Does This Sweater Make Me Look Fat? (and other things I don’t care about)

Man repelling clothes.  We’ve talked about them before, and I assuredly will talk about them again.  Like today.  I went into one of my favorite second hand/vintage stores downtown, and I found this amazing Free People sweater.  Let me clarify “amazing” because the word can have a multitude of meanings, right?  Sometimes “amazing” can mean delicate, intricate, and like a work of art.  Sometimes “amazing” can mean beautiful, flattering, and comfortable all at the same time.  And then other times, “amazing” can mean “it’s a freaking snuggie that’s socially acceptable to wear in public.”  In this case, I clearly mean the latter of these three definitions.

And when you find the equivalent of a wearable blanket made by Free People (this is actually more common of a find than you may think), what do you do?  You try it on.  Then you examine yourself from all angles, discover that it’s not flattering, and THEN what do you do?  Buy it anyway because somehow, wearing a giant knit poncho dress makes you feel like 67% cooler than you actually are…plus, who cares if it’s flattering or not because you can totally eat a bagel before wearing it and no one will ever know.  Yes, you are, AN EVIL GENIUS WHO CAN SNEAKILY EAT CARBS AND STILL LOOK COOL.  Free People may not be the best brand in the world, but thank goodness for their influence on style because there are some days you just don’t wanna suck it in all day long.

I find that there are some women who care more about the way things look, and some who care more about the way things look ON their bodies.  And then some, like me, care about both, but it greatly depends on the day you ask me.  Most of the time however, I will forgo the “this isn’t the MOST flattering for my body” voice in my head and just wear whatever it is just because I love it.  Hence, I bought the wearable blanket.  And yes, I will be wearing it regularly in a variety of ways.

Maybe you’re afraid of oversized sweaters, and that’s ok.  But in case you really want to try one and aren’t sure how…here are a few tips on things that pair well with the snuggie swaps you find out there:

  1. Pair them with everything else fitted.  Do not wear other baggy items of clothing with that giant blanket, but that’s kind of a no-brainer, isn’t it?
  2. If the sweater is long enough to cover your rear, go pants-less.  Please, please wear underwear and maybe a pair of shorts if the sweater is on the short side…we don’t need any “uh oh” moments that are R rated.
  3. Wear that giant thing over a collared shirt and bunch the sleeves up.  That gives it a kind of “preppy J Crew” vibe.
  4. Wear with a slip dress or something lacy under it.  That way, you’re balancing out the boxy oversized knit with something delicate.
  5. If all else fails, put on a beanie, giant oversized glasses, and channel Mary Kate and Ashley. 

And there you have it.  I’m wearing a blanket, and it’s somehow normal.  Ahhhhh I love being cozy in the winter time!

Happy giant sweater weather

Trending: Rudolph

Remember those crazy campy cartoons that seem to appear magically every Christmas with that super obnoxious ringing every time Rudolph’s nose lights up?  My kids have begun watching them regularly this December.  Now, I know a lot of people grew up on these, no matter when you were born.  I actually never saw them until I was an adult, at which point my reaction was “what the heck ARE these things??”  Yes, if you didn’t watch them as a child, they’re a little…er…different.  However, I love that my kids are watching them because it’s giving me a second chance to get to know them in a childlike way!  And my kids really like them!

My kids love this one super hilarious one called “Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July”.  You guys, there are snakes that fly in it.  It’s just that amazing.  They’ve been watching it while I’m cleaning the house or cooking dinner, and I catch glimpses of it while I’m utilizing my “the kids are distracted” time wisely.  Besides the flying snakes which are really hard to miss, there’s one thing I’ve noticed about it.  They wear the BEST CLOTHES.  I know, this sounds funny but let me prove it to you.

My Top Picks For Best Dressed:


The dude’s name is WINTERBOLT.  Does it get more awesome than that?  Check out that robe he’s got on…is that NOT magical?  I would SO wear that.  Gorgeous.  He may be the bad guy, but he’s got some epic style going on.

Lilly Loraine

How much do you love that western outfit she’s wearing?  It’s PERFECT!  It’s so 70’s and so classic cowgirl.  I love her hat and bandana and her FRINGE VEST!!!!  She’s got my vote.


I have a thing for suits and two piece outfits, and I love his white with the red stripe uniform.  It’s like a 1970’s doorman.  Not to mention is awesome hat and boots.  Thumbs up Milton.

Random Guy

Full disclosure:  when my kids are watching movies I often don’t really get to “watch” with them and I only catch bits and pieces, so I don’t know who this dude with the lace up and fur vest is, only that I want to wear his outfit.  Because if he’s not #onpoint then I don’t know what is.

Sure, sure.  It’s a little weird to pull fashion inspiration from an old campy kids cartoon movie.  Or is it… :)

Happy Tuesday!

Fashion Feelings: Opinions and That Pesky “Post” Button

Do you ever feel like you get overwhelmed with hearing what people have to say about, oh, I don’t know, EVERYTHING???  (I say this as I write a blog, post on Instagram, and participate in social media)  But for reals.  I try very hard to not add my opinion or feelings about things in general.  Unless those things are coffee (love it), sports (don’t get it), or clothing (I think you know).  You know what I mean.  Everything is a BIG THING nowadays, and everyone and their mom has an opinion on it.  Trust me, my mom is on Facebook talking about a LOT of stuff, so I speak from experience.  This phenomenon kind of baffles me at times because…has anyone ever stopped to ask…DOES IT WORK?

