The 411 on Scarves

I love scarves.  I have a whole drawer full of them.  I often am tempted to just throw them all on my bed and roll around on them like a bunch of cash.  Weird?  Maybe, but I’m okay with it.  These are often things that people buy, then never use…heck, I’ve been plenty guilty of this myself at times.  But I have found there are certain ways I LOVE to wear them, and henceforth, have allowed myself permission to buy them occasionally.  I might need to free up another drawer here soon…

I thought that I’d write a new post on scarves (I think I’ve done one before, but I can’t remember so I’m doing it again!) just to give you some ideas on the ways that I find are fun and easy and don’t add a lot of time to your getting dressed routine.  And it might save some of those random scarves you have laying around from extinction, right?

The “Sweat Wiper”
Sounds so gross right?  That’s why I called it that…I mean, a little shock value never hurt anyone, am I right Lady Gaga?  This is something I saw on a runway and I kind of ran away with it (pun intended) and made it my own.  Tie a bandana or a scarf around your wrist, leave it plain, add a brooch (bonus: you get to use those brooches you never wear), layer it with bracelets…and bam.  You look AMAZEBALLS.  As an added feature, you can wipe your sweaty forehead with it.  Just watch out for the brooch, that’ll leave a mark.

The “Working Girl”
I call it this because it reminds me of one of those 80’s blouses with the tie at the neck that are so popular once again.  But this way, you don’t have to buy a whole new shirt, you can make your own!  Simply take a long skinny scarf and tie it in a bow around your neck.  Kind of has a high fashion vibe to it, and looks great with chokers and layered necklaces.  I also use ribbons for this too!


The “Lady Tie”
Dude.  I cannot tie a tie.  My husband has to tie them for me every time I get it in my brain that I want to wear one.  But I CAN tie a knot.  And that’s all you need to do for this.  You can use a short scarf and make it kind of western, or you can use a long scarf and instead of a bow, just tie a simple knot and let it hang.  Easy peasy.

The “My Hair Is So Gross”
We ALL have those days.  The days when not even a bucket of dry shampoo is gonna hide that fact that you haven’t washed your hair in three days, you worked out every single one of those days, and there may or may not be peanut butter hiding in there somewhere from your kid’s lunch.  And then something magical happens.  You tie a scarf around your head, roll your hair up over the scarf in the back and secure it with a few bobby pins, and suddenly you are getting more compliments on your hair than those AMAZING shoes you actually spent a lot of money on.  The best kind of scarf for this is one of those super thin and lightweight large square scarves that you can roll up diagonally and tie around your head easily with a little to spare.

Have I convinced you to bust out your scarves yet?  And have you tried rolling around on them gleefully?  No?  Okay, cool, maybe later.

If you have a great way you love to wear yours, please tell me because I’m always looking for new ways to use these beauties!

Happy scarf-ing!

Fashion Feelings: American Girl Style

Did any of you have an American Girl doll growing up?  I had one.  And she was my prized possession.  I used to get the American Girl Doll catalog that came out every couple of weeks and I would pour over it, much like I do over fashion magazines now.  I had those pages memorized and all I wanted in the world it seemed was one of those dolls.  I read all the books and I decided I wanted Samantha.  She was my favorite character and she had brown hair and brown eyes like me.  Gosh I loved those dolls so much.

I begged my parents for one for probably two years and finally, in one of the defining moments of my childhood, I opened that giant box with Samantha in it.  She had perfect curls and smooth skin (at the time the dolls were made in Germany, so they were incredible quality) and this gorgeous high necked plaid dress on.  Oh I loved her so.  I so badly wanted all her accessories…her gold four poster bed was a dream to me…and her clothes.  Oh her clothes.  I never did get anything else from that catalog, but I still can see it all in my mind.  I could probably almost describe her outfits to this day!  Her velvet cape with the white fur muff, her long white nightgown…it’s all still in my childlike mind’s eye.

I found this dress at a thrift store in the Halloween section, and I think it’s meant to be a nightgown.  But not so much anymore!  It has a little bit of a Samantha feeling to me.  It has a victorian element to it with the lace and the high neck and the puffed sleeves…but I think it works as a dress today if it’s styled right!

This is, of course, my modern day take on Samantha’s style.  It’s obviously too costume-y to dress straight out of 1904, but no one said we can’t take elements of that style and make them wearable!

When my daughter gets old enough I hope she wants one of these dolls…and I can pass on my Samantha to her and buy her a new one of her choosing.  And if you haven’t been to the American Girl Stores…dang they’re like something out of my childhood dreams!

Things like this make me miss childhood.  I wasn’t super into dolls per say, but something about having a doll that had a full life story behind her and the history that went with it made her extra special to me.

I don’t know that I’m going to manage to get anything even remotely costume-y (and by that, I think you know that I mean, like, not my normal costume clothes haha) but hey, this is kind of an American Girl Doll costume right?  I’ll take it.

Happy Halloween!