what I’m talking about right?  Because I know there is definitely a time to SPEAK UP and a time to be QUIET.  It’s all about knowing when the moment is right for which of those!  I’m all about dem stretchy velvet bells, yes you need a pair for thanksgiving (because turkey, gravy, stuffing, pie, muffin get what I’m saying).  I love these vintage sweaters that have leather sewn into them.  I found this one at a thrift store…it’s kind of like a leather jacket/sweater hybrid.

No matter what, hope you’re having an amazing week.  It’s Thanksgiving and we all have SO MUCH to be thankful for! :)

Fashion Feelings: I Want To Go On Vacation

Yeah, don’t we all.  But I’m a mom.  And I really haven’t been a mom for all that long, I mean, my son only just turned four and I honestly have no clue how to go on vacation with children.  I mean…I get that it’s supposed to look different and all.  It’s not like kids know how to lay by the pool and chill and all, but still…like, how do you relax AT ALL with toddlers around?  Lately I’ve practically been chewing on my hair and desperately trying to bribe them to watch tv just so I can make dinner.  So vacation?  (hysterical laughter at the thought of this idea).

I get it.  It’s not a season in my life that involves a lot of downtime.  With starting a clothing line, which I’m super excited about (but is like having another child only without the massive weight gain and sugar cravings) and having two toddlers…there’s just no room in life for anything longer than an episode of Quantico.  And there it is.  It’s not time for a vacation.  But oh do I miss those glorious days.  The days when I had a chance to rest, get actual sleep, and read more than one book in two months.  Sigh.

I have come to the conclusion that in life, being honest with myself is really important.  Especially when it comes to my feelings.  And it’s really hard to be honest with yourself when you are a mom.  Every feeling seems “wrong” or maybe condemning in a way it really shouldn’t be.  Is it wrong that I want a break sometimes and miss having downtime?  No.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t feel that way though.  Plus, I know the minute I get it, I’ll probably miss my kids anyway, and they don’t make a pill for crazy last time I checked.  Or maybe they do…

I may not get a vacation right at this minute, but I will at some point in the future.  Hopefully nearer rather than farther future.  It may not be the same as it was before kids, and that may make me sad in some ways, but that’s okay.  I bet there will be new fun things that are different than before that will make up for the things I lost.  Because I’ve learned that all change involves a loss of some sort.  Even if it’s good change, sometimes I find myself mourning the loss of things I didn’t even know I liked or felt like I needed.  And I know this is all stuff I’ve talked about before, but it just felt relevant for the moment…so here I go again.  There are times in life where you feel like you’re working your tail off and could just use a break…and to be completely honest, it’s exhausting.  It’s exciting and tiring all at the same time.  And no one passes out medals for feeding your kids a healthy breakfast and cleaning up all the food they chucked on the floor!

It’s funny how often I find myself not being honest with…myself.  I try to stuff my feelings…because my kids are only young once right?  I should enjoy every minute, right?  Um, the minute my daughter bit her brother twice in the Costco shopping cart I wasn’t really enjoying motherhood.  I need to be real with myself.  There are SO MANY amazing, fun, hilarious, and awesome moments with my kids.  I love having toddlers.  And there are moments when I feel like I want to hide in the closet with wine, a box of something I don’t let myself eat, and an iPad, and stay there for, oh, a week.  And that’s just me telling myself the truth.  I will enjoy every minute, and the minutes I’m not enjoying, I’ll remind myself that I’m a PERSON, not just a MOM, and that it’s normal to not like cleaning up barf or having someone scream at you to pick up a toy when you haven’t eaten in three hours or taken a shower.  Because, duh, that’s just not nice and these little people can act like dictators sometimes!

Just because I can’t go on vacation right now doesn’t mean I can’t wear a vintage Hawaiian dress and pretend right?  I love the sleeves on this dress…they give you that “I believe I can fly” kind of feeling…and loafers.  Because, well, comfort and style are always a win!