My mom is always on Facebook.  Most of the time, it ends in people not speaking to each other.  Uhhhhh…was it worth it?  I usually try and tell her to just NOT say something when someone doesn’t agree with her…but the urge to hit that beautiful “post” button is just too strong.  Yes, this social media thing is quite the temptation isn’t it?  To be quite frank, I think it’s rare to find another human being that agrees with you 100 percent.  But does that matter?  Not to me.  Oh man.  I feel like I’m tiptoeing around dangerous territory here.  So I will do just that.  Tiptoe.  Because I do have a point.

I can love someone without agreeing with them.  In fact, I think it’s kind of cool to be around people who are different from me.  Why?  It gives me perspective on life.  It reminds me that it’s the person that matters more than their opinions.  And that the “post” button is really just a fictitious thing that’s not the same as giving someone a hug and listening to what’s going on in their lives at that moment.  That is way better than the satisfaction of feeling like I need to be “right” by posting stuff on my wall.

I know this is kind of dangerous territory because it is very much NOT meant to demean anyone who likes to debate or feels like they are making a difference by doing that.  Because if you are, and that’s what you are meant to do, then more power to you!  It’s just something that I’ve found to affect me adversely and I’ve seen its effects in my own family so it’s something that I’ve decided not to do.  I can talk…A LOT.  And I’m learning the value of NOT talking when I need to listen or maybe not participate in a conversation.  I love people more than I love my own opinions.  And I have a lot of opinions!

Why not post a groovy 1970’s inspired outfit in juxtaposition to what I’m talking about right?  Because I know there is definitely a time to SPEAK UP and a time to be QUIET.  It’s all about knowing when the moment is right for which of those!  I’m all about dem stretchy velvet bells, yes you need a pair for thanksgiving (because turkey, gravy, stuffing, pie, muffin get what I’m saying).  I love these vintage sweaters that have leather sewn into them.  I found this one at a thrift store…it’s kind of like a leather jacket/sweater hybrid.

No matter what, hope you’re having an amazing week.  It’s Thanksgiving and we all have SO MUCH to be thankful for! :)

On Receving A Compliment and The Jacket of My Dreams

Last Sunday, a woman I admire and love deeply gave me a compliment.  Here’s how it went down.  Her: “Katy you look so thin oh my gosh!!”  Me: “no no no I still have so much weight to lose…”  Her: “No.  Stop.  You say: ‘THANK YOU! I’ve been working really hard!'”  You guys, I get endlessly annoyed at myself for NOT BEING ABLE TO RECEIVE A COMPLIMENT.  When I think about it, it’s SO rude to the other person.  I think I’m being all modest, when in reality, someone’s trying to give me a gift and I’m shoving it back towards them.  I apologized to her and thanked her honestly, because that’s what I should have done in the first place.  Just a few days later, I was in Trader Joe’s with the kids and they were starting to meltdown.  A girl who only had a few items in her basket offered to let me go ahead of her.  I felt so badly that I refused and told her that she should go because I didn’t want to make her wait for me with my huge cart of stuff.  A woman I know happened to be standing next to me, and she said: “you know, you should really let people do stuff like that for you!”  She said it in such a nice way, that I almost cried.  Again, here was someone kindly trying to give me a gift, and I was refusing it again.  Why?  Because I didn’t feel like I deserved it.

Whenever I wonder why I’m like this, I remember the time I tried to take my mom to get a pedicure for her birthday.  I almost want to laugh hysterically at this thought because knowing my mom, it’s a ludicrous idea really.  She was so intensely uncomfortable the WHOLE time.  She kept offering to help the girl doing the pedicure, and talk to her, and basically apologized to her the ENTIRE time for the fact that the girl was DOING WHAT SHE HAD BEEN PAID TO DO.  Now I am all for being super kind and compassionate to people, even when they’re doing their job.  I try to do my best to clean up a tiny bit at restaurants because I don’t want to be the kind of person who leaves a disastrous mess just because I have toddlers.  I know that some jobs (like cleaning someone else’s toenails) are not the most glamorous of all jobs, so there’s no need to be rude or not treat the person doing them like a human being.  However, there’s also no need to feel badly that someone is doing something for me, whether it’s just a kind gesture or someone bringing me food at a restaurant.

Honestly, there are SO many things I’m working on in myself, mainly because I don’t want to pass them on to my kids.  I was raised by a mom who didn’t allow people to do stuff for her…she ALWAYS did stuff for other people…so I grew up to think that allowing people to give me things or compliments was not okay.  I don’t want my kids to grow up thinking this way.  I’ve struggled so deeply with my self worth and with believing that I’m good at anything at all…and that has led to me feeling very undeserving of any praise or generous gifts.  I’m getting there…but this week has proven to me that I really need to just learn to receive. When someone says something nice, just say THANK YOU and let it go.  I don’t need to “qualify” their compliment or minimize myself in some other area to balance it out.  And the next time that my kids are melting down in the grocery store, I’m sure as heck going to let some nice person allow me to cut in front of them if they want to! :)

I found this jacket at the store I work at and all I could think of was…these HAVE to go with my orange pants!   And so, an outfit is born.  This jacket was being saved for an event we are doing, but my friend and co worker graciously let me buy it, and I let her be kind to me :)

I hope you are ALL receiving compliments and owning them.  Because YOU are worth it.  You are worth ALL of the compliments you receive, and so much MORE!