Advice In Style: How To Dress Like RiRi In The Wild West

The other day I was thinking: “what would it look like if Rihanna was in the wild west?”  (yes, I do occasionally have thought like this, I really couldn’t make this up if I tried).  Now, I like Rihanna a lot.  I love her music and she just seems like a super cool person to me.  But I’m not really like, a follower of her style per say…I think it’s cool but it’s not always really “me”.  That being said, I am not one to discard someone’s style just because I am not usually inspired by it.  The girl has super cool style.  And occasionally, she just nails it.

Yeah.  Whether you relate to her style typically or not, she’s just a super cool girl! In imagining this whole “Rihanna in the wild west” thing, I imagine it would go a little like that old movie Wild, Wild West…you know that not super amazing movie with Will Smith and Salma Hayek in it from 1999?  It was kind of a futuristic steampunk western.  Not all that memorable as a movie, but visually it was kind of fun.

I remember there being a nice mixture of rock and roll style and typical western garb.  So yeah, I think Rihanna could rock the wild west.  And I wanted to as well!

What you need for this look:
Attitude.  Obvi.  I mean, it IS RIHANNA after all.
A finger gun.  Because, well, I don’t trust myself with a real one.
A maxi skirt.  This one is COMING SOON in my new Velvet California line, and I’m loving this skirt more than any other maxi I’ve ever worn.  It’s just so…swishy.
An amazing punk western band geek jacket.  Yeah, betcha didn’t really know that mash up could be a thing right?  This one may be a Halloween costume, but DANG.  And that’s how I roll anyway.
Some animal jewelry.  Mixing animals?  No problem you’re bada$$ like that.
Cowboy boots.  I mean, come on you need these gorgeous things anyway.
And a bandana. This is the wild west after all.

Now you are fully equipped to channel RiRi while staking your claim in some uncharted territory.  Just all in a day’s work, people.

Happy land staking

On Jealousy and Fringe

Jealousy.  It’s one of those feelings that we all come across at one point or another.  And is it just me, or has social media managed to feed the green-eyed monster and somehow made it…bigger and more accessible?  It’s kind of the worst, yuckiest feeling, and yet…it still happens whether we like it or not.  Today, I had a run in with the not-so-lovely feeling.

I was out and about, and I saw someone who I actually do not know personally.  At all.  But thanks to the magic of social media, I know quite a bit about her.  At least, what she chooses to share that is (I feel like that always needs to be clarified, right?).  So I saw her, and because I “know so much about her”, I found myself feeling jealous.  Before I knew it, I was thinking things like: “wow it must be nice to be her…to have so much money…to be able to do and buy whatever she wants…” I mean, it took all of 3.5 seconds for my thoughts to escalate to this point where I was feeling angry with her.  What on earth??  I was so repulsed by my thoughts and feelings…and yet I still had them.  I really know NOTHING about her as a person.  And yet, for 3.5 seconds, I was kinda sorta actively hating her.  Wow.  I’ve found that it’s gotten easier and easier for me to forgive people for being judgmental and mean at times because, hi, my name is Katy, and I sometimes have judgmental and mean thoughts.  Yep.  I’m no better than anyone else.  My world has been rocked, yet again!

So in the moment I was jealous of this poor girl who had no idea I was directing laser beam thoughts of hate at her, I didn’t think for a second about who she was, what her life is/has been like, or what she’s been through.  I have no idea.  I mean really, I have NO IDEA.  I don’t know her story.  I mean, for all I know, she could have had a very difficult life up to this point.  I REALLY DON’T KNOW, and that’s the problem with jealousy.  I don’t know what it’s like to be her, what she feels, and who she is as a human.  Picture this.  What if you took a homeless person who had been through hell, and overnight made her a multimillionaire.  You gave her a brand new Range Rover, an expensive makeover, and all the right social media photos.  I bet you anything, people would say those exact things I had thought earlier today.  “wow, it must be nice to be her!”  IS IT?  Gosh we really DON’T KNOW, do we??  Sure, there are some people who do seem to live a sort of “charmed life”, but no matter what, we do not know what it’s like to live from their perspective.  I talked myself down from hate laser beams quickly…once I realized how out of hand my thinking had become.