Happy Wednesday all you beautiful people.  If you have kids, hope they’re treating you well.  If you have dogs, well, I know they are treating you well.  If you have cats, I’ll remind you that you signed up for that type of hostile behavior to begin with.  (guys, I love cats, but they’re just like that.)



Fashion Feelings: What I’ve Learned From Television

I watch a lot of tv shows.  I use the excuse that I didn’t have television when I was a kid (like cable tv, we had a television, but it was only used for like Disney movies and my parents’ National Geographic VHS tapes), but truth is, I love tv shows.  I meet new friends, go new places, and learn new things.  Yes, I said it, I learn new things.  And I don’t watch documentaries.  I watch mostly teen tv, sci fi,  mysteries, and comedies.  And I get educated from these, you guys.  I’m here to say, that television can be educational.

Here’s what I’ve learned from my hours of TV watching.

  1. I learned what FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) was from The X Files.  I also learned to trust no one, that aliens do exist, and that everything is a cover up.  TRUST NO ONE.
  2. I learned that the term “going commando” was coined on the show Friends.  I also learned that you definitely do not do that in another man’s fatigues.
  3. I learned who Paul Anka was from Gilmore Girls, since she named her dog after him.  I also learned that coffee is good, it makes you talk fast, and that is just fine with me.
  4. And from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, I learned how to wear fringe.  (They made a lot of crap up on that show, so I didn’t learn a whole lot else, except how to look far off in the distance and yell SULLLLLLLY really loudly).

And there you have it.  Parents, television is educational, so let your kids binge on Gossip Girl because you never know what they may learn.

So this is my Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman outfit.  It is inspired by Sully, who if you ever watched that show, will know was the dude with the really pretty blonde hair who thought he was a Native American, but probably just had a great spray tan.  This is the amazing tunic dress I got in the Halloween section at one the Goodwills by me.  I love this thing and while it is costume-y, I’m just going to be careful to accessorize it correctly (i.e. don’t wear my fringe boots with it unless I’m using this as a Sully costume) and that way, I can attempt to get minimal stares while I wear it.  (Some stares are always inevitable with my style).

I’m attempting to learn stuff from my fifth round though Pretty Little Liars, but you guys, I just get more paranoid and afraid of the letter A, so I’m not sure it’s the MOST educational…

Happy almost Friday y’all!

Fashion Feelings: I Love It, But What Is It?

When I first started college I occasionally babysat for one family that I knew well, you know, to make a little extra spending money and all that.  The little boy that I babysat was one of those super adorable and sweet kids that was really fun to hang out with.  And the best thing was to watch him open presents.  I remember on his fifth birthday, he was just so excited to open each and every present following the cards (at five years old he was way more patient than I am now!) and his reaction to the gifts was just priceless.  His thank you’s were over the top dramatic, and his level of surprise as he ripped off the paper was well worth the money spent on those toys.  And occasionally, he would come across something he just didn’t really know what to do with.  He would open the present, his face would light up and he would say loudly: “WOW, I LOVE IT!!! What IS it?”  Yep, kids reactions are pretty priceless.

I love that kid’s reaction to all his presents, and I often feel like I relate with him in a lot of ways!  When I’m shopping, I often find that if I can’t initially tell what an article of clothing or an accessory is, I am WAY more fascinated with it than usual.  I mean, if I’m puzzled by it, sometimes I want it MORE.  Yes, I enjoy the intrigue of a good mystery fashion item.  I remember the first time I ever saw wrap pants.  I pulled them out of the back bin at the vintage store I worked at, and I was like…”Oh cool, these are…wait…what ARE THEY?”  Or that time I found a drapey vest that also became a scarf.  Dang that thing was confusing if you got it unwound just right…but boy did I love it.  Just because I may not know what it IS, doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE it.

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Fashion Feelings: Candy Stripers and Tattoos

I’ve always been freaked out by hospitals.  I have what you call extreme hypochondria.  When I was pregnant with my first baby, I had high blood pressure.  I have NEVER had high blood pressure in my life.  And then, I bought a blood pressure monitor and realized that my numbers were completely fine…until I would round the street corner and see the doctor’s office.  Yep, I am one of those types.  I could be in a conversation with someone and then realize they are a doctor…and I’d probably find a way to exit the conversation so I could find a place to go hyperventilate in a corner somewhere.  Awesome, right?

I grew up with parents who were in the medical field.  And they both liked to tell me stories, you know, sweet childhood stories about people who got their ears pierced then they got infected and THEN THEY DIED.  Here’s a clip from my childhood.

Hahahahaha you think I’m kidding?  I’M NOT.  So whenever I’d have a random ache or pain, I’d ask my parents about it, and they’d inform me that I was probably fine, but that it could be a life threatening disease as well.   And there you have it.  Thank goodness there was no google when I was a child.  Because I’d probably be committed to an asylum by now if I had the vast wisdom of google to back up my parent’s anecdotes.  Yikes.

When I was 24 years old and about to get married, my husband and I went through pre marital counseling so that we could find out how deeply jacked up we were, therefore giving us hope for our marriage.  Just kidding, it was actually quite helpful in a lot of ways.  But hey, we are all deeply jacked up, so that part is pretty true!  In one of my individual sessions, the counselor looked at me in my eyes and asked: “have you EVER done anything rebellious in your life?”  This is a story for another time, but I was the kid who wanted to please my parents so I was very obedient and compliant with them to a fault.  And I looked at her and said: “no.”  This question was radical for me.  Out of fear, I had spent my whole life avoiding rebellious acts because I didn’t want to end up like that poor dead girl who only wanted pierced ears.  So I got a tattoo.  And I didn’t tell my parents.

A lot of you are laughing right now, because for many of you, a tattoo is like, the least rebellious thing you have EVER done.  But for me?  This was RADICAL.  I went to work the next day, and everyone thought it was fake.  I promptly responded: “yes, I got a fake scabby tattoo” because I mean, gross, right?  Basically it was the most shocking thing in the world that I, little Katy Carnohan (I grew up in my church where I worked) got a TATTOO.  And my parents just looked at it, asked if they had used sanitary equipment, and then kind of just moved on.  And I DIDN’T DIE.  Always a bonus.

I call this my “candy striper dress” because it looks like one of those old fashioned candy striper dresses you always see on tv shows and in movies (do people actually ever still wear those things unless it’s essential to a story plot?).  And yes, I would be the world’s WORST candy striper.  I’d be the one panicking because there were doctors and needles all around me…trying to help people but instead shaking and knocking over people’s medication and stuff.  For now, I’ll just wear the dress and work on my crippling anxiety.

The moral of this story is, if you get your ears pierced, you probably won’t die.  Probably.  And also, no one actually wears those red and white striped dresses unless you’re in a tv show mystery where you have to sneak into a hospital unnoticed.  As always, good educational stuff right there.

Happy weekend-ing!

Fashion Feelings: Fur the Love

For some reason, ever since starting a blog, I’ve been using ridiculous puns like “fur the love” and stuff…I don’t know why this is, but apparently my blog humor is cheeseball.  I love words, I love writing, so writing a lame/clever pun just gives me a tiny thrill…what can I say!?  Today, obviously, I’m talking about fur.  And no, this will not be a “vegan versus meat eater” type post.  In usual style, I’m not gonna tackle politics, I’m going to be silly about it.  Because being silly is way more fun than being serious.  And we all spend too much time being serious about stuff in my opinion.

When it comes to fur, I’m kind of obsessed.  That being said, I would have a very hard time buying it brand new.  I am a total animal lover and I’d run a dog rescue organization if I had the money, time, and space.  I eat meat, but I could not hunt.  I don’t know what that makes me…maybe just confused? but either way, I do love fur.  And if I see a fur at the thrift store or at a second hand store, I snap it up.  It’s the way I feel like I can feed my fur fashion obsession without feeding a sketchy (at best) industry.  And I’m not educated enough about the whole industry (please don’t educate me on it, I can’t watch or hear that stuff because I’ll cry) to really even speak about it.  Thrifted fur is my kinda fur.

Did any of you ever watch America’s Next Top Model?  I watched for about 1,976 seasons until I eventually realized that it’s the same thing every single season.  Yes, I’m a bit dense, so it took me a lot of seasons to finally get bored with it.  Boy did I enjoy it while it lasted though.  Of all the seasons I watched, there was this once scene that stood out to me.  I am telling you, you MUST watch this clip.  Because it’s solid GOLD reality television you guys.

If your video player is broken or you decided to skip the video, let me break it down for you.  When asked about her feelings on fur, the model basically says that she thinks it’s perfectly fine as long as the animal is already dead.  Um, honey, I don’t think they make roadkill jackets.  Can you imagine?  Tire tracks down the back of your tick infested deer coat.  A patchwork possum fur jacket.  A bomber made of skunks that decided to cross the road for an unknown reason and met their demise.  You know, there could be a market for this you guys…maybe my clothing line is missing the mark…

Yes, I think in all of fashion history, THIS moment on television is probably the best one regarding the fur industry.  I wear a lot of fur boots, faux or real.  I have had grown men hug my furry legs, toddlers dive for my feet and hang on like I was wearing a stuffed animal (because I technically am, but my feet are the “stuffing”), and people make jokes about how I “forgot to shave”.  I love to rock some major fur.

I found this full rabbit fur jacket for $20 at the thrift store.  It is in flawless condition.  I don’t care that it’s typically 80 degrees here, I will wear this thing.  And as a side benefit, I’ll probably get a lot of hugs, and I like hugs.

I hope today you learned just a little more about the roadkill fur industry, because it’s something we just don’t know enough about.  (hehehehehe)


Fashion Feelings: American Girl Style

Did any of you have an American Girl doll growing up?  I had one.  And she was my prized possession.  I used to get the American Girl Doll catalog that came out every couple of weeks and I would pour over it, much like I do over fashion magazines now.  I had those pages memorized and all I wanted in the world it seemed was one of those dolls.  I read all the books and I decided I wanted Samantha.  She was my favorite character and she had brown hair and brown eyes like me.  Gosh I loved those dolls so much.

I begged my parents for one for probably two years and finally, in one of the defining moments of my childhood, I opened that giant box with Samantha in it.  She had perfect curls and smooth skin (at the time the dolls were made in Germany, so they were incredible quality) and this gorgeous high necked plaid dress on.  Oh I loved her so.  I so badly wanted all her accessories…her gold four poster bed was a dream to me…and her clothes.  Oh her clothes.  I never did get anything else from that catalog, but I still can see it all in my mind.  I could probably almost describe her outfits to this day!  Her velvet cape with the white fur muff, her long white nightgown…it’s all still in my childlike mind’s eye.

I found this dress at a thrift store in the Halloween section, and I think it’s meant to be a nightgown.  But not so much anymore!  It has a little bit of a Samantha feeling to me.  It has a victorian element to it with the lace and the high neck and the puffed sleeves…but I think it works as a dress today if it’s styled right!

This is, of course, my modern day take on Samantha’s style.  It’s obviously too costume-y to dress straight out of 1904, but no one said we can’t take elements of that style and make them wearable!

When my daughter gets old enough I hope she wants one of these dolls…and I can pass on my Samantha to her and buy her a new one of her choosing.  And if you haven’t been to the American Girl Stores…dang they’re like something out of my childhood dreams!

Things like this make me miss childhood.  I wasn’t super into dolls per say, but something about having a doll that had a full life story behind her and the history that went with it made her extra special to me.

I don’t know that I’m going to manage to get anything even remotely costume-y (and by that, I think you know that I mean, like, not my normal costume clothes haha) but hey, this is kind of an American Girl Doll costume right?  I’ll take it.

Happy Halloween!