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So…apparently Vogue hates bloggers?  Ouch.  I recently came across the (now infamous) article that was written as a recap of Milan fashion week, in which they slammed fashion bloggers more than just a few times.  Read it here and see for yourself.

I have many, many thoughts on what they said.  Before I begin, let me say one thing.  This article doesn’t anger me, nor does it really offend me…it just really makes me think.
“There’s not much I can add here beyond how funny it is that we even still call them “bloggers,” as so few of them even do that anymore. Rather than a celebration of any actual style, it seems to be all about turning up, looking ridiculous, posing, twitching in your seat as you check your social media feeds, fleeing, changing, repeating . . .” (excerpt from the article)
I have so many thoughts after reading this article swirling around in my brain!  There is a major shift in how…the world, really…works on basically every level.  I mean, think about it.  iPhones and social media have changed the way EVERYTHING works.  Actresses are the new models, youtube stars are the new celebrities, and bloggers are the new…”it girls”.  Like it or not, things are not as compartmentalized as they used to be.  Music is now streaming on monthly services or, heck, free on youtube.  People no longer get their news from the morning papers and writers no longer have to get a book published in the traditional fashion to become a professionally paid writer.  So hearing what Vogue’s thoughts are on bloggers to me seems like asking The New York Times what they think about people getting their daily news from Twitter.  Yeah. I’m gonna guess they don’t love it.

There’s kind of like an “old guard”/”new guard” thing going on here, and I think both are right in many ways.  While reading this article, I got a few distinct feelings from it.  First of all, it reads like the comments of a jealous ex-girlfriend.  Do you know what I’m saying?  This is just my opinion…but to me, when a girl uses the words “pathetic” and “desperate”, these are not objective comments.  The article is not a news article per say – about how they feel saddened about how things have changed and miss the ways things used to be.  That is a legitimate feeling to have.  No, this is a “I feel threatened so I need to name call” situation.  It doesn’t make me angry, rather, uncomfortable because I feel like I’m reading someone’s diary.  Like, these comments would have been better stated verbally in a meeting between these editors…and definitely not printed for all to read.  That just feels…icky.

Second of all, this article sounds to me much like when I talk to my grandma about television…and all she can say is how much better things used to be in “the good old days”.  This is a total valid feeling.  However, if we don’t move with the times, we expire.  Don’t get me wrong on this…I am of the mind that we MUST, beyond a shadow of a doubt, maintain the values and memories of our history.  This means that we can’t forget where we came from.  We need to keep the things that never, ever go out of date…like creating things that really last, speaking the truth and making statements with our art, and honoring those who came before us and paved the way for us.  However, if we don’t embrace and use things like social media, blogs, and the like to our advantage…we become out of date and not relatable, especially to the next generations.  While it is the job of establishments like Vogue to maintain their core values, to put out a print publication and make fashion statements and report on what’s going on in the giant world of style…they must absolutely learn to embrace what is happening in the blogosphere.  Because it’s real, it’s happening, and like it or not, it’s not going anywhere.

All that being said, I understand where they are coming from.  I think in every single profession, hobby, and realm, there are plenty of people who phone it in, who are just there for the “free stuff”, who cheapen things for the rest of us.  But come on.  That happens in every area of life, whether you work at Starbucks serving coffee or you are a top level designer in a large fashion house – there will be people who do a disservice to their profession.  That’s just part of life.  So my thought is…don’t attack the whole world of bloggers just because you saw a few you didn’t like.

I get it.  They think that bloggers have cheapened the fashion world.  You know what?  They’re not wrong.  It’s true, it used to be only the elite who got photographed in these pieces of art.  But is it a bad thing that the fashion world has opened up a little bit and now normal people who aren’t a size 0 and happened to get discovered at a mall somewhere get to actually participate?  Gosh.  I would never have made it as a model.  I don’t want to be a model!  But I sure as heck want to wear the clothes and play in the fashion world!  Fast fashion, blogging, insta celebrities… sure there is a dark and yucky side to all of this rapidly changing dialogue.  But let’s get real and honest.  These things, while not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, allow people with real budgets and real bodies and real lives to say something in the fashion world.  It gives people a voice.  And yeah, not everyone has a great one.  But we all need to have the opportunity to say what we need to say.

This is a lot of deep thought for a weekend, y’all.  Time to go watch some fluffy tv…
Happy weekend

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