Regardless, her story is not my story.  Sure, she has stuff I want.  That’s a normal, natural part of life.  Just because she has it, doesn’t mean I can’t have it.  There’s enough to go around.  But my story, my timeline, and my path is not hers, and it would be better if I could focus on MY story instead of looking over at hers and wishing that it was mine.  Easier said than done, but it’s something I remind myself of often.  None of us are immune from jealousy, and all of us are guilty from time to time of coveting someone else position in life.  Eyes forward, encourage each other, and keep moving forward.  That’s what we have to do.  Because looking at each other isn’t really forward is it…it’s more like trying to hop the fence and go sideways.

Gotta wear my attitude like want to wear my clothes.  Boldly and with grace.

My good friend found me this top from her friend up in San Francisco, Souls of California (she has the BEST vintage!) and it’s insane.  It’s drapey and fringy and all the things I love!  I put it with vintage Levi’s, thrifted braided huarache like sandals and this amazing white turquoise necklace handmade by DesertMermaid.

Hope you are loving living YOUR story this week!  I’m working on that right now… ;)


Today, I’m Your Cheerleader. In a Giant Fluffy Skirt.

Sometimes I feel like I get inspired to write something, and I have a strong feeling it’s not just for me…like maybe somebody out there (even if it’s just the one or two people who read this!) needs it even more than me.  So I’ll take that chance just in case.  Worst case scenario, I encourage myself, and I could definitely use that.

I’ve been SO tempted to give up lately.  Like even over the past year, it’s just been a very tempting option…to pack up, move our family to some location that’s much cheaper, stop writing songs and blog posts, and just slip into oblivion far far away from the dreams and passions that have been in my heart since the day I was born.  It’s just so tempting sometimes because, well, life can be overwhelming.  Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in just how much work it takes to try to feed my family whole organic healthy food and keep the house clean.  How on earth does Wellness Mama do it?  Pregnant with her sixth kid?  Cooks everything from scratch?  Puts me to shame.  Then there are other times when I feel like I’m just overcome by the difficulty of my surroundings.  I know not all of you live where I live, but every place and every situation has it’s own challenges.  The cost of living…the people we live around…the lack of jobs…whatever it may be, we all have something that can feel just so discouraging that sometimes, that idea of moving away and hiding on a farm in the middle of nowhere sounds mighty tempting.

So today, I’m writing to tell you that giving up is not an option.  You know why?  Because you’re gonna win.  How do I know that?  Because if you don’t give up in whatever you’re doing, you’re going to succeed somehow, somewhere.  So yeah, I haven’t exactly succeeded in pretty much any area yet.  But you know what?  I’m gonna.  And if I give up, I know the odds of success and they are zero.  Whatever it is that feels overwhelming to you right at this moment is not big enough to keep you from succeeding.  Period.

I don’t know why wearing this crazy, ridiculously giant fluffy skirt makes me feel like this but it just does.  It’s absolutely silly and yet, somehow it’s not!  It’s fierce and over the top, and it encourages me!  So for your Monday, here’s what I got for you.  Put on your silly huge skirt (or whatever your equivalent of the skirt in your closet is!) and DON’T.  GIVE.  UP.  Today, I am your cheerleader!

You’re a force to be reckoned with, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Out of my Comfort Zone…in All Black.

I’m not the greatest at relaxation.  I’m one of those “doer” kind of people who has a harder time than others just chilling and doing nothing.  I always feel the need to be productive…like I should be DOING something.  I push myself too hard often, and have a hard time giving myself a break when I don’t finish things or if I take too long to get stuff done.  Life is just so much better when you relax.  It’s just something I have to learn over and over again.

Like in the case of wearing all black.  It’s so simple.  It’s such a great, no-brainer outfit for those days you need something quick and easy…those days when outfit inspiration is lacking and you just need something that always looks good.  I struggle with wearing black often, because I tend to feel like it’s a cop out.  Like I haven’t been creative enough and I’m just throwing in the towel.  It’s ridiculous, but that’s totally my nature!

So for today’s ways to wear it Wednesday, I’m going with the all black theme, to cut myself a break from pattern mixing or color mixing…because today I kind of feel a little more “mombie” (mom-zombie) like than usual.  I think it always looks so good, so I’d like to encourage myself to love all black for those days when I need to look and feel extra chic.

I started with this black maxi that I’ve had since I was pregnant with my daughter.  It’s flowy and has a really nice uneven hemline to it, but I don’t love wearing it on it’s own because it’s a bit shapeless.  I figured this would be a great piece to start with to do some layering over!

The first piece I used to layer over this basic maxi, is this sheer Chloe top I got from Lazy Eye Shop (an instagram shop owned by a friend of mine).

I love the pop of color from the vintage red cowboy boots and the contrast of that vintage necklace from Admire Boutique in Atascadero.  The sleeves on this top are just glorious!  I added a belt to give it a bit more of a waist.  Sheer tops are perfect over maxi dresses because then you don’t have to wear a tank underneath them!


I love button down shirts tied at the waist over maxi dresses.  It’s the perfect way to wear them cropped without showing your tummy!  I got this fringy black western beauty at a thrift store.  Worth every penny of that $5!  The earrings are from Southbound and I wear them with so many things!  I changed the boots to a light buttercream tan to compliment the earrings and to not steal the show from the fringe top.


Again, a tee knotted over a maxi is so fun!  This time, it’s a vintage-y graphic tee.  It gives the dress more shape and adds a new dimension to the idea of a maxi dress.  The earrings make me feel like magic…from Gypsies Caravan on Etsy.

I hope you’re relaxing today!!  It’s a great thing to let yourself do :)



Those Times When I Accidentally Get It Right

Getting dressed is always an adventure in my closet.  I mean, I have all these ambitious ideas and fun clothes, but when it comes down to it…sometimes I just draw a huge blank.  I stand and stare at my closet and get super frustrated that inspiration won’t strike when I need it to.

Sunday mornings are always a mad dash to get out of the house on time to church with two toddlers and two desperately seeking coffee adults.  It’s like total chaos feeding everyone, dressing everyone, making sure we have absolutely everything for the morning…snacks, favorite stuffed animals and blankets, pacis, secret car snacks for the way home (chocolate), water cups, guitar (mine), diapers, wipes…we may as well be leaving for a week with all the stuff we gotta grab.  So basically this leaves ZERO time for extras, like staring at my closet blankly deciding what to wear.  I try and set my outfits out the night before, but sometimes I’m too tired or just can’t decide and I leave it to chance.  That often leads to disastrous results.

This past Sunday morning I half left it to chance.  I got this super fun new top at the Ruby Rose SLO anniversary sale and I thought it could be perfect with a few different things, so I fell asleep with this general plan on my mind.  Of course, when I put those things on, they looked all wrong.  I finally realized that I had all of five minutes to finish up and get everyone in the car, so I put some stuff on with the top, hoped I didn’t look TOO weird (a little weird is always good in my book :) and ran out the door.  Okay.  Usually when this happens, I end up hating my outfits.  I feel un-put together.  I feel like I did it all wrong and my brain ends up solving my outfit issue much later on in the day when it’s too late to run home and change.  This was a total exception.  This was an accidental success!

This top has the CUTEST cowboy and indian print on it.  Since it’s a kind of a shapeless flowy dress, I put this lace Ralph Lauren vest over it I got from Curio, giving it a little more of a waist.  I put it with my Lenni The Label velvet bells because the gold in the pants brings out the browns and golds in the pattern.  My Southbound earrings…of course.  And Minnetonka moccasins.

I’ve found that with shapeless tops, the best thing for me is to wear something more fitted on the bottom.  Some girls (like the super fab Mary Kate and Ashley), can really pull off that flowy huge oversized look.  But when I wear it, although I love it, it just does NOT flatter me at all.  I am loving the compromise of wearing bell bottoms under flowy tops because it gives me the illusion of that uber boho look while not adding 20 extra pounds to my look.

Ahhhh…if only all days I accidentally came up with awesome outfits.  A lady at church told me I looked like a Dixie Chick.  That’s a mega success in my book!!


Friday Finds: Four Thrift Store Scores

I am not the best thrift store shopper.  I always want to go, but then I get there, I tend to change my mind instantly.  You see, half of me is a digger…the kind that wants to hunt for buried treasure and enjoy the thrill of the find.  The other half of me is just plain tired from picking up toys all day long and I just want to have my clothes delivered to me on a pretty rack in a nice smelling store.  So the half of me that wants to dig gets me in the car and drives me there, and the other half wusses out the minute I enter the store.  It’s probably because when I was a kid, I spent a LOT of time in thrift stores.  Back when it wasn’t cool…when there weren’t really clothes I wanted to wear in there…those were the days my mom dragged me around to second hand places and dug through a whole lot of stuff I didn’t want, only to bring home things I wasn’t super excited about.

I have been trying to overcome my aversion to the hunt.  I love vintage and I enjoy finding those amazing gems that you can find when you have the patience to do a little digging.  There’s a Goodwill that reopened recently down the street from my house, so it’s pretty darn clean…I thought I’d take my chances and see if I could find any hidden treasure.

I totally scored.  I mean not just one, but four dresses that I would totally buy at way more than $6.99!  Friday Finds times FOUR!

This turquoise dress was actually the last one I found.  It’s simple and plain, but it’s this really sweet vintage beachy fabric.  I thought it could be just a nice weekend dress or grocery shopping dress…or really morph into whatever I wanted it to be!  I used this vintage red jewelry because I thought it would really pop on top of the color of the dress.  There’s also this great long beaded multicolored beaded necklace I layered in from HumanKind SLO that goes with basically everything to add a tiny bit more color.  Orange huaraches because they go with the theme of the beachy fabric, and this fun beaded anklet!

I love this handmade vintage 1960s dress.  It looks so retro, but in a totally wearable way.  I added my favorite Mountain Soul Jewelry Bandit Babe necklace and some cowboy boots because the shape of this dress can totally lend itself to a western vibe.  This charm bracelet I found at Curio and it’s legit vintage…inscribed with the year 1972 and everything!

This is totally a vintage housedress/nightgown…but like who is gonna wear something this amazing to bed??  I have found that the trick to wearing vintage nightwear is the accessories.  They can either reinforce the whole “I’m actually wearing a nightgown” deal, OR they can make it look like a dress that the whole world needs to see.  This is true of vintage slips too.  So…turqouise.  It just makes every outfit look young and intentional.  Fringe boots.  Again, they don’t look like slippers (flats and sandals give off more of a slipper vibe, FYI).  So, if you have a vintage nightgown, robe, or slip, add some large jewelry and boots and no one will be the wiser.

The fourth, and final dress.  And definitely the find of the DAY.  Do you see this embroidery?  Yes, this did cost $6.99…I’m not pulling your leg.  So basically the beautiful thing about these types of bohemian embroidered vintage Oaxacan style dresses is that they are so ornate, the styling is basically done for you.  Less is more with these babies. I added these Southbound Concho earrings because they totally pick up the orange in the floral pattern and accent the pink (and a necklace would be too much with this print).  This vintage orange beaded necklace becomes a wrist wrap, and the fringe boots because they add a nice edge.

I think I may have been healed of some of my thrift store issues.  I absolutely cannot NOT go more often after these finds.  I even found a super awesome brand new shirt for my husband for $1.99…we looked up the brand online and it’s a $30 tee!!  Um, ok…I think I’ll have to just tell the half of me that’s whining through the whole ordeal to just shut up and deal while I find amazing things.

Happy Friday!!  Hope you’re out finding amazing things today!


Giant Earrings. Is There Any Other Kind?

When I was younger I could not WAIT to get my ears pierced.  My dad said I had to wait till I was 10.  My best friend could get hers at 8, but she chose to wait till I could do it so that we could do it together.  (And she constantly reminded me of her amazingly selfless sacrifice on my behalf).  It was more exciting than anything else to me…really I think it’s one of the things I’ve anticipated most in my lifetime.  Because when I got my ears pierced, someday, I could wear DANGLY EARRINGS.  And what was even prettier and cooler than colored rubber bands on braces (which I didn’t even have)? DANGLY EARRINGS.  I was scared to get them pierced of course, because I had a friend who got one ear pierced and never pierced the other because she said that it hurt too much.  (Didn’t we all have a childhood friend like that??) But boy, did I want it badly enough that I was gonna be brave and pierce both ears, dadgum it.

My mom was pretty strict with what I wore.  So while I was allowed to get my ears pierced at 10, I was not allowed to wear dangly earrings till I was 12.  This was another highly anticipated event because at that point in my life, jewelry wasn’t worth wearing unless it was freakishly huge.  I sort of still feel the same way now that I did then.  I had a friend who WAS allowed to wear large earrings and she had the most amazing pair I had ever seen in my life up to that point.  They were purple Koosh balls hanging from french hooks (that resembled small sea urchins)…and they were EVERYTHING.  I wanted them more than anything I had ever wanted in my life.  But the chances of me being allowed to wear those were slim to none.  So I bought a pair of hot pink hoops with multicolored stars hanging from them and saved them until I turned 12, upon which I wore them every day of my life until I finally got more than one pair of earrings.  I never got those Koosh ball earrings, but my obsession with large earrings has never passed.

I found this pair on Etsy from Southbound Jewelry, and they are AMAZING.  I think I may have just gotten over those crazy Koosh balls now that I have these.  I swear that something about them makes me just feel cool.  They feel all like rock star cool with a nice country cool edge.  I’m going to need them in more colors I’m fairly certain.  Because dang.



I’m still all about the giant earrings and I have a feeling I’m going to be kind of obsessed with these ones.  They’re like the cherry on top of a great outfit.

Happy weekend!

All About Boyfriend Jeans

The last day of my Week of Denim is a Friday, obviously, and I really think it calls for a great pair of vintage boyfriend jeans.  Like most girls, I’m kind of always on the hunt for amazing jeans…even though I have a lot of pairs that I love.  I rarely find new pairs that can rival what’s already in my closet, but occasionally the stars align and it happens.  When it comes to boyfriend jeans, the best pairs I’ve ever found are from Gap.  Weird, right?  I mean the best two pairs I’ve ever owned cost less than $20 each. I mean, of all the expensive pairs of jeans I own, those Gap ones are just as great.  I even had someone once ask me if my jeans were Current/Elliott (which I love), and I was like, um, no these actually were on sale for $15 at Gap.  I’m pretty sure I saw a cloud of dust she ran outta there immediately in the direction of the store.

Regardless of all my amazing pairs, I have been wanting a pair of true vintage Levi’s.  The kind I always see on Instagram that are that perfect light wash and are hand distressed…the holy grail of vintage boyfriend jeans.  They are super hard to find around where I live because there’s just not that many places to get great vintage here.  On my recent trip to Venice (California, not Italy!), I found them!  I was headed towards a vintage clothing shop that had great reviews on Yelp, when I happened upon another one on the way.  I had to pop in because it looked interesting.  It was way better than interesting.  I’m pretty sure that this was the best selection and prices of vintage clothes that I’ve ever seen.  Vintage graphic tees for days, vintage dresses, and JEANS.  I cannot wait to get back in there.  It’s a place called Gotta Have It, and you gotta go there.  It was the first of three vintage stores I went to there, but next time I go, I’m planning on stocking up there on shirts and jeans.  Needless to say, this is where I found my vintage Levi’s for less than $50.  Score!!


Excuse the blinding sliver of midriff that escaped in this photo.  Obviously Edward Cullen has nothing on my midsection these days.

Oh, and ps, that’s my awesome new necklace from Mountain Soul Jewelry hiding in that second picture. :)

The thing about boyfriend jeans is that they’re kind of the anti-jean.  They’re the comfy pair that doesn’t make you have to suck in your gut or gear up for squeezing into them.  They’re the pajama pant of jeans.  And once I feel a little thinner, I’ll probably just wear a white tank with them and feel like I’m channeling Jennifer Aniston’s cool easy vibe.

I’m going to go put on my new jeans and feel super cool now.  Happy Friday!


Denim, Culottes, and Dress Codes

What is it about denim that makes it get such a bad rap?  It seems like in this world where everyone’s got a dress code, denim is the one thing that ALWAYS lands on the top of the list.  I grew up with dress codes.  I went from my childhood of homeschooling with a mom who had completely different opinions about what I should wear than I did, to a private high school with an uber strict code.  It was like going from one constant clothing argument to another.

My mom felt like I should wear pastels.  There were no two piece swimsuits.  No dark colors.  And jeans?  Well let’s just say I didn’t wear the cool jeans.  My high school, being all about modesty of course had super easy rules to follow, like no skirts shorter than four inches above the (bended) knee.  So every week, all the tall girls (like me) were dragged into the office under suspicion of dressing immodestly, told to kneel down, and had a ruler placed on the floor to see how short our skirts were.  Basically that meant that your skirt could be no shorter than knee length.  Being the mid to late 90s, it was virtually impossible to find skirts like this.  It was all mini skirts. Maxi skirts?  What the heck are those?  Did you ever see Alicia Silverstone wearing one of those in Clueless?  I mean I honestly don’t even know what my high school dress code would have said about culottes or cropped pants or leggings because those were nowhere to be found.  When culottes came back into style I rejoiced, but then silently wept for my high school self who could have had so much better style if only this had happened while Britney was accidentally playing with our hearts again.

Back to denim.  The dress code SPECIFICALLY stated NO SHREDDED OR FRAYED jeans.  They were NOT to be tolerated.  This was obviously a sign of rebellion and anarchist tendencies and all violators were to be given detention.  I tried very hard to abide by this rule, but let’s be honest, sometimes jeans fray and there’s nothing you can do about it.  I remember being followed across the parking lot by a hyper vigilant office lady/dress code enforcer who informed me that there was a string hanging off my jeans and was I going to cut it off?  I told her it wasn’t likely and kept walking.  This was my only act of rebellion in high school.  And it felt GREAT.

Now I celebrate my freedom by wearing cutoffs, culottes, distressed jeans, unhemmed frayed jeans, and, well, mini skirts because I can.  Denim is just misunderstood if you ask me.


I chose this outfit for my Week of Denim because it’s just vintage denim at it’s finest.  Wearing denim with denim can be tricky because you don’t want to be TOO matchy matchy, but it totally works as long as the hues of the top and the bottom compliment each other.  I don’t wear heels often at all, and culottes are made for heels.  These booties have just enough of a heel that they actually work and still allow me to walk comfortably.  I love the embroidery and button detail on this top from Ruby Rose.  And of course, I just add turquoise with everything because it’s my favorite and it really looks great with everything.

Ah if only I had a time machine to go back to high school.  I’d be the coolest, most forward thinking dresser around.

Back to the weekly grind today…wear your denim proudly!


Easy Sunday Style…In Tara Grace the Label

Okay it’s Sunday.  I got church and errands and stuff to do…and that means dressing up but in a still functional outfit.  So Sunday Style is gonna be one of those catch-all posts that includes how to style things, easy ways to dress up, and just all around fun outfits that fit the bill for a Sunday outfit.  This kimono is the PERFECT first piece for this category.

While I love kimonos, this one really sets itself apart from my entire wardrobe.  I first found Tara Grace the Label on instagram and when I spotted this Stevie Kimono, I was instantly in love.  It comes in black too (which I’m thinking I might need to own as well) but this mustard color is so gorgeous and neutral and flattering…it won me over right away.  When it came in the mail it was accompanied by a handwritten note, which made me love this brand even more. I mean, I got a note from Tara Grace!  I feel like a celebrity!  The second I pulled this kimono dress out of the package, I could tell it was something special.  It’s got this amazing flowy fabric that hangs perfectly.  Unlike the usual boxy shape of a standard kimono, this one is built to fit the waist and flare out at the knee so it creates a super flattering shape.  It looks incredible as a wrap dress and it hangs beautifully as an open kimono.  I thought it would be really fun to style this three ways because of what a gorgeous piece this is.



Even though this piece is so stunning on it’s own, I thought it could be fun to add in some bright accent colors and some moccasin boots.  I put a Free People long tank top slip under the kimono and belted it with a vintage embroidered belt.  It’s so comfy and lightweight and makes me feel all dressed up.



This dress looks AMAZING with gold.  I love the neutral tone of the blonde leather cowboy boots and tons of bright gold accenting it.  The western influence of vintage leather belt and boots totally works with the lace and the style of the dress.


I have these mustard color Topshop pants that were just itching to be paired with this kimono.  I love how this piece works in a rock and roll kind of vibe as well as boho or cowboy…it does it all.  Turquoise and a graphic tee go beautifully with it!

I think there’s about a hundred other ways that I can (and will!) wear this kimono…which is why I probably need it in black too (dang it!).  It’s just too good. Plus I love buying from brands like this that are such incredible quality and so personal.  It’s totally clothing art…and pieces like this are worth investing in!

Hope your Sunday is more relaxing than mine.  As I’m typing this, my almost three year old is literally doing laps around the living room yelling “LOOK AT ME! I’M RUNNING AROUND!”  More coffee.  For me, not him.  Just to clarify.

Happy Sunday